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Ubuntu linux:install RT2870 Chipset Based USB Wireless Adapter (RPM)

names:Blacklist rt2800usbblacklist rt2x00libblacklist Rt2x00usbSave and close the file. Use the Rmmod command to remove current drivers or just reboot the system:$ sudo modprobe -r driverName# you need to remove all of the above drivers one by one:$ sudo modprobe -r rt2800usbOR simply reboot the systems:$ sudo rebootStep 2:install CompilersType the following command to install required packages so, you can compile source code:$ sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot dpkg-devFinally, inst

Getadaptersinof get LAN information for local connection, exclude wireless network card and virtual network card

(Strstr (Padapter->description,"PCI") >0 padapter->type==mib_if_type_ethernet) {printf("______________________________________\n");printf("Name:%s\ n", padapter->adaptername);printf("Desc:%s\ n", padapter->description); for(UINT i=0; iprintf("%02x%c", padapter->address[i],i==padapter->addresslength-1?' \ n ':'-');}printf("Type:%d\ n", Padapter->type);printf("Address:%s\ n", padapter->ipaddresslist.ipaddress.string);printf("Mask:%s\ n", padapter->ipaddresslist.ipmask.string);printf("Gateway:%s\ n

XP uses wireless network card to establish LAN

The new semester began, presumably and a lot of students have added a beloved notebook bar! So the brothers can use the rest time in the dormitory chat, play games to relax. Network sharing with roommates is generally done in the LAN. What if you don't have a local area network in your environment? What do I do without a hub? In fact, we can quickly set up a wireless network with a temporary

Use a laptop wireless network card as a router to build a LAN

If there is no wireless router, a laptop with a wireless network card can also build a LAN. Now, more and more users are using laptops. To make it easier for users to move their offices and access the Internet at any time, some families or organizations use wireless routers

Learn how to install LAN wireless network card (1)

We previously set the wireless LAN routing, And then we assembled and modulated the wireless Nic. Like installing common hardware, we need to first install the driver, then determine the program location, and then install the LAN Wireless Nic. See the following for details.

WIN8 system establishes LAN and links Internet via wireless network card

find "share"    By selecting the virtual link you created here, you can make all the devices linked to this virtual network link to the Internet via the host's local link.Second, configure the client (linked to the wireless network)In the PC-side of the Intelnet protocol TCP/IP and phone-side settings-wlan configured with the host IP address of the first three-bit consistent address, and host DNS-consistent DNS address.At the end of the PC and mobile

One machine has wired Internet access and wireless network card A, and the other machine's wireless network card B shares Internet access through wireless network card A. Shared dial-up Internet access

1. select "allow other network users to connect to the Internet (n)" under "Internet Connection Sharing )". At this time, the IP address and subnet mask of wireless network adapter A of this machine have been automatically allocated. 2. Wireless Network Adapter A-properties wireless network configuration-advanced: Select "public computer to computer (specific)"

Introduction of wireless network card and the purchase of wireless network card

Wireless network card is the equipment of the terminal wireless networks, wireless LAN wireless coverage under the wireless network for Internet access to the use of radio terminals. Sp

Wireless LAN: view the configuration of wireless routers

setting. If the wireless router needs to connect to a 100/10 MB wired network as a wired router, we need to further set up. In the SystemIPConfiguration configuration interface under options such as IP/DHCP, when DHCP is set to Enable, in this way, once you set the TCP/IP attribute of the wired network card and wireless network

Disadvantages of wireless network adapter PK Wireless LAN

Wireless network interfaces have many advantages. They do not need to be covered by wireless network signals. Some people say that wireless network interfaces do not need Wireless LAN to access the Internet. Can this happen? Next we will analyze the disadvantages of

It is not the same thing to elaborate on the wireless network card and wireless network card

With the popularity of laptops, mobile Internet access has become the most urgent partner, but many readers are wondering that there is a wireless network card on the market and a wireless network card, although only a word different, however, their functions are quite different. What is the difference between the two

Wireless network card How to use, wireless network card use method

Wireless network card is the device of the terminal wireless networks, which is a wireless terminal equipment which is used on the Internet through the wireless network under the wireless LAN

View the configuration of the wireless router from the wireless LAN

relevant instructions. Note that the wireless network adapter must be in the same IP address segment as the wireless router. For example, if the IP address of the Siemens wireless router is, the IP address of the network adapter can be specified as any address on the 192.168.254.XXX network segment. Next, open your browser and enter the address h

Want to explain how to build a wireless LAN

also achieve all functions of the wired network and wireless Internet sharing. With various advantages and advantages, more and more users begin to focus on wireless LAN, and more home users begin to build wireless LAN, but there are many problems for new users. Next we wil

The difference between wireless Internet card and wireless card

1, first distinguish between wireless network card and wireless network card,. "Wireless card" function, the function of the equivalent of a cable modem, that is, we commonly known as "cat." It can be connected to the Internet fro

Uncover the mysteries of Wireless LAN operation

achieve stable and efficient signal transmission effect, so as to achieve stable Internet access. In addition, the antennas of many wireless router devices are omnidirectional, and their placement angles also affect the transmission efficiency of wireless signals. As for how to adjust the antenna angle to obtain the best online effect, we also need to adjust the antenna angle repeatedly based on the actual

Wireless route settings in Wireless LAN

own fixed IP address in the LAN. This design also facilitates us to configure and test the wireless router by accessing this IP address. Of course, the IP addresses of wireless routers of different brands are different. For details, refer to the relevant instructions. Note that the wireless network

Analysis of the wireless LAN Solution in the wireless network environment

Technologies and indicators of wireless network products 1. device Selection The device contains many factors such as brand, price, performance, and positioning. Here we will give you a brief introduction. Currently, the main brands of wireless routers include network devices, Belkin, D-Link, TP-Link, Buffalo, H3C, and Cisco. The price also ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. It is re

Looking for unprotected Wireless LAN: full access to war driving

find the built-in wireless network adapter in your laptop. Instead, you need to reinstall the USB interface or the wireless network adapter of the pcmcia Interface supported by AirPcap, I recommend that you run it in Linux to specify the wireless Nic type for Kismet. As a matter of fact, NetStumbler and Kismet are two essential war driving software for war-drive

Introduction to the configuration of wireless routers in Wireless LAN

signal, the smaller the interference, and the higher the data transmission rate. Do not wear too many walls, especially reinforced concrete walls. The experiment shows that, at a distance of 10 meters, after a wireless signal passes through two brick walls, it can still reach the nominal highest transmission rate, but after passing through a layer of floor, the transfer rate will be half of the nominal rate. It can be seen that the reinforced concret

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