objective c base64

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What's New in Objective-C

Description Note (Ray ):Part of the article from iOS 7 by Tutorials iOS 7Feast (omitted) Objective-C Is the most important development tool for iOS and OSX apps. You can use third-party frameworks in other languages to develop apps, such as HTML &

(IOS) Base64 encryption and DES encryption, and DES encryption unity issues in Java and IOS

For security reasons, we typically choose an encryption method to encrypt text that requires security, while BASE64 encryption and DES64 encryption are common cryptographic algorithms. I remember what I used in the previous project was the

about how objective-c and Java are consistent in DES encryption

Reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/janken/archive/2012/04/05/2432930.htmlRecently made a mobile project, there is a server and client type of project, the client is to log in, the password to use DES encryption, the server is developed in Java,

The use of BASE64 encoded encryption and decryption in IOS objective-c

BASE64 uses commonly used URL ciphertext encoding to pass longer identity information in an HTTP environment. The adoption of BASE64 encoding is not only shorter but also unreadable. The following address is the encrypted Thunderbolt dedicated

Implementation of the OBJECTIVE-C MD5/SHA1 encryption algorithm for iOS development

[OBJC]View Plain copy The OBJECTIVE-C implementation of the MD5 and SHA1 algorithms is relatively simple, you can directly call the system's C + + shared library to implement the call the MD 5, message Digest algorithm 5

Character encoding and DES encryption and decryption in Java and objective-C

1. Overview In Internet-based applications, the sender encrypts and transmits the characters in a certain way, while the receiver decrypts the characters based on the agreed key. In this way, even if the characters transmitted are intercepted, it

Implementation of MD5/SHA1 encryption algorithm for IOS Objective-c

OBJECTIVE-C implementation of MD5 and SHA1 algorithm is relatively simple, you can directly call the system's C/s + + shared library to implement the callMD5 is the message Digest algorithm 5 (Information-Digest algorithm 5), which is used to ensure

IOS security defense (23): Objective-C code obfuscation

IOS security defense (23): Objective-C code obfuscation Class-dump can easily export program header files. It not only allows attackers to understand the program structure and facilitates reverse engineering, but also leaves a joke to the peers for

Implementation of SHA1/HMACSHA1 encryption algorithm for OBJECTIVE-C and Java

Recently researched the ability to sign in on an iOS phone. The SHA1 algorithm is used because of encryption. The net also did not find the direct example, the final reference StackOverflow on the big God, completed the encryption

Objective-c implements authCode to solve the communication encryption problem between php and ios.

Objective-c implements authCode to solve the communication encryption problem between php and ios. Recently, the project needs to encrypt the communication content with the server, mainly to prevent malicious packet capture and exploitation. such

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