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Song of the Republic-drizzle

The 1927 pop song "Drizzle" is the first real pop song in China, the first pop singer and movie star in China, Li Minghui in the Hundred-generation company to record "drizzle" of Chinese pop song.1. Intro The drizzle is next to stopA little wind blows all the stopsThe breeze drizzle LiuqingqingOh, yo, Liuqingqing.Don't

Debugging drizzle with GDB-refer from Padraig's blog

This article is refered from Padraig's blog. It's useful for me debuging drizzle on remote machine :) While working with drizzle this week for my gsoc project, I 've been going through the source code to understand how information_schema is currently implemented. reading through the source code is obviusly the best way to understand the logic behind the current I _s implementation but using a debugger to s

Guideline of developing Drizzle

After reading Jay pipes "getting a working C/C ++ development environment for developing drizzle", I follow his guide and success getting a development workspace for myself. I think this experience is important for us setting our open source project in the futrue: This article is as an example in Drizzle server project, but the vast majority of the content applies equally well to developers wishing to cont

The drizzle of Li Jinhui

Who wrote the first popular song in modern China?Who founded the first song and dance troupe in China?Who combines jazz with Chinese folk tunes to create a new kind of Chinese jazz, "Time song"?Who discovered the NIE er of the national anthem of the People's Republic of China, "volunteer March"?Who has created all the paths for Chinese modern pop music in the 20th century, but forgotten?are all a person.are all a name.Li Jinhui'sLi Jinhui's was born in 19th century at the end of Hunan, a wealthy

Install drizzle-nginx-module in openresty

Label: style blog HTTP color ar SP Div on 2014 1. Download the drizzle Module Wget http://openresty.org/download/drizzle7-2011.07.21.tar.gz 2. Install the drizzle Module Tar zxvf drizzle7-2011.07.21.tar.gzcd drizzle7-2011.07.21. /configure -- prefix =/usr/local/Drizzle -- without-servermake libdrizzle-1.0make install-libdrizzle-1.0echo "/usr/local/

Some ways unity achieves the effect of breaking objects-drizzle

the settings can achieve some good crushing effect. Because you do not need real-time computing fragmentation, the effects in use are still possible, if you need to prefab, you need to occupy a bit of resources. Please read the Setup Panel carefully before use ~ ~ There are too many parameters. The specific use can refer to here4 Particle effectsSummary, the host performance is not good, especially the GPU performance is not strong, the two methods produced by the above-mentioned pieces are rig

Drizzle study Note: JMeter parameterization

parameter in the text file, separated by commas. After the script is referenced in the same way as the shell variable Allow quoated data: double quote Correlation Recycle on EOF: set to True to allow loop values (such as looping 1000 times, but only 100 user name passwords, then loop) Stop Thread on EOF: When recycle on Eof=false,stop Thread is on eof=true, after reading the records in the CSV file, it stops running Sharing Mode: Sets whether thread sharing. Finally, we nee

May 14 Drizzle: Everything will pass, you can do it

All the good, the bad, the happy, the lost, the successful, the unsuccessful, all will pass, because the time has been flowing. She took you through the years, over the mountains, across the eyebrow tip, drifting fine willow, step by step toward the end of life. The difference is, you can let him become more brilliant, dazzling, with this life compose a beautiful song of life, write a paragraph never admit defeat, struggle hard, hard work of the poem.Shun Time mo Proud, inverse time Mo lost, get

Extensible Markup Language XML (intermittent drizzle)

("./src/contact.xml")); 2.nodeIterator: Gets all child node objects under the current node (nodes that do not contain grandchildren) iterator Case 2: Get all XML nodes (using recursion)/** * 遍历xml文档的所有节点 * @throws Exception */@Testpublic void test2() throws Exception{ //1.读取xml文档,返回Document对象 SAXReader reader = new SAXReader(); Document doc = reader.read(new File("./src/contact.xml")); //得到根标签 Element rooElem = doc.getRootElement(); getChildNodes(rooElem);}/** * 获取 传入的标

Drizzle and cold wind

This morning, sleepy, the alarm clock shouted three times, no effect In a hurry, I don't know how to wear clothes to go to work, For example, if you are in a crowded car for 10 minutes late, you must pay for it. O (cost _ money) O Haha ~

Drizzle study Note: JMeter's main test component summary

1. The test plan is the starting point for testing using JMeter, which is a container for other JMeter test elements.2. The thread group represents a certain number of concurrent users, which can be used to impersonate concurrent users to send

Photoshop getting started tutorial (2): temporary disk storage and ruler settings, photoshop getting started tutorial

Photoshop getting started tutorial (2): temporary disk storage and ruler settings, photoshop getting started tutorial After creating a document, you can edit the image. Before editing an image, let's take a look at how to view some basic information about the image. In the lower left corner of the software, such information is displayed. 1 window indicates the current image display ratio, and 200% indicates

Ps filter tips: how to use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effect ?, Filter photoshop

Ps filter tips: how to use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effect ?, Filter photoshop This article shares tips on using the Ps filter: How can I use Photoshop to quickly produce leather stitching effects? In Photoshop, the filter function can be used to quickly produce a variety of exquisite effects. For

Front-end engineer skill-photoshop-series extension-automatic cutting, front-end photoshop

Front-end engineer skill-photoshop-series extension-automatic cutting, front-end photoshop* If the directory [1] is set to [2] before the image is automatically cut With the continuous upgrade of the photoshop version, the software itself has added a lot of new features and added a lot of convenience for graph cutting. The latest version of

How to install the plug-in Photoshop? Install various photoshop plug-ins-PS tutorial

How to install the plug-in Photoshop? Many of my friends said that they are not very good. next I will introduce you to a simple and clear method for installing various photoshop plug-ins. if you don't know how to install the PS plug-ins, quick and correct installation. How to install the plug-in Photoshop? Today, the script home editor will introduce you to the

Photoshop Action set of actions

The Photoshop5.5 action set provides us with a convenient image processing function. Not to be exploited, a little pity. And, through the Study of Action action set of the various command combination, you can learn Photoshop to deal with the image of some effective methods, and combined with automatic batch processing function, so that the efficiency greatly improved. Click on the black triangle at the top right of the Action Settings window, select L

How to Make linen in Photoshop? Ps linen texture production tutorial !, Photoshop linen

How to Make linen in Photoshop? Ps linen texture production tutorial !, Photoshop linen This article describes how to make linen in Photoshop? Ps linen texture production tutorial! Using the graphic processing tool Photoshop, you can quickly draw out some special effects, such as the linen effect we will introduce toda

Photoshop getting started tutorial (4): Mixed Mode and photoshop getting started tutorial

Photoshop getting started tutorial (4): Mixed Mode and photoshop getting started tutorial Learning Experience: mixed mode is often overlooked in Photoshop. The biggest reason is that its position is relatively hidden, in the left upper corner of the layer panel. The blending mode determines how the middle-level pixels of an image are mixed with the lower-level pi

19 kinds of exquisite photoshop Paint Material display, photoshop paint

19 kinds of exquisite photoshop Paint Material display, photoshop paint These 19 landscape trees and grass-Outline brushes are offered to everyone for free. They are obtained from a blog of a foreign front-end employee. According to him, these materials come from photos taken by him on his bicycle. It is often difficult for materials websites in China to find such elegant materials. As far as the image its

Front-end engineer skill-photoshop (from renderings to sprite) 2-measurement, photoshop Sprite

Front-end engineer skill-photoshop (from sprite to sprite) 2-measurement, photoshop Sprite [Information to be measured][1] dimension information-> measurement (rectangular box selection tool + information panel)[Note] the canvas should be as big as possible during measurement.[A] width and height[B] padding and margin[C] border[D] Positioning[E] Text Size[F] Row Height[G] background image position[2] color

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