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Wacom and Photoshop Creative Tutorials

Tutorial Creative tips for--wacom intuos2 Platinum Digital Board in Adobe Photoshop CS [Lead] with a powerful and flexible creative software and tools to make your design work, Adobe Photoshop CS and wacom Intuos2 Platinum Digital Board is such a pair of creative perfect match. In

Photoshop Create Wacom Chinese wind panda creative advertising Poster Production tutorial

As a graphic designer, one of the main jobs is advertising design. Creating high quality advertising creativity is a prerequisite for a designer, So the technical skills of PS are the elements that must be mastered. This article through an example to teach you to make Wacom China wind panda creative Advertising effect map, interested students can learn! The final effect of the Photoshop Tutorial:

Ubuntu8.04 how to install the WACOM driver

Windows cannot bring us anything except QQ and online banking. So far, WACOM has not provided a formal WACOM digital board driver on a CD or on the network. In normal times, you can use PS + BAMBOO for plotting in WINDOWS. In LINUX, you must replace it with GIMP + BAMBOO, how to install the WACOM driver is finally installed by referring to UbuntuCommunity: HOWTO:

Linux wacom product User Guide

CintiQ 21UX is believed to be the design tool that many CG designers dream of. In the industry, it is even said: "designers who do not know wacom are not good designers ". If we know that the classic giants such as the hacker empire and Titanic are all made using unix-like systems, we believe that you will be willing to use your wacom product on Linux.The Linux Wacom

10 bad habits to use Photoshop

features: masks, vector masks, or clipping masks. The easiest way to do this is to add a mask to the layer to mask part of the layer. The mask can temporarily mask the contents of the layer's selection, which will be visible when the mask is disabled. Use masks instead of deleting parts of layers  3. Too many clicks and a lot of wasted time. Not using shortcuts in Photoshop is as lame as drinking soup with a fork. A real

Taiwanese beauty talk about designer's disdain chain

despise all designers, Lao Tze I pack Hill sea everything will be. The graphic designer squatted down again to draw circles in the corner.  Tool articles With ZBrush designers despise the designers of Maya. With Maya's designers despise the designer with 3DMAX. With 3DMAX designers still have to hide from the designers with c4d despise eyes. Fortunately after Effect one party alone big, will sound will shadow? IMovie for shrimp? With Sketch designers despise other ownership diagram software

75 Best Web Design Resources

[Hongkiat] -24 Beautiful, creative website Header design [Toxel] -Inspiring PDF magazine design [smashing Magazine] Tutorials -41 Best Photoshop tutorial [Hongkiat] -30 Beautiful Photoshop text effects tutorial [Six Revisions] -70 Photoshop Beauty tutorials [smashing Magazine] -50 Great Photoshop tutorials [psdtuts]

Photographer Essential filters Nik Collection detailed

realistically. "Sunshine" function can make the original gloomy picture to obtain the effect of the sun is bright. The "True Light" technique allows you to deal with the optical sensing effects of digital photographs as you would with traditional film. Color Efex Pro 4 Filter interface Use method and Effect Nik Collection Color Effect Nik Color Efex Pro is also not a hassle: After selecting the filters you want to apply, you can preview their effects and

Photoshop Introduction Brushes

control, which determines the amount of paint used in any area. Traffic also controls the number of strokes, but only the number of paths that the brush motions are controlled. The airbrush settings can help create a brush that is based on time rather than motion. Some students do not understand the difference between flow and opacity, strongly recommended reading: Small white Science: traffic and opacity those things Brush Presets This menu keeps track of all available

Tutorial on creating Chinese calligraphy with Illustrator

Dickens to write a stroke, if lucky you happen to buy such a piece of writing board, I am afraid you can not understand the fun of writing. Of course, it's best to buy a wacom tablet. Why Choose Illustator? After using several different vector software, I found that illustrator's brush tool is the best support for pressure pens. Note that other vector software, while also supporting the pressure-sensing pen, but only the AI

Lenovo Yoga Book Comprehensive evaluation

Lenovo released the yoga book proposed a new two-in-one notebook keyboard ideas. On the surface, the flip part is just a plain protective cover. But in fact, the shield is a handwritten keyboard that supports wacom handwriting, and allows the user to write with the real pen stylus. Lenovo has a variety of applications built into the yoga book to make it easier for users to record notes and annotation files using a stylus, and it also supports image ed

Painter to draw an illustration of Thor

To the users of the painter software to the detailed analysis of the interpretation of the painting to share the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1: Draw the graphics prerequisite software, Photoshop,painter, and a piece of wacom tablet. 2: The line is written with the tablet directly in the painter, inside the pencil tool is very convenient, the line processing is very smooth

PS Master advanced: Landscape photos become Ghost Castle

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop and the wacom Intuos2 A4 drawing pad to make digital matte, and if there is no drawing board, it may be troublesome to perform hand-drawn effects. Note: Every step of the tutorial, unless specifically reminded, you should create a new layer, so that it is easy to modify, but also to avoid a small error and naught. First look at the effect: Finish effect

Return to the source of design: How to use the sketch planning site?

There are a large number of basic courses in design colleges. It is not surprising that big companies and start-ups are taking a back-source design approach. Whether you're a lifelong graffiti artist or a serious trademark designer, it's an important design skill to explore your inspiration through paper. Don't be afraid! The strength of such tools as pencils will not die. In this era of dedicated equipment, a simple, time-tested approach to design is still promising. In fact, I've heard a gr

PS Super strong pull hair big trick

In the field of picture synthesis, using Photoshop to pick up the background is a commonplace topic, while the character hair or animal fur is a long-standing problem under this topic. Here's a couple of different ways to tackle simple and complex backgrounds, both of which can be quite effective.   Skill One: simple background picture cutout The most effective photos, of course, come from professional studios, because they make films with a solid c

Photoshop Campus Poster design experience sharing

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the campus poster design experience. Experience Sharing: Campus poster is a very interesting point of entry, after all, now everyone can do posters, whether it is word or Corel Painter, can easily convey information and appropriate beautification, perform a poster function, as to do well then the people of the beholder. and campus posters, there is a fixed type (most of t

9 Tips for saving time in Photoshop cc

Spending time in Photoshop to simplify the workflow seems like a paradox, and free time is a luxury for most designers. However, our real enemies are often our own-because we have long been accustomed to doing tasks with the default settings, even if it is not the most effective. The goal of this tutorial is to get the software to help you do most of the work and reduce the average time you do each task. Adobe software has been widely regarded as a c

Parody Ted Withers style poster

pressure and tilt recognition features and Photoshop custom brushes to make the drafting phase of your computer as comfortable as it is on paper. 4. Copy "sketch" layer standby, close the original "sketch" layer visible. New layer "Color", using a 20-pixel brush to color, using INTUOS3 to control the color of the shading, first from the hair section, to determine the most important part of the screen. 5. Then, draw the red swimsuit and

Photoshop hand-painted sexy blonde woman tutorial

First, preparatory work First you need a computer, the configuration does not need to be too high, can smooth running Photoshop OK; second, the computer to install Adobe Photoshop, the exact number of versions do not matter, because as a painting to use 5.0 or 9.0 not much difference, but the configuration allows the author recommended 9.0 ( CS2); The last need is a digital board, the author is using

Ubuntu8.04 configure the video card and resolution after installation

"Option "XkbRules" "xorg"Option "XkbModel" "pc105"Option "XkbLayout" "us"Option "XkbVariant" "dvorak"Option "XkbOptions" "lv3: ralt_switch"EndSection Section "InputDevice"Identifier "Configured Mouse"Driver "mouse"Option "CorePointer"Option "Device" "/dev/input/mice"Option "Protocol" "ImPS/2"Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"EndSection Section "InputDevice"Driver "wacom"Identifier "stylus"Option "Device" "/dev/input/waco

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