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Communication error: (-1) [Description: The router DDNS address could not be resolved, check the DDNS status.] Analytic approach

Easyradius Tip: Communication error: (-1) [Description: Unable to resolve router DDNS address, check DDNS status.]The above problems, and Easyradius no direct contact, the main cause of the two possible reasons:Perhaps the 1:easyradius server is a dual-line, using the DNS to resolve IP, and then your DDNS domain name in the resolution of the unstable phen

Wayos proactively submits ddns IP addresses to easyradius, greatly reducing the probability that ddns cannot be accessed.

When easyradius is used by many friends, because of the need to use ddns, such as every step, there are still 3322, these domain names often encounter problems, it is very troublesome! For example, each step is a problem once in a month, and 3322 of them start to charge fees. In other cases, when the route is restarted, it is updated to 3322. As a result, the IP address is not synchronized, resulting in temporary access failure. And so on. These pr

What are the different series of ASUS graphics in ASUS video card?

Perhaps many friends on the Internet have also seen a lot about the difference between the brand graphics card, but with the rapid development of computer hardware, a lot of accurate graphics series difference is not so detailed, resulting in many friends do not have a unified standard. In view of the above situation, the small compiled specially looked up the common graphics card each brand, has studied each graphics card brand corresponding has which series, summarizes the writte

Dynamic Server: About ddns network communication technology

What is ddns network connection?According to statistics, for the vast majority of Enterprise leased line users, the total time for data flow on the leased line is no more than 8 hours. This means that a leased line user has to pay 2/3 of the time every day instead of using network resources. The price of leased lines remains high, so that ordinary enterprise users are discouraged. Therefore, the ideal way for enterprises to access the Internet is to a

Win10 Professional Course for Chinese cabbage Asus Notebook, win10 for Asus Notebook

Win10 Professional Course for Chinese cabbage Asus Notebook, win10 for Asus Notebook As Microsoft officially launched the win10 Professional Edition, more and more computer users can't wait to try this brand new win10 Professional Edition. However, many Asus Notebook users say that they do not understand how to install win10 Professional Edition, is there any go

Ddns (dhcp + dns) Configuration tutorial

Please let me know if there is something wrong or unclear in this article. thank you! DDNS configuration instances (DHCP + DNSDDNS) are a basic task in network management. However, as the network grows, it will be very troublesome to frequently modify data files in the DNS region. Therefore, dynamic DNS came into being. Please let me know if there is something wrong or unclear in this article. thank you! DDNSConfigure instance (DHCP + DNS =

Resolves an issue where ASUS notebook (ASUS) cannot reinstall WIN7 operations

A few days ago, in helping people reinstall Asus notebook computer WIN7 operating system, encountered the comparison of the odd PA, can not install Ghost version, and can not install the ISO file downloaded from the Microsoft Official website!650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/59/D6/wKioL1TsOlbjehhuAAPe8lOxSXU825.jpg "title=" capture. JPG "alt=" Wkiol1tsolbjehhuaape8loxsxu825.jpg "/>Download the original ISO on Microsoft Offici

ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Wireless network connection problem under 64-bit Win7

Or that ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook, wireless card for Qualcomm Atheros ar956x, one day to change the environment, WiFi (here is referred to as WiFi network a) even not online. Mobile phones, other notebooks with wireless connection is no problem.Try to reload the network card driver, restart the WLAN configuration service, etc., connect WiFi network A after entering the password, always return to Windows c

How does the Millet router DDNS function support two level route?

Although there is an official DDNS function in the millet router firmware, it does not support the use of DDNS for the Millet route as a level two route. Using the millet router as a two-level route and want to use the official DDNS features of the students are blessed, the following tutorial to teach you to achieve. 1, the default official

ASUS ASUS notebook computer boot into BIOS method

The BIOS, which is fully said to be Rom-bios, is a shorthand for the basic input/output system of read-only memory, which is actually a set of programs that are solidified into a computer to provide the lowest-level, most direct hardware control for the computer. Accurately, the BIOS is a hardware and software program between a "converter" or interface (although it itself is only a program), is responsible for the real-time hardware requirements, and according to the software requirements for th

How does Asus Ling Yiu 3 look? Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook Map

Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook image, the main lightweight, designed to match the Apple MacBook Notebook. Lightweight design is undoubtedly Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook's biggest selling point, and thin design the most prominent bright spot is Yan value and portable, the following through a detailed look at the details of the picture. 1/15 ASUS

How does win10 system connect Asus to the company printer? win10 ASUS

How does win10 system connect Asus to the company printer? win10 ASUS How can I connect to a printer installed on the win10 system? Let's take a look at it today, hoping to help you: 1. Open the Start menu, and there is an inconspicuous gear icon in the lower left corner. Click it. 2. Click "device" in the Windows Settings window" 3. A page is displayed, with a button at the top to add a pr

What is DDNS?

What is DDNS? I. Introduction to DDNS The DNS and domain name system are a service of the Internet. As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it makes it easier for people to access the Internet. DDNS, a dynamic domain name system, is a technology that automatically updates the name server content in the Domain Name Syste

The working principle of DDNS and its realization on Linux _linux

article focuses on the specific application of DDNS, demonstrating the entire process of an application that Rtnetlink detects changes in IP addresses and informs user space, as well as applications that use NetLink sockets to receive messages and tell the DNS server how to implement them. A brief introduction to DDNS work flowCombined with the above analysis of the working principle of

ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Reload Win7 Drive problem resolution

Previously in other notebooks with USB Stick clone installation WinXP system is very smooth, a variety of hardware drivers can be automatically identified and installed.There is an ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook on hand, the original win8.1, used to install a Win7 flagship version.As usual to the system of the home under the Win7 of the ultimate version of the clone file, put to the USB stick boot, the origina

Knowledge about DDNS of lingke Router

DDNS knowledge of lingke vro many netizens found such a term on the vro Management page when using lingke vro:DDNS, many people may not know much about the DDNS service. Today, I will give you some tips on the DDNS service. 1. DDNS refers to the domain name resolution server, which converts the domain name into an IP a

"Routing talent" simple two-step fix Xiaomi routing new-ddns (resolve domain name address to online tool)

DDNS (Dynamic Domain name Server) is an abbreviation for the service!In short, most ISPs currently provide us with dynamic IP (such as ADSL dial-up), while many devices or services require a fixed IP for remote access, and the cost of fixed IP is difficult for customers to accept. So DDNS it captures the user's IP every time it changes, and then it corresponds to the domain name so that the customer can acc

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios We have already set it in the bios and want to restore it to the default setting. In the bios, how should we restore our settings? I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help you. When we start the system, press the F2 key on the keyboard to enter the bios. Go to the bios and set it based on our own needs

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios There will be a first startup Item during system reinstallation. If you are using a USB flash drive to reinstall the system, set USB as the first boot item. If you are using another boot item, choose other items. The key point here is how to set this first boot item, that is, how to set the computer BIOS /? First, insert the prepared usb flash

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial At present, we are not very familiar with the motherboard in our daily life. Next we will briefly introduce some general settings of the motherboard BIOS. ------ (This article is the default task platform) First, press the host power button and immediately press the DEL key to enter the CMOS settings (different models of the motherbo

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