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How Yum installs and uninstalls software in CentOS

Install and uninstall software using the installation method of the Yum in CentOS install a software when installing yum-y install httpd installation of multiple similar software yum-y install httpd* installing multiple non-similar software yum-y

PHP verification code generation example

A very simple PHP verification code generation example. in This PHP verification code generation, we need to use the php_gd2.dll extension. I will give you the entire example below, I hope to help you. Use the php gd Library Extension class to

Php generates EAN_13 standard barcode instance _ PHP Tutorial

Php generates an EAN_13 standard barcode instance. The following is the PHP method for generating the EAN_13 standard bar code. the following code needs to be copied in the php + gd environment :? FunctionEAN_13 ($ code) {the width of a unit $ lw2;

Installation and configuration of LinuxApachePHPOracle (procedure)

This article provides a detailed analysis of how to install Apache + PHP to connect to Oracle in Linux. if you need a friend, refer to Oracle and choose CentOS for Linux. 1. install httpd (apache)Yum install httpd-y 2. install php, php-gd,

How to enable the GD Library in PHP? _ PHP Tutorial

How to enable the GD Library in PHP. Opening the GD Library is an important parameter in php. it is often used to process images. any processing of images requires the support of the GD Library, next I will introduce the methods and commands for

Php code for generating a 4-digit verification code

This article mainly introduces the implementation code of the php digital verification code, which has some reference value. if you need it, it is very convenient to refer to implementing the verification code in php, the key point is to master the

PHP image cropping function (image not deformed)

PHP image cropping function (image not deformed) * Exif_imagetype -- determines the type of an image. * Description: The function is to crop an image of any size without deformation. * Parameter description:

Using the gd Library in php for remote image download

This article mainly introduces how to use the gd Library in php to implement remote image download instances. This article provides the implementation code directly. if you need it, you can refer to it because you want to write a remote image

How to install and uninstall software in Centos yum

Yum (all called YellowdogUpdater, Modified) is Yum (all called Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a Shell front-end package handler in Fedora, Redhat, CentOS. based on the RPM package, you can download and install the RPM package from the specified

Install Apache + php + Mysql on yum on CentOS5

The online yum installation in Centos is slow. replace the following with the CentOS image server in China! 1. install and configure Apache + php + Mysql The online yum installation in Centos is slow. replace the following with the CentOS image

1-minute installation of the latest CentOS + Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL

This is much better than what one-click installation package has been circulated on the internet. it is strongly recommended that this method be installed. it is suitable for all Cainiao and experts. it is good to compile and install all the source

Centosyum uninstall mysql

How to install and uninstall software in Centos yum install yum-yinstallhttpd when multiple similar software is installed in yum-yinstallhttpd * when multiple non-similar software is installed in Centos- yinstallhttpdphpphp-gdmysql how to use

Detailed Zabbix monitoring system installation and deployment

Preface: Again to toss the monitor again. About monitoring, how to say it. Now it's all about "automating operations." The traditional way of monitoring is also slowly moving towards automation, intelligence. I believe that the future, monitoring

About a business card on-line production problems, to seek expert guidance.

Pre-order: This is the reference site. In fact, this is not difficult to do, there are some problems do not understand. The standard document size for business card making is 9 cm X5.4 cm resolution is 300 size size is:

How Yum installs and uninstalls software in CentOS

How Yum installs and uninstalls software in CentOSInstallation methodWhen installing a softwareYum-y Install httpdWhen installing multiple similar softwareYum-y Install httpd*When installing multiple non-similar softwareYum-y Install httpd php

Centos 5.4 server configuration Yum install Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin

1. Update the system kernel to the latest version. [Root @ linuxfei ~] # Yum-y update After the system is updated, if an error message is prompted during Yum installation, run the following command to fix the problem. [Root @ linuxfei ~] #

Phpgd library for remote image download

Because today I want to write a remote image download class, I have prepared a phpgd Library in advance to implement the remote image download function. of course, curl is better, the phpgd library implements the remote image download function. the

Yum installation lamp environment and management, Yumlamp environment _php Tutorial

Yum installs lamp environment and management, YUMLAMP environment Prepare the Environment Yum Add 163 Source Address: Http:// Download mode: wget Http:// Use Yum Program

Application of CAPTCHA mechanism based on Zend _php tutorial

How do I generate a captcha picture? Using the PHP gd? Ok,right. In fact, Zend's CAPTCHA module has been packaged well. This article explains how to use the Zend Captcha module. Environment installationFirst Zend The captcha need to install GD. See

PHP implementation Batch Build app various sizes Logo,phpapp size logo_php Tutorials

PHP implementation Batch Build app various size Logo,phpapp size logo Use PHP GD, good use, one-click tailoring various sizes, packaged download. Often change the icon to understand, art to give you a 1024 logo, you have to PS out of various sizes,

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