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Netapp Storage Basics-wafl, NVRAM, raid, Snapshot

each vendor implements it The methodology of Hou is consistent, but the methods are different. The methodology copies inode. Because the inode file is very small, its copy can be completed instantly. But in actual implementation Different. It mainly involves three phases: What should I do if the snapshot is started and the cache is still in the memory? Then the specific copy What information about inode or what inode is copied? After a

Overview of Snapshot (Snapshot) technology development

a viable option, but applications such as databases directly choose to use logical volumes to implement snapshots because they cannot be managed by snapshot technology at the file system level. In general, there is no need to implement snapshots at the application layer, which can be implemented using the underlying file system or volume Manager interface for backup mechanisms, but requires a temporary pause to ensure

Virtualization storage NetApp extends from hardware to application tier

architecture, so it was necessary to consolidate different protocols to simplify the architecture. In support of Multi-Protocol architecture, storage virtualization can be assisted to achieve the goal of unified management. VTL is a backup-to-disk scenario that enables organizations to improve backup efficiency without changing existing architectures and management mechanisms by emulating the disk as a tape. Virtualization improves space utilization NetA

NetApp configures NetApp controllers to synchronize with Linux NTP servers

#multicastclient # Multicast Client#manycastserver # Manycast Server#manycastclient AutoKey # manycast Client# undisciplined Local Clock. This was a fake driver intended for backup# and when no outside source of synchronized time is available.Server # Local clockFudge Stratum 0# Enable Public Key cryptography.#crypto2) NETAPP 7mode Controller options Configuration3) Related NTP status q

NetApp uses the NetApp PowerShell SDK tools in Cmode to import Exportpolicy Rules

1) Get Export policy information:$export _policy = Get-ncexportpolicy-name Testpolicy-vservercontext svmdes2) Get Export rules information:$export _rules = Get-ncexportrule-policy Testpolicy-vservercontext svmdesHere, if you use the $export_policy variable, you can only get the rules information for Defualt policy. If you need to get the information of the rules in the custom export policy, the "-policy" parameter should be added with the name of the export policy (that is, you do not need to us

Operation and documentation Sharing (1): NetApp Operations User Manual

virtual root path that storage uses to mount other directories. Other volumes cannot be viewed through Mount/vol, only the mount per volume alone.9. QtreeA logical definition unit, defined in a subdirectory of a traditional or flexible volume, to create up to 4,995 qtree per volume. The main functions of qtree are: to facilitate data management and distribution, and to manage soft and hard usage limits. Qtree differs from Volume: a single qtree cannot be taken, and space retention and reclamati

Virtualized Storage NetApp extends from hardware to Application Layer

architecture must be simplified by integrating different protocols. In a multi-protocol architecture, storage virtualization can be used to achieve unified management. VTL is a disk backup solution. It simulates a disk as a tape to improve the backup efficiency without changing the existing architecture and management mechanism. Virtualization improves space utilization NetApp also provides a variety of virtualization functions on Data ONTAP, such as

NetApp Storage Case: Guangming

Unified Storage Solution In response to the above requirements of Guangming, NetApp, with its superior technology and leadership in storage, has deployed a unified storage solution for Guangming to help Guangming improve storage reliability, ensure data security, enable flexible scaling, simplify management, and reduce maintenance costs. This is why NetApp solutions stand out from the storage solutions of

Openstack Cinder uses NetApp NFS as back-end storage

The company uses NetApp FS8020 R6 as a test environment for NFS storage. There's a chance to measure OpenStack's cinder and NetApp storage integration.Description1.OpenStack using NetApp Storage to mount NFS files directly without any problems, production has been using a more stable test iops in 160-220m/s.2. Cinder with OpenStack cannot be used directly like a

NetApp Filers improves database availability and reliability

NetApp FilersIt is certified by Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and other large database vendors and has been widely used by Fortune 1000 companies to enhance and simplify data storage and read performance. NetApp Filers complies with the standard hardware and patented software, and can work together on the heterogeneous IT system platform running UNIX (r) and Windows NT (r) systems to centrally read data. It can back

EMC, pure and NetApp push new products, where are NAS flash scenarios

; Border:0px;font-style:inherit;font-variant:inherit;font-weight:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit; font-family:inherit;vertical-align:baseline; "alt=" 1852000048fad1993fd0 "/>The features of the elasticity software stack include Elastic core collaboration for end-to-end garbage collection, LDPC error recovery, snapshot functionality, replication capabilities, data reduction and deduplication, encryption and other enterprise storage functi

Connect HP-UX iSCSI to netapp

: Iscsiutil-l --> some names appear in the column # Iscsiutil-lInitiator name: HP: db1.679d66a5-5b2e-11db-89e6-08a23597f208 3. Configure iSCSI Lun on netapp Qtree:/vol/vol1/iscsi1 Lun: Lun show/Vol/vol1/iscsi1/lun0 10 GB (10737418240) (R/W, online)/Vol/vol1/iscsi1/lun21g (1073741824) (R/W, online, mapped) Igroup showIg0 (iSCSI) (ostype: HPUX ) HP: db1.679d66a5-5b2e-11db-89e6-08a23597f208(Not logged in) 4. Continu

Collect NetApp Storage diagnostic information using the Perfstat tool

Brief overviewThe Perfstat is a NetApp storage diagnostic data Command-line collection tool that collects detailed information about NetApp storage, including configuration information and performance data, with two versions for NetApp storage OS 2 modes: Storage mode Perfstat version 7 mode Perfstat 7 Clust

VNX NETAPP NAS Backup Recovery

How many times a snapshot is made is customized, such as it can be done every 4 hours.For example there are a,b,c,d of four files.1) First Snapshot (COW):The snapshot is instantaneous, when the camera creates a snapshot space, for example, 20%, then changes the a file to A1 (the change is compared to the time of the ph

ASR now Supports NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure

ASR now Supports NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft AzureThis week atignite in Chicago, Microsoft and NETAPP would showcase how customers can simplify disaster recovery For Hyper-V workloads without investing in a secondary datacenter. Together,we'll demohow Azure Site Recovery (ASR) can replicate and recover a san-based on-premises appl Ication to Azure Computewith N

NetApp Layout New fiscal year

NetApp's global business continued to grow rapidly in the last fiscal 2014, with a total revenue of $6.3 billion. NetApp continues to consolidate its leading position in the area of dominance by maintaining market share in storage operating systems, public cloud-enabled storage and converged infrastructures, according to Nicholas, vice president of NetApp Global and Greater China.

EMC, pure and NetApp push new products, where are NAS flash scenarios

protocols. At the same time have the future of new protocol adaptability, that is, the forthcoming HDFs.The features of the elasticity software stack include Elastic core mates for end-to-end garbage collection, LDPC error recovery, and snapshot functionality. Replication capabilities, data reduction and deduplication, encryption and other enterprise storage functions.Elasticity has a set of namespaces and metadata addressing capabilities. Ability to

Ways to force permissions to be modified in NetApp CIFS folders

Recently a customer encountered a problem, in NetApp CIFS has a folder only one user has permission to access, other users, including administrators have no access, now when the user left, the account has been deleted in the ad, at this time the administrator needs to modify the permissions of this folder, how to do.Here NetApp Official provides a tool called Secedit, use this tool and then with the command

NETAPP fas2240-4 stores how to recover data after several months of mis-Deleting a folder

Server Data recovery background:A company in Beijing has a server NetApp storage because mistakenly delete the folder requires data recovery operations, a total of 24 disks in the server, the administrator in the work of mistakenly deleted a key folder in the storage, Three months later, the administrator realized the serious consequences of this operation and tried to find a Beijing data recovery company to perform server data recovery services.Serve

NetApp delivers disaster recovery capabilities for Oracle

solutions that not only contains many middleware features, but also a broad set of software to assist in the development, deployment, and management of SOA and other applications. Recently, NetApp and Oracle have joined hands with Oracle Fusion middleware applications to launch a comprehensive disaster recovery solution to ensure the replication of critical middleware data. This article outlines the solution. For more information about the solution,

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