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Samsung Galaxy S4 4G new machine How to charge for the first time? i9508v new mobile phone charging tips

The first three charges can be operated in this manner.The current listing of Samsung mobile phones using lithium batteries, the factory battery has been activated, so the new mobile phone charge for the first time does not have to charge too long. More than three times the normal filling can be. It is recommended not to use mobile phone when charging, standby charging. Here are some tips for charging mobi

Samsung S4 not enough memory to do? Samsung S4 Memory Optimization Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S4, although it is equipped with 16GB of memory, but because the system files occupy a lot of storage space, if more decorate game application, it is very easy to lack of memory of the phone. This article describes how to optimize the Samsung S4 mobile phone memory method, other

Samsung S4 Dual-card internet how to set up Samsung S4 dual-card Internet setting method

1. In Samsung S4 standby click on the "Apps" button, open into the details as shown in the following figure. 2. Then find "Settings" under the Open Interface. 3. Click "Connect" to open, you will see there is a "SIM card Manager" and then we click on it to open into. 4. Click on the "Data Services Network" and then you will see the following figure below. 5. At this point

Samsung S4 4G prompts installation software to be blocked how to do? S4 4G installation software failure solution

1.s4 4G is not much different from a version of a mobile phone, we just need to open an unknown source on the phone's "app". 2. After we open the figure and then click "Set". 3. In the Open new window we find the right "more" button click on it. 4. Then you will see there is a "safe" menu, we click on it, details as shown. 5. The "unknown source" can be selected.

Samsung S4 4G How to connect the computer? S4 4G connection computer? (i9508v)

First, download and install Kies 3 softwarewe need to install a mobile phone driver for the computer, so we can install a Kies 3 sync software on the computer Oh.Second, connect your i9508v equipment to the computer1. Now we connect the cell phone with the computer, then click on the top of the phone to the top of the screen menu, the "Media Equipment (MTP)" tick. 2. The computer then automatically identifies the phone and pops up an "open device to view the file." (Note: Here with Win

Samsung S4 4G can't send sms how to do? S4 4G cannot send SMS solution

1. Samsung S4 4G interface is a bit different oh, we click on the "Information" icon to enter, if you do not find yourself in the next screen look.2. Click the "Menu" button in the lower left-hand corner of the phone and select "Set".3. Then in the entry settings we find "SMS/MMS" it into the entry. 4. Then enter in the open "Information Center" option. 5. Here we can click on the "Informat

How does Samsung S4 connect pea pods? S4 Connection Pea Pod method

The first step, turn on the handset USB debugging 1. Samsung S4 mobile phone with the Android OS 4.2 system, we click on the "Application" inside. 2. Furthermore, we click on the "Settings" menu to enter. 3. Then we click on the "General" button below. 4. Then we click on the inside "about the device" entry, as shown in the following figure. 5. Here we click on the "build

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) Get the perfect root access tutorial

"one-click Root Considerations". Then click on the "one Click Root" button at the bottom of the page and the software will get i9505 root immediately.Samsung i9505 Root Tutorial Reminder Machine Friends: Whether you are Samsung S4 i9505 root Small white or veteran are carefully read the page "one key root note", the phone after the root of the corresponding situation has been understood.Finished

Samsung S4 Promo movie color with surprise

Samsung S4 Promo movie color with surpriseIt is understood that a week ago, Samsung has released the new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S4 promotional video, but the video contains only the S4 invitation letter. Recently, Samsung's

Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than 80 million units this year

Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than 80 million units this year May 31, 2013 Sina Technology Weibo I have something to say ( 374 Participants) Samsung GalaxyS4 mobile phone Sina technology news Beijing Time on May 31 Morning News, Royal Bank of Canada capital market analyst Mark sue (Mark Sue) published a report on Thursday, said

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem solving and quick action

on the computer ...How to resolve:Install Samsung USB driver for mobile phone only with download. [Service Support]Installation instructions for the install Device driver software will appear when you insert a Samsung phone.Note:1. Assuming that there is no such hint, it is very likely that your data line is broken and a try is replaced.2. This is not the download of bulky kies management software.Phi Blog

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) perfect root permission tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) perfect root permission tutorial There are many introductions on the Samsung S4 i9505 root on the Forum and there are a variety of methods. Today, I will introduce a one-click root Method for Samsung i9505 using the root software. This

Quick features of Samsung Galaxy S4

installed, Google search is called. On the contrary, duniang serves you. 17. How to use the remote control function: S4 comes with an infrared transmitter, which is not used by many people. Such a good function is a waste of S4. Two methods of use: Bring your own software: watchon, select your TV brand, you can achieve it through smart code; third-party software: currently tested, the best software is "Rem

Samsung S4 mobile phones cannot be recognized by computers in the flash mode

First start the Odin Brush Machine tool, and then put the normal use of the brushless mode of the state of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone and computer connection, then Odin Brush Machine tool will recognize the COM interface, immediately unplug the USB cable. Then restart the phone, at the same time long by the volume of the key, the home key and the power button, etc. into the first interface and then

Samsung S4 Close Camera Photo sound method

Samsung S4 is a highly irritating Android smartphone, but Samsung does not have the ability to turn off the camera when taking photos, and it doesn't have that feature in the settings. If you want to turn off Samsung S4, then you need to use a third party camera software. Y

Samsung S4 I9502 no signal how to solve?

Without any action, there's no signal. : When your phone is running too long, there may be no signal. Restarting the phone may solve the problem, as follows:Long press "Power" key, choose "Restart Mobile phone" can. is the SIM card slot properly inserted? : If you do not insert the SIM card correctly, the phone will appear without signal. Samsung mobile phone gt-i9502 use Micro SIM card, Micro SIM card is smaller than the standard SIM

How to charge the new mobile phone? Samsung S5 new mobile phone charging method?

If you need to recharge your new phone for the first time, it is recommended that you charge when the phone is low, connect the original charger charging, prompt full after more than 1-2 hours, a total of about 3-4 hours can be. The first three charges can be operated in this manner.The current listing of Samsung mobile phones using lithium batteries, the factory battery has been activated, so the

How does the IFA and "color" come into being and how does Samsung's "quantum dots + curved surface" make a new change?

undoubtedly drive the industry to change, and through the fermentation effect of the new direction of the color display field. Other brand manufacturers will be based on competition, customer service needs, market expansion and other factors to follow this new solution, if the effect of a certain degree of diffusion and practice, then the entire color display field will also be a great change in the future

Also, let's see how Samsung's new Smart TV listens to your voice on your pillow.

Also, let's see how Samsung's new Smart TV listens to your voice on your pillow. The latest SmartTV of Samsung has a cool new sound control function. A network connection device can use it to record all the content you have mentioned and upload it to a third-party place for storage. The company's speech recognition software allows users to communicate with their

Samsung EDGE+/NOTE5 Domestic officially released, curved side screen into a new trend

  13th this month, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 in New York, the United States held a press conference, domestic fans of the two mobile phone attention way up. Just now, Liu Yan in Shanghai witnessed the official release of the two mobile phones, they once again detonated the consumer's enthusiasm for high-value mobile phones.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an upgrade of Galaxy S6 Edge released in the first half of

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