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C + + Series: Boost Thread Programming Guide

Reprinted from: + + Boost Thread Programming Guide0 Preface1 Creating Threads2 Mutex3 Condition variables4 Thread-Local storage5 routines that run only once6 Boost line Libraries's

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0 Abstract There is always a saying that to become a master, you must read more highly handwritten source code. Which codes are good materials? C ++ standard library source code? No, if you have read it, you will find that either a variety of

The implementation of multi-threaded concurrent processing of ASIO network library in boost, and the scheduling and thread safety of ASIO in multithreaded model.

1. Implement multi-Threading method:It's actually multiple threads calling Io_service::run at the same timefor (int i = 0; I! = m_nthreads; ++i){Boost::shared_ptr pTh (New Boost::thread (Boost::bind

Boost implements a simple UDP Proxy Server

I have learned a lot about the development of proxy servers during this time.UDPThe implementation of the proxy service is also convenient for me to refer to later. I. Communication Model 1Non-proxy Communication Model This is

Boost. Asio c ++ network programming translation (24), boost. asio Network Programming

Boost. Asio c ++ network programming translation (24), boost. asio Network ProgrammingMultithreading In the Asynchronous Server I have displayed on the client and the server in Chapter 4th. The Asynchronous Server is single-threaded, and all things

C ++ -- boost: Introduction to the use of asio

C ++ -- boost: Introduction to the use of asioBackground Efficient Network Programming generally depends on IO reuse. IO reuse refers to sending and listening to multiple socket or file read/write events at the same time. IO multiplexing is commonly

[Boost] Write a simple socket communication program with ASIO

boost/asio库中封装了很多关于scoket的函数,当然,asio库还包含很多底层的库。我们可以用socket编写一个基于UDP协议的黑框通讯程序。要想使用asio里面的函数,大多都需要先创建一个io_service对象,然后通过这个serveice来构造不同的对象,所以第一步,我们得创建两个对象: boost::asio::io_service io_service; boost::asio::ip::udp::socket

Boost Library at Work (39) network UDP asynchronous Server nine

The UDP server and client that you created earlier are synchronous, which means that when you receive data, you cannot participate in other things. If in a program with only the interface thread, and do not want to create multi-threading, resulting

[Boost] ASIO explanation of boost library 5 -- Resolver and Endpoint usage instructions

TCP: resolver is generally used in combination with TCP: resolver: Query. You can use the word "query" to obtain the corresponding information of the socket, generally, we care about the address and port of socket. through TCP: resolver, it is easy

Compiling programs with VS2008 and boost under windows

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