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ASCII code table and Chinese and English names

Source from Baidu Library, record for query   ASCII character table Dec Oct HEX Key   Comments Chinese name 0 0 0 CTRL -@   Nul (null) NULL Character 1 1 1 CTRL-A

Basic ASCII code table

Hexadecimal code MCS character or abbreviation Dec multi-country character name ASCII control character 1 00 Nul NULL Character 01 Soh Title start (CTRL/) 02 STX Text start (CTRL/B)

Linux VIM editor and Shell Programming Basics __ Block Chain

Vim Learning Vim's normal mode press CTRL+Z will put the currently open file into the background to run, if you need to restore to the foreground, you need to use the command mode of the shell to see the number of all tasks in the current

n Tips on Java code optimization! __java

SOURCE | Personal Blog | Author | The Cangjie of the May Original Address | See bottom description This article is the author: May Cangjie The combination of his work and the experience of normal learning to reopen the reason for code optimization.

Standard library functions most commonly used in C language

Standard header files include: I. Standard definition ()The file contains some common definitions of the standard library, which are included automatically, regardless of which standard header file we include in the,.This file defines:L

"Go" python--coding specification

From the Woodpecker community Python Coding Rule ---hoxide first translation dreamingk proofreading release 040724 ---xyb re-typesetting 040915 ---zoomquiet moinmoin landscaping 050610 Coding style conventions when

Google Java Style Chinese version (GO)

Google Java Style Chinese versionReprint Please specify Source: Java Style Chinese versionBased on the last change in Official document 2013.12.19. Translator: Weir Zhang (

Familiar with some CSS syntax attributes

CSS syntax Manual (I) font attributes   1. Font-family Function: used to change the font of HTML labels or elements. You can set a list of available fonts. The browser selects fonts from front to back. Powered by Syntax: {font-family: font

Indexing technology in the in-memory database

The traditional database management system puts all the data on disk for management, so it is called a disk database (drdb:disk-resident). The disk database requires frequent access to the disk for data manipulation, and the disk reads and writes

"Crazy Java Handout (3rd edition)". (Li Gang)--java naming rules and coding specifications

1. Naming rules:Here to draw on the other people's information, more comprehensive, easy to understand learning. The Java source file name of the Java source must be the same as the class name of the class defined in the source file.

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