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Progressive Web application (PWA) Getting Started tutorial (bottom)

In the previous article we made some basic introductions to progressive Web applications (PWA).Progressive web App (PWA) Getting Started tutorial (top)In this section, we'll show you what the principle of PWA is and how it began to work.First step: Use HTTPSAn incremental Web application requires an HTTPS connection. W

Dry Foods | 10 minutes to go to PWA

about PWA PWA (Progressive web App), an incremental web app. PWA is essentially a Web application designed to give users native application experience in security, performance, experience, etc. through a number of new technologies. And there's no need to download, install, upgrade, and so on, like native apps. This explains the concept of "progressive", meaning

SharePoint Server PWA (Project web App) is turned into read-only mode

A colleague today responded to a situation in which the integrated Project Web APP (hereafter referred to as PWA) in SharePoint 2016 became read-only read-only mode!Today, I would like to share my troubleshooting process for everyone's reference. The whole process I used a total of five methods, the result of the last one to take effect, but these five methods are in accordance with our inertial logic thinking to check, we can look at it in turn, I do

PWA (Progressive Web application) + SPA (but also applied) a simple thought

PWA (Progressive Web application) + SPA (but also applied) a simple thought Preface It was not the professional adjective of PWA (progressive Web application) that was previously heard. At that time has actually learned that Google to do a thing, before the city so described: do not need an operating system, software directly running on the hardware. Surprised, a face blind in ... Now also do the front en

PWA (Progressive Web App) Getting Started series: (ii) related preparation

ObjectiveIn the previous chapter, a basic introduction to the related concepts of PWA was made, and the composition and advantages of PWA were understood. In order to get into the world of PWA faster, this chapter focuses on the issues that need attention in PWA development, the environment in which they are run, and t

SharePoint 2016 opens the project PWA site

SharePoint 2016 opens project service OK 650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; border-left:0px; padding-right:0px "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" Wkiom1kyyubzs4yuaafq8utgjti749.png "" 653 "height=" 339 "/> Entering project service cannot see the Add PWA button: 650) this.width=650; "title=" image "

Use of Project Server (PWA)

Most of the kids who are doing project management and configuration management are familiar with project use. They also checked a lot of information when they first came into contact with PWA, however, I found that there are very few posts that have detailed descriptions of the Project Server. Due to the needs of the Department, I tried my best to study it for a few days. I hope you can use it. 1. Set the user 2. Connect the local project to the Proje

Project Server 2013 Getting Started (i) adding users to PWA and sharing sites

I've done a lot of testing on Project Server 2013 before, and it hasn't been sent up. Now finally thinking can write some of their own things, are relatively simple, I am also a novice.Previously tested documents I will be sent up, for the new reference, do not understand, we can also discuss together.I'm not going to write a document about the installation operation, I'll do it again if I need it later. For the next few articles, I wrote the one after project

Project Server 2013 beginners (13) PWA security mode switch

Some people ask me why the Project Server 2013 they installed lacks many things, like SharePoint 2013, especially when assigning permissions to users. Next I will share with you how to solve this problem.1. Two Security modes of PWA Projectserver 2013 provides two security modes to control access permissions to websites and projects: SharePointPermission ModeIn this mode (New in Project Server 2013), a special SharePoint Security Group is created o

PWA Web App Model

The first blog in 2018, has recently been to squeeze the library, I hope the New Year ...Brief introductionPWA is a new web front-end technology launched by Google, the full name of Progressive Web App, which Google introduced in 2015 and launched in June 2016, is a combination of a series of modern web technologies, Implement a user experience that is similar to native apps in Web applications.PWA does not describe a technology, but a collection of technologies.

[PWA] Check Online Status by using the Navigatoronline API

Even if you had your application fully cached, you couldn ' t perform any external request without internet connection. That's why in order to build a offline-capable application, you must know when it ' s actually offline.This lesson shows the Navigatoronline API and Online/offline events on order to disable the functionality T o Send messages of the application. this. Online = window.addeventlistener (' online ', () + = (This True) window.addeventlistener (' Offline

[PWA] 5. Hijacking one type of request

Previously we saw how to hijacking all the reqest, but this is not useful. So-now we want to see how to hijacking one kind of request. For example we want SERVCE worker only response to the request ends with ". jpg":Self.addeventlistener ('Fetch', Function (Event) { //Todo:only respond to requests with a//url ending in ". jpg" if(Event. Request.url.endsWith (". jpg")){ Event. Respondwith (Fetch ('/imgs/dr-evil.gif') ); }});Https://[

[PWA] 10. Trigger a version update

', ' dismiss '] }); Toast.answer.then (function(answer) { if (answer! = ' Refresh ') { // Tell the service worker to skipwaiting Worker.postmessage ({message: ' Skipwaiting '}} );};Service worker: Listen to the message event and call Skilwaiting ():// Todo:listen for the ' message ' event, and call // skipwaiting If you get the appropriate message function (event) { if( = = "Skipwaiting") { self.skipwaiting (); }})The on We page, listen to Control

[PWA] 2. Service Worker Life Cycle

Once serive worker is registered, the first time we go to the app, we cannot see the logs from servcie works. Any only refersh it second time, then we able to see the logs. Once we change service worker, it doesn't seem that we have change it. The no1. is because, service worker only take control after it is loaded. but the first time we go to the page, service worker actually is not there, because, the browser need to fetch our assets, CSS, and JavaScript f

[PWA] Keynote:progressive Web Apps across all frameworks

Pwa:add to Home screen Angular Universal Server side rendering:for achieving better proference on init loading Angular 2 CLI ng New MyApp--mobile Sw-precache:with Webpack: Sw-toolbox:run Time Caching ANGULAR2 Material Design: *shellrender and *shellnorender *shellrender:work as App Shell, happen before Angular 2 Component get rendered*shellnorender:angular2 Component take placeGO PROGRESSIVE[PWA

[PWA] 19. Cache the Avatars

store one copy of each avatar. varStorageurl = Request.url.replace (/-\dx\.jpg$/, "); //Todo:return images from the "Wittr-content-imgs" cache //if they ' re in there. But afterwards, go to the network //To update the entry in the cache. // //Note that this is slightly different to servephoto! (Contentimgscache). Then (function(cache) {returnCache.match (Storageurl). Then (function(response) {varNetfetchresponse = Fetch (Request). Then (function(networkresponse) {cache.p

[PWA] 11. Serve Skeleton Cache for Root

Intead of Cache The root floder, we want to cache skeleton instead. self.addeventlistener (' Install ', function function return Cache.addall ([ '/ ' js/main.js ' ' css/main.css ' , ' imgs/icon.png ' , ' /roboto/v15/2ux7wltfw3w8tcltuvlfyq.woff ' , ' /roboto/v15/d-6iyplofoccackzxwxsod8e0i7kzn-epnyo3hzu7kw.woff ' Respond to requests for the root page with thepage skeleton from the cache:Self.addeventlisten

[PWA] 15. Using the IDB Cache and Display Entries

' }); Store.createindex (' by-date ', ' time '); });In _opensocket, we had a function to fetch the old data from the IDB.// Open a connection to the server for live updates function () {... Ws.addeventlistener (function(event) { requestanimationframe() { Indexcontroller. _onsocketmessage (; }); ...};//called when the Web socket sends message dataIndexcontroller.prototype._onsocketmessage =function(data) {varMessages =json.parse (data); This. _dbpromise.then (func

[PWA] 18. Clean the photo cache

all the messages, //gather all the photo URLs. // //Open the ' Wittr-content-imgs ' cache, and delete any entry //That you no longer need. varPhotostokeep = []; vartx = Db.transaction (' Wittrs '); returnTx.objectstore (' Wittrs '). GetAll (). Then (function(Messages) {Messages.foreach (function(message) {if( {Photostokeep.push (; } }); (' Wittr-content-imgs '); }). Then (function(cach

[PWA] 8. Delete old cache and only keep one

) {//wait all cache deleted returnPromise.all (//filter out staticcachename (only keep Staticcachename)Cachenames.filter (function (name) {returnName.startswith ('wittr') Name! =Staticcachename; }). map (function (name) {//Delete cache, return promise returncaches.delete (name); }) ) }) )})So in the code, the static one is ' wittr-demo-v13 '.We Use the APIs:// return a promise with all the cache name // return a promise and delete the selecte

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