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How to always download a lot of bundled software when installing software under Win7 system pc

Believe that most of the Win7 system users have encountered such a problem, that is, after installing a software is always inexplicably more than a lot of their unwanted programs and software, such a situation for users is simply rogue behavior, we just want to install one of the software, but we do not want to install some other

Obtain the list of installed software on the local machine C #/VB. NET (get the list of installed software in local PC)

Please try the following code, it will work: Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> // C # Private Void Getsoftwarelist (){Microsoft. win32.registrykey rk = Microsoft. win32.registry. localmachine. opensubkey ( @" SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall " );String [] Names = Rk. getsubkeynames (); Foreach (String s In Names){Textbox1.

PC-Lint software usage

PC-Lint software usage 1. installation and configuration PC-Lint software is cost-effective, easy to learn, easy to promote and solidify into the software development and testing process, so it has been widely used in the world. PC

Anti-virus software has been around for many times, so PC-cillin cannot compete with anyone?

The rise of China's great powers is not only as simple as increasing our inner pride, but also the improvement of people's economic level and the realization of a higher level of spirit and material life. Many world-class brands and manufacturers have turned their eyes on the Chinese market, and even regard China as the global strategic center, Development Center, and market center. The three centers can only show that China is gradually becoming the core of the world. As a Chinese user, we natu

PC two-in-one Network man remote control software hardware

PC two-in-one network remote control software hardware Network man is a remote control software independent research and development of remote PC two-in-one operation application, the use of software + hardware remote access to the PC

Introduction to virtual machine software VMware and PC

Virtual machine software can simulate a number of PCs on a computer, each PC can run a separate operating system without interference, you can achieve a computer "at the same time" run several operating systems, but also can connect these operating systems into a network. For example, the following image is installed on a computer Win2000 server, and then install the virtual machine

Win8 system PC Input method software compatibility test

. Software details to be tested Software category Software name PC Input Method Classic Wubi-86 Wang code Wubi Input Method 8698 Intelligent ABC Antarctic Star-Japanese Input method Wubi Gaga The strongest Wubi Inpu

Horizontal evaluation of Virtual PC software

Nowadays, Linux is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are paying attention to the development of Linux, but many people are not very familiar with this system, and the installation of Linux is also very complicated, not everyone dares to draw a place in their own hard drive space to keep them safe. As a result, the virtual PC came into being. A Virtual PC virtualizes a

PC Software and PLC serial communication parity problem

PC Software and PLC serial communication baud rate: 19200 Check bit: Even test data bits: 8 stop bit: 1 phenomenon one, the PC software to the PLC can send 1,2,4,5,7,8, but 3,6,9 sent out, PLC could not receive two, using virtual serial port, PC

Requirement Specification for PC software: RMB 100 and Requirement Specification: RMB 100

Requirement Specification for PC software: RMB 100 and Requirement Specification: RMB 100Device search instruction in PC Software Requirement Specification The PC machine sends BRSR through serial port The host sends all the searched bluetooth device names to

20160626 Splashtop software to implement a Tablet PC as an extended display

Today is my Gregorian birthday, no feast, no activities, just plain often after a day, but there is one thing I am very happy, this thanks to Splashtop. Whether you are also thinking about a problem, a computer used to learn seemingly a bit of trouble, both open the IDE to see the video data or documents, each account for half the screen, the font is small; otherwise, a minimal, switching is inconvenient; So, do you want to buy a monitor, or feel like you're drifting or drifting, Moving things

Security management software Public PC desktop keep your computer away from danger

One: Software download and installation Users can download the software in the 2345 software encyclopedia. After downloading the compressed package decompression, double-click the name "setup.exe" executable file, pop-up main interface as shown: Figure I Second: Software use The public

Discussion on the Application of "machine code" in software algorithms -- Analysis of the PC Timed Shutdown genie Registration Algorithm

ID here is the same as our ID card. Because of the uniqueness of this ID, the authors of the software are thinking about it. If you use this ID as a "sign" and perform a series of calculations on this unique "sign" and use the obtained result as the registration code, then the software can only be used on the corresponding machine. The ID here refers to the "machine code ".So how should I analyze the

PC Capture Screen (screenshot), remote control software SOTI Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry

Alex Classmate Recommendation: This software, called Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry, allows the BlackBerry screen to be shared with the PC screen (via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi), and the effect is pretty good in the same type of software. Trial application Address (try) Download Address Highlight:1. Support 9900 OS 7.0, 7.1 device projection2. Support including

Microsoft is taking it seriously! Microsoft's Surface tablet was attacked, and the intelx86 I5 CPU was used to support Windows 8 Pro and fully compatible with PC-side software.

Background: Not long ago, one of Microsoft's "major moves" was to release Microsoft's non-OEM tablet-Surface tablet, which was unexpected to everyone; after Google nexus7 was released on Apple's iPad, Microsoft rarely produced terminal hardware devices for ordinary users before that, except for small household appliances such as mouse and keyboard :~) Google nexus7 Surface tablet The following situation will help you analyze what the "Microsoft flat" will bring to us: 1.

Use VMWare's "Virtual PC" software to enable existing Trojans

As a network manager, malware analysis may not be our most important task. However, if a malware affects your desktop application, you may consider the nature of this unfamiliar malicious code. In general, starting from behavior analysis, you can start your investigation, that is, to observe how malware affects the file system, registry, and network, and quickly generate extremely valuable results. Some virtualization software, such as VMware, is very

6 easy-to-use pc+android sync GTD software

6 easy-to-use pc+android sync GTD softwareRecently the mouse work enthusiasm is relatively high (in fact, only if the desire to buy a tablet is encouraging the drive), so a lot of tasks every day, in order to not chaos, it is unavoidable to use the GTD (Go to do) software to manage their own tasks. Every night to set out the task of tomorrow, the next day a tick to eliminate, is also a joy. @AppinnBut when

Fake anti-virus software ported from PC to Android platform

There used to be a female graduate student who clicked on a phishing link. Then the real-time anti-virus screen, followed by the results of anti-virus, ran out of more than 10 viruses, recorded the specific location of the infected computer, and prompted her to update antivirus software, and she paid 2000 yuan after receiving "antivirus software." As a result, instead of anti-virus, but let the computer poi

Android prevents PC-side third party rogue software from forcing APK to Android device

Today, after studying the PC-side software connection device (Android), force the installation of applications to the device side, such as a certain 60, a message, and finally was I live banned, impressed by my PMs, want to know how to ban, and listen to the following decomposition:Software platform: Android 4.4.3Hardware platform: MavellThere are many ways to install apps on the Android system,First, the a

Fake anti-virus software ported from PC to Android platform

There was a female graduate student click on the Internet fishing links, immediately appear in real-time anti-virus images, followed by the results of anti-drug, ran out of more than 10 viruses, recorded the details of the infected computer location, and she must update anti-virus software, and she paid 2000 yuan after receiving "antivirus software", the result is not anti-virus, Instead of poisoning the co

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