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In the linux-CentOS6.6 yum install PHP gd library failed?

CentOS6.6 yum install PHP default version 5.3, in order to install a higher PHP version, use custom yum Source: remi source, enable remi-php56, when installing php-gd extension error: error: Package: php-gd-5.6.11-1.el6.remi.x86_64 (remi-php56)

Open PHP GD library support under Linux

php5-m | Grep-i GD Or Php-i | Grep-i--color GD Copy Code2, if the GD library is not installed, the server installation, the method is as follows # If the source is installed, add the

How to open PHP GD library under Windows

This article introduces, under Windows to open the PHP GD library method, PHP GD library in PHP programming is to process the image file an extension library, very useful, with the needs of friends reference.Method 1, according to different PHP

Linux under RPM installation PHP GD library Support (detailed steps)

[Root@jbxue ~]# rpm-qa|grep PHP Php-pear-1.4.6-2 Php-5.1.2-5 Php-gd-5.1.2-5 Php-ldap-5.1.2-5 Copy Code2. Uninstall the RPM packages listed above: [Root@jbxue ~]# rpm-e php-pear-1.4.6-2

PHP GD library Chinese garbled generation and solution method

PHP jpgraph Installation Tutorial To verify that the PHP environment supports the Jpgraph installation method of the PHP tutorial I mentioned the validation of the GD library, for the Jpgraph Chinese users to use jpgraph when not producing Chinese

Basic knowledge of PHP GD library

Echo Phpinfo (); ?> Copy CodeSave and then open phpinfo.php through the browser and search for ' GD ' to see if there are any of the following:If there is a description of the system has supported the GD library, if there is no need to

The entire process of installing the PHP GD library under the Linux Yum

[Root@jbxue ~]# Yum Install php-gd* Setting up Install Process Setting up repositories Base 100% |=========================| 951 B 00:00 Update 100% |=========================| 951 B 00:00 Reading repository metadata in from

How to use PHP GD library to generate verification code _php tutorial

When we want to useAdd a line to the php.ini first: Extension=php_gd2.dll Restart Apache. Make a test page var_dump (Gd_info ()); The output data indicates that the PHP GD Library Reference was successful. Form auth.html html>

Use of the php-gd library -- Use php (1) and php-gd together with zhaocuan

Use of the php-gd library -- Use php (1) and php-gd together with zhaocuan I originally made c #, and switched to php for unit reasons. I have been exploring for myself, having problems with Baidu, and working with various groups to solve my own

Discussion on the method of realizing Chinese watermark in PHP GD library _php Tutorial

When we upload images on the site, many of them have the need to add watermarks to the images. Let's give you a detailed explanation PHP GD Library Implementation of the relevant code examples of Chinese watermark: ? PHP $ im =

How to Use the php gd library to generate a verification code

When we want to useAdd a line of reference in php. ini: extension = php_gd2.dll Restart apache. Make a test page var_dump (gd_info (). The output data indicates that the php gd library has been referenced successfully. Table ticket auth.html

PHP gd proportional Scaling compressed picture function, _php tutorial

PHP gd and other proportional scaling compressed picture functions, The example of this article for you to share the PHP gd and other proportional scaling compressed picture functions for your reference, the specific content as follows 600?600:

Methods for implementing Chinese watermarks in php gd library

When we upload images on a website, many users need to add watermarks to images. Next we will explain in detail Sample Code for implementing a Chinese watermark in the php gd library: ? Php $ Im = imagecreatetruecolor (100,100 ); // Create a

A transaction test error is prompted when CentOS is installed with php-gd.

When php-gd is installed, an error is reported. how can this problem be solved? I checked some information. it seems that there are very few questions and no useful answers have been found. An error is reported when php-gd is installed. What

PHP GD Library parses a simple picture and outputs

This article mainly introduces the PHP GD library to parse a simple picture and output, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need for friends can refer to Here are just a few pictures of 2 color values, a simple

PHP GD Library functions Daquan (Favorites)

Share the PHP GD library commonly used functions, with Chinese comments, and do a classification processing, including image information, new/loaded images, output images, such as PHP GD library functions, with the needs of friends reference.This

PHP-GD database-Classification

Introduction: This is the PHP-GD library-classification finishing detailed page, introduced and PHP, Gd, PHP PHP-GD library-classification sorting related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0'

PHP GD library commonly used drawing type function

PHP GD Library to draw various image functions:As follows:1, draw a pixel: imagesetpixed (int x,int y);2, Draw the rectangle: Imagerectange ($res, $x, $y, $x 1, $x 2, $color); two points implementation of the draw rectangle3, Imagefilledrectange ();

_php Tutorial is not found in the Windows Server open PHP GD library phpinfo

When the Windows Server opens the PHP GD library, the results of phpinfo () after using CGI do not appear gd in the Configure Command. Configure Command is displayed after theIs: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: 1 Cscript/nologo configure.js

PHP gd library generation thumbnail _php tutorial

PHP GD LibraryPHP uses the GD library to generate thumbnails.Code: Header ("CONTENT-TYPE:TEXT/HTML;CHARSET=GBK"); Ini_set ("Date.timezone","Asia/chong"); //Determine if the file is empty if (empty($_files)) { Echo

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