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"Robot Framework" Robot framework Learning and selenium, appnium practices

project1. Create a test project: Select the menu bar File->new project, enter the project name, select directory type, and select Catalog.2. Create a test suite: Right-click the test project, select New Suit, enter name, and select File type.3. Create test Case: Right-click Testsuite, select New test case, enter name.4, import the relevant library, such as Selenium2library, click Testsuite, add Library at import, enter selenium2library5. Editing test Casestestcase1[setup]open Browser http://gou

Python Automated test development tool ULIPAD best practices (writable Python test code can also write selenium, appium, etc.)

under the Conf, if you want to configure a Python template can modify Template.python this file, such as I am here to optimize for the following, so that you each time you create a new py file can be displayed.PS: The note in the template is temporarily not supported in Chinese, there will be garbled4, you can also set the font format, this look at the individual needs, very simple, such as:5, for the layout of the window can be in the menu "window" adjustment, this oneself try to understand6,

C learning practices --- Delete specified characters in a string, learning practices strings

C learning practices --- Delete specified characters in a string, learning practices strings 1 # include

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 04-selenium for C # API

This part, I am ready to introduce to you selenium Webdriver Common API, learning this part of the content needs to have some simple HTML related knowledge, this article mainly involves the following content: Selenium API: element checking Selenium API: Event handling Selenium API: Other operations

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 08-selenium for C # pagefactory & Team Building

What this article wants to share with you is selenium's support for PageObject mode and the construction of the automated Test team. The article in the Selenium for C # series has come to an end here, and if you read and practice the previous article, I believe you should be able to simulate 80% common manual test cases in your daily work. Note: My term is a mock use case, not a writing automated test case.

[Small North de programming notes]: Lesson 07-selenium for C # window processing

caption used here. In general, we need to save the current page handle so that it is easy to return to the current page after the operation is complete. The demo finally verifies that the title of the Operation page is correct, the code is as follows:1 /// 2 ///Demo2: Positioning elements by Title3 /// 4[Fact (DisplayName ="Cnblogs.WindowProcess.Demo2")]5 Public voidWindowprocess_demo2 ()6 {7 varArticleName ="[small North de programming notes

C # Use Selenium + PhantomJS to capture data,

C # Use Selenium + PhantomJS to capture data, The project at hand needs to capture data from a website rendered with js. There is no data on the page captured by using the commonly used httpclient. After surfing Baidu, we recommend using PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a webkit browser with no interface. It can use js to render pages in the same effect as the browser. Selenium

Object-oriented theme for C and C + + (9) Best Practices for--GTKMM

List of articles in this columnFirst, what is object-orientedSecond, C language can also achieve object-orientedThird, the non-elegant features in C + +Iv. solve the package and avoid the interfaceV. Rational use of templates to avoid code redundancyVI, C + + can also reflectVii. single-Case pattern solving the construction order puzzle of static member objects a

Specific examples of C # fetching data using SELENIUM+PHANTOMJS (graphic)

This paper mainly introduces the method of using SELENIUM+PHANTOMJS to fetch data in C #, which has a good reference value, and then look at it together with the small series. The project at hand needs to fetch data from a Web site that is rendered with JS. Using the usual httpclient to grab back the page is no data. Baidu on the Internet a bit, we recommend the plan is to use PHANTOMJS. PHANTOMJS is a Web

C # uses SELENIUM+PHANTOMJS to crawl data

The project at hand needs to fetch data from a Web site that is rendered with JS. Using the usual httpclient to grab back the page is no data. Baidu on the Internet a bit, we recommend the plan is to use PHANTOMJS. PHANTOMJS is a WebKit browser with no interface, and can use JS rendering page consistent with browser effect. Selenium is a Web testing framework. Use selenium to operate PHANTOMJS. But the onli

selenium+c# Automated Scripting Development Learning

selenium+c# Automation Script Development knowledgeLearning1:SeleniumActions on the browser inFirst, build a Web ObjectIwebdriver Driver = new Firefoxdriver ();Opens the specified URL addressDriver. Navigate (). Gotourl (@ "");Close browserDriver.quit ();During the Internet banking browser compatibility test , there will be a dialog box after closing the br

Selenium+specflow Automated Test Day Practice (C #)

addedRight-click inside the feature File editing window to generate the corresponding actionHere is a section of the content [Then (@ "Where" (. *) ' Display in ' (. *) ' ")] public void Thenwheredisplayin (string p0, string p1) { webdriverwait wait = new Webdriverwait ( Webbrowser.current, Timespan.fromseconds (Ten)); Wait. UntilWebbrowser.current is a singleton example of Seleniumdriver.Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;

Atitit. Generic Programming summary Best Practices vO99 java C + + PHP

Atitit. generic Programming Summary Best Practices vO99 java C + + PHP\1. Generic History 1Origin 12. Generic mechanism editing 1mechanism 1compilation mechanism 23. Generic method definition 1:: pre-defined 24. Generic method definition 2:: after definition , methods also need to add tags ... 25. Call the generic method ::: Cls. 26.// return value to mo

Software Engineering: Summary of C coding practices, and summary of c Coding

Software Engineering: Summary of C coding practices, and summary of c CodingExperiment 4: the reusable linked list module is used to implement the experiment requirements of the command line menu applet V2.5. The Reusable linked list module is used to implement the command line menu applet. When executing a command, a specific function is called as the executi

(c++11) Random number------C + + programming principles and Practices (advanced)

distributions are often used, and other distributions include bernoulli_distribution,exponential_distribution and chi_distribution. Detailed descriptions can be found in the C + + programming Language. The return value of the integer distribution is the closed interval [A:B], and the return value of the real (floating-point) distribution is the open interval [a:b].By default, each time the program runs, the generator (except Random_device) produces t

C # Performance Optimization practices

Performance mainly refers to two aspects: memory consumption and execution speed. Performance optimization in short, is to make it run faster without affecting the correctness of the system's operation, and it takes less time to complete a particular function. This article takes. NET platform, describes the practice of C # Performance optimization For example, MultiRow. Performance optimization Principles Understand the needs One performance requi

C # uses selenium to realize QQ space data crawl login QQ space

on the IFRAME name//Here we use the name switchItargetlocator Tagetlocator =driver. SwitchTo (); //tagetlocator.frame (1); //Frame index.Tagetlocator.frame ("Login_frame");//frame frame name. varUserName = driver. Findelementbyxpath ("//*[@id = ' u ')"); //the username here is the text box for the user name.//set the value of the user nameUsername.sendkeys ("123456"); varPWD = driver. Findelementbyxpath ("//*[@id = ' P ']"); Pwd. SendKeys ("********"); varBtnlogin

C # about Excel Export database practices

. WriteValue (ref VT, ref CF, ref CA, ref CHL, ref rowIndex, ref colindex, ref str, ref CellFormat);}}}int ret = Excel. CloseFile ();if (ret!=0)//{MessageBox.Show (This, "error!");//}Else//{MessageBox.Show (This, "Please open file c:\\test.xls!");//}Open the Displayreturn filename;}#endregion#region to clean up outdated Excel filesprivate void Clearfile (string FilePath){string[] Files = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles (FilePath);if (Files.length > 10){f

Selenium Iwebdriver for Renren album Backup tool in C #

I used selenium to write a Renren album Backup tool, pro-test pass.You need to enter your user name, password, and album address.The code is as follows:usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Linq;usingSystem.Text;usingSystem.Threading.Tasks;usingOpenqa.selenium;usingOpenQA.Selenium.IE;usingOpenQA.Selenium.Interactions;usingOpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI;usingSystem.Threading;usingSystem.IO;usingSystem.Net;namespacerenrenbackup{ Public cla

selenium-Login C Language Chinese network

fromSeleniumImportWebdriver fromSelenium.webdriver.supportImportExpected_conditions as EC fromSelenium.webdriver.common.byImport by fromSelenium.common.exceptionsImportnosuchelementexception fromTimeImportSleepbrowser= Webdriver. Chrome (R"I:\Anaconda\Scripts\chromedriver") Browser.get ("")Try: Wait= webdriverwait (Browser, 10) Wait.until (ec.element_to_be_clickable (,"User-info")) Login_url= Browser.find_elemen

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