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Current status of web analytics industry

Although there have been many years of practice, but the global web site analysis is still a new development of science. This is because the website analysis method and the practice is in recent years only systematized theory. Nevertheless, web

[New Technology Learning] Google Analytics vs. piwik

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The new secrets of Google analytics--How to define visit

   "Preface" Visit this metric is the cornerstone of web analytics. But even with such a basic metric, Google Analytics's definition of it is not entirely immutable. In order to adapt to new browser changes and people's access to Web site

Using Google Analytics and website operation optimization

1. What is Google Analytics?Google's official explanation is: Google Analytics shows you how people find and browse your website and how you can improve the user experience. Improve your website's ROI, increase conversion, and get more benefits

Google Analytics Report Interpretation

  Google Analytics (analytics) divides all its reports into six categories: consoles, visitors, traffic sources, content, goals, and E-commerce . The console is the summary of the report summary. The goal is the website analyst in order to better

11 Google Analytics tips to use in your site

What are the most common problems that webmaster friends get in social media, forums, or email links every day? How do you use Google Analytics data correctly in your Web site? Because many webmasters although in Google Analytics (analysis) have an

2016, 10 trends in text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics

Text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics help you transform the "voice" of customers, patients, the public, and the market on a certain scale. The technology is now widely used in a range of industrial products, from healthcare to

Common problems with Google analytics (II.)

This is the second of the FAQ series in Google Analytics, thanks to all my friends who share the questions in the mail, I may not be able to answer your questions one at a time, but I will classify all the problems, publish them in the form of

Semwatch Question and Answer series: Google Analytics installation Solution

Thank you for your participation, Semwatch question and Answer series the first: Google Analytics installation question has come to an ending, according to the collected questions, we focus on the question to answer. Thank you to the special guest

Comparison between Google Analytics and Yahoo

When a website goes online, you need to select a traffic statistical analysis. Google Analytics initially thinks that its UI operations are not very intuitive, and the classification and reports can be understood at a glance, so Yahoo statistics are

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