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Essay-The creation and use of the OpenSSL certificate

Certificate category-Root certificate generates the server certificate, which is the basis of the client certificate. Self-signed.-The server certificate is issued by the root certificate. configured on the server.-The client certificate is issued

Single Sign-On CAS Usage Note (1): preparations and configuration of SSL protocol for CAS-Server, cas-serverssl

Single Sign-On CAS Usage Note (1): preparations and configuration of SSL protocol for CAS-Server, cas-serverssl Knowledge point: SSO: Single Sign-on(Single Sign On) is one of the most popular solutions for enterprise business integration. SSO is

MySQL master-slave configuration and cluster load balancing

Read Catalogue1. Introduction2. Basic Environment3. Configuring MySQL primary master replication4. Brief introduction of Middleware4.1, Haproxy introduction4.2, Keepalived Introduction5, the installation and configuration of middleware (Haproxy,

Linux Command Rollup 1

Allow non-root users to use "sudo"Root login system, execute "visudo", add a new rule according to the example (remember the password entered is the current user password, not the root password)#不需要密码执行sudo命令Hadoop all= (All) Nopasswd:allDateTime

Nginx Load balancer for HTTPS access

Overall process: 1. Build a Tomcat project cluster (default complete) 2. Install Nginx required Libraries 3. Install Nginx and modify configuration file 4. Start the test1.1.1. Install Nginx1.1.1.1. Installation Environment:Installing the Pcre

Linux File Lookup tool find command usage

File Lookup: Operators in the operation of the operating system, to contact a large number of files, in order to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting the location of file storage, we need a file to find tools to help, the following is two files to

One-click Install Lamp Script--Advanced version

#!/bin/bash#write by ZHANG_PC#at 2015.07.24#apache2.4 php.5.4 mysql5.5Apr_files=apr-1.5.2.tar.gzapr_dir=apr-1.5.2Arp_pre=/usr/local/aprApr_url=

Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi) build Linux system from scratch (Pilfs) (iii)

Nine. System Configuration1. Installing lfs-bootscripts-20150222The package contains a set of start and stop scripts when the LFS system starts and shuts down.CD/sourcestar-jxf Lfs-bootscripts-20150222.tar. bz2CD lfs-bootscripts-20150222

CentOS6.5 Compile installation LNMP environment _php skills

Online Search for the following tutorial Copy Code code as follows: Yum-y install gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf libtool make Libmcrypt Installation Mkdir/usr/local/source && Cd/usr/local/source #创建并进入源文件目录 [Root@localhost

Linux command: Find file Find tool locate command lookup

Find Introduction to Commands:    Real-time, accurate, and support for many search criteriaTraverse all files in the specified directory to complete the lookup, slow;1 . Command format:Locate filename directly with the file you need to find eg

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