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Aveon switching architecture port burst transmission

The aveon interface supports burst transmission. In burst mode, multiple transmissions are processed as one unit, rather than each data unit as an independent transmission. Burstable transmission maximizes the throughput of the slave port and achieves the highest efficiency when the slave port processes multiple data units from one master port. Burst transmission ensures that the access to the target slave port from the master port during the burs

Detailed description of Wireless Access Network Technology LMDS

recent years, the new technological revolution represented by the Internet is profoundly changing the traditional telecom concept and architecture. With the gradual opening of access network markets in various countries, the telecom control policy has relaxed, with the increasing competition and the rapid emergence of new business demands, and the development of wired and wireless access networks, access networks have become the focus of attention. D

Application point of view: Brief Introduction to LMDS Broadband Access Network Technology

Broadband access network technology is worth learning a lot. Here we mainly introduce LMDS broadband access network technology. From the perspective of the entire telecommunication network, the whole network can be divided into two major parts: public network and user resident network CPN. CPN belongs to the user. Therefore, the general meaning of the telecommunication network refers to the public telecommunication network. Public telecommunication networks can be divided into long-distance netw

Parsing of the SDRAM Controller

uses the internal column address generator. As long as you set the initial column address, the subsequent address can be automatically generated through the internal column address generator. 2. Why precharge? Closing the active SDRAM bank is an end command. You can run a new command later. I think this is related to internal management of SDRAM. (I found this on the Internet. I don't feel details enough and I don't quite understand it) 3. Aut

Arm9_s3c2440 (7) Learning Summary of SDRAM

Summary 1. The burst mode of SDRAMSDRAM is a command-type action device. If only one read/write data is available, you must first run the command to use it. To increase work efficiency, a command is generated to send, the mode of writing multiple data. This is the burst mode. Burst mode is a high-speed read/write mode that uses the internal column address generator. As long as you set the initial column address, the subsequent address can be automatically generated through the internal column a

Kuberntes Service Quality assurance (QoS)

over the setting, the limits,pod is not killed but is limited. If Limits,pod is not set, all idle CPU resources can be used.For memory, a process in which a pod uses more than the set of memory in a limits,pod container is kernel killed by Oom. When container because Oom is killed, the system tends to reboot the container or native or another pod on its original machine. QoS classification Kubelet provides QoS service quality management and supports system-level Oom control. In Kubernetes, the

In-depth discussion of key technologies of mainstream GPRS routing in the world

network. The advantage of using GPRS routing is that it can shorten the network access time and achieve a higher data transmission speed. In GSM, the connection is usually established for a long time, and the data transmission speed does not exceed 9.6Kb/s. The connection time required for GPRS routing is shorter than that for GSM. The actual data transmission speed obtained by using CS1 and CS2 encoding can reach dozens of Kbit/s. In addition, the cost of using GPRS is only related to the amou

Application of ATM technology in computer Communication Networks

The computer communication network involves two fields of communication network computers. The communication network provides necessary means for data transmission and exchange between computers. Computer technology permeate the communication network and improves the performance of the latter. As a mature technology, IP plays a positive role in the rapid development of the Internet based on the features of network availability, best effort, and client

Integration of Circuit Switching Technology and group Switching Technology

important issue facing the development of the H.323 network. However, the successful application of IP phones and a considerable market share make people see the dawn of business integration, and people gradually know that voice services can be transferred on the group network, and can achieve better communication performance. In addition, group exchange has many potential performance advantages. One advantage is the efficient use of the communication capabilities of transmission channels, espe

Hwn Gateway Design

information of the home wireless network and exported to the external network, is very broad prospects.2.2 Development of GPRS data service functionsAs a carrier of mobile data services, GPRS can provide users with various forms of applications. In the GPRS network, you can send and receive data in the end-to-end group transfer mode without using network resources in the circuit switching mode. This provides an efficient and low-cost wireless grouping data service. It is particularly suitable f

Use Server Load balancer technology to build high-load network sites

The rapid growth of the Internet makes multimedia network servers, especially Web servers. In the face of a rapid increase in the number of visitors, network servers need to be able to provide a large number of concurrent access services. For example, Yahoo receives millions of access requests every day. Therefore, CPU and I/O processing capabilities will soon become a bottleneck for servers that provide large-load Web Services. Simply improving har

[Computer Network] Computer Network interview questions Series 1

[Computer Network] Computer Network interview series 1. OSI (Open System Interconnect): Open System Interconnection, which is a layer-7 Computer Network Model: physical Layer, data link layer, network layer, transmission layer, Session Layer, presentation layer, and application layer. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol): Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is a four-l

Differentiate services from MPLS

One reason for the huge success of the Internet is the simplicity of the IP protocol it uses. The Internet provides a best-effort service: the IP network tries its best to forward data packets from the source to the target, but does not make any commitment to the quality of service QoS that can be provided for packet forwarding. Therefore, the quality of services provided by the IP network is unpredictable.

Development and Application of Optical Burst Exchange Technology

The continuous growth of the Internet and the emergence of various new businesses, such as multimedia web pages, multimedia games, Multimedia conferences, and e-commerce, have led to exponential growth of Internet services. Due to the diversity and variability of services, the traditional core exchange network is no longer suitable for the needs of the continuous development of the

Server Load balancer technology to build high-load network sites

requests are burstable. When some major events occur, network access will rise sharply, leading to network bottlenecks. For example, Clinton's book of * published on the internet is an obvious example. You must use multiple servers to provide network services and allocate network requests to these servers for sharing in order to provide the capability to process a large number of concurrent services.   Whe

Linux cluster Load Balancing Technology

The rapid growth of the Internet allows multimedia network servers, especially Web servers, to rapidly increase the number of visitors. network servers need to be able to provide a large number of concurrent access services. For example, Yahoo receives millions of access requests every day. Therefore, CPU and I/O processing capabilities will soon become a bottleneck for servers that provide large-load Web Services. Simply improving hardware performanc

IPv6 easy QoS

Video applications are highly time-sensitive and require high real-time performance and service quality management (QoS). However, many applications on the Internet are mostly "best effort data ". The most effort data is characterized by a burstable nature, which seriously affects applications with extremely high time sensitivity. This increases the latency of these applications and causes jitter at the sam

GIS outsourcing-Subway GIS project, yanyuan gis

provided, description of the project progress. The photos of on-site construction are directly submitted by the grass-roots units. The Center Administrator can obtain the first-hand engineering materials at any time. 31. Fig 31 Guangzhou Metro Engineering Construction System (2) Subway emergency resource and dispatch command ManagementAs a platform for providing services for public travel, urban subway has the risk of emergencies in construction and operation, due to the

Computer network FAQs

1. Differences Between TCP and UDP TCP-the transmission control protocol provides connection-oriented and reliable byte stream services. Before the customer and the server exchange data with each other, a TCP connection must be established between the two parties before data can be transmitted. TCP provides timeout resend, discard duplicate data, test data, traffic control, and other functions to ensure data can be transferred from one end to the other. UDP-the User Datagram Protocol is a simpl

TCP global synchronization Analysis

TCP global synchronization analysis with the popularization of the network, information exchange and information sharing have become an essential part of people's daily life. The increasing information (data packets) in the network will inevitably lead to network congestion. Therefore, congestion prevention is particularly important. The mechanism of congestion prevention widely used on the Internet is DropTail: when the length of the queue reaches th

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