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SharePoint create workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013

This article is based primarily on the previous article, create a sample workflow by SharePoint Designer 2013.Here's a brief description of what we need to do to apply workflow: Automatically triggers workflow to update the title v

Why are options for the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform not available

Problem description When I wanted to create a SharePoint 2013 workflow, I opened SharePoint 2013 Designer (SPD) and found that there were no options for a SharePoint 2013

Sharepoint 2013 WorkFlow custom task processing page (1)

interface as follows: Step 2: Find the navigation menu on the left on the current interface-> list-> XXXX test list, for example: Double-click the list to go to the list Configuration Management page, as shown in: On this page, locate the job stream: select the new button to display the page shown in: Add a name to the preceding page and select the workflow platform type. Click OK to go To the workflow

SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflow: Application of Parallel block

In the custom workflow, often encounter such scenes, a certain approval needs to be consulted by more than one person, each of the approvers are independent of each other, that is, each other, simply: "One person through, approval through; one person refused, approval refused". This is like a middle school physics parallel circuit, compared to series circuit, parallel circuit more flexible. In SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Learning: Example of Visual Studio development

SharePoint 2013, which references WF4.0 Foundation, supports the design with designer and Visio, but has limited functionality, and Visual Studio can develop more functional workflows, and here's a quick example. 1, this example uses the VS 2013 version, creates a new SharePoint empty project; 2, deployed as a serv

SharePoint 2013 Visualization Workflow Custom Approval interface

SharePoint 2013 Visualization Workflow Custom Approval interfacewhen using SPD to develop a workflow, the default approval page does not meet the requirements and looks ugly. So customizing this page is a must. The URL to the workflow Approval page shows that this is an Info

SharePoint 2013 nintex workflow help (1)

For more information about nintex workflow, see SharePoint 2013. The previous articles were based on version 2010 because the SharePoint 2010 version was selected during the previous registration. This time I re-registered a version 2013. View the

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Design: Using a visual view of designer

SharePoint 2013 enhances workflow capabilities, and designer also adds a visual Design view, which is similar to Visio's Design view (which requires Visio 2013 support), and here's a quick introduction to using workflows in Visual view. 1, create a list workflow, select the

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Learning: Annual Leave Approval designer configuration

This article describes SharePoint 2013 using the Designer tool, design annual leave approval workflow, because the process of the conditions and operations are relatively simple, so the main presentation, finally attached to the flowchart and flow of the text map, interested can refer to the experiment. If you are not familiar with the designer design

Beginning SharePoint®2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools using Spd to develop SharePoint applications

Beginning SharePoint? 2013 Development 3rd-SharePoint 2013 developer tools use SPD to develop SharePoint applications many developers say they would rather not use SPD as a tool to develop Sharepoint. However, if you do not includ

SharePoint 2013 Development--sharepoint Designer 2013 Workflows

?Blog Address: Http:// Designer 2013 provides two modes for developers and advanced users to create custom workflows:The text-based designer-the way we've been using it all along.Visual designer-This requires Visio 2013.These two modes can be toggled by clicking the View button on the menu.SPD 2013 has new top-level containers and o

Install and configure SharePoint Workflow

Overview of workflows in SharePoint 2013 Install and configure the Workflow Manager Configuring Workflow Manager for use with SharePoint Server 20,131 Test whether SharePoint Workf

Install and configure the SharePoint SP1 Workflow

the farm, after the farm has been created, you can use the "join the farm" operation to add more computers to the farm. As shown in the following: When you create a new farm configuration, you need to configure service account and certificates, as shown in: Click Next and it will take about 10 minutes for the configuration to succeed, as shown in: After the above steps have been installed, the final steps are to upgrade the workflow Mange

Step by step install SharePoint workflow manager

With SharePoint 2013 comes a new way of doing workflows. Installing Sharepoint Server 2013 gives you the same functionality as a Sharepoint 2010 workflow out of the box, however to make use of the much greater feature set that is

SharePoint workflow troubleshooting

For security reasons, the setup account cannot be used to create a Workflow Based on the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform. if you try to create a Workflow Based on the SharePoint 2013

Create a service Desk site with SharePoint 2013 to set up mail delivery actions using SharePoint Designer!

After we have completed the release of all the forms, we can create our service ticket based on the form, but there is one more question, how do I send this change email to our end users? This relies on our SharePoint Designer to complete this loop.We can then use our SharePoint Designer to push our email rules. We now analyze the circumstances in which we send emails, and define different mail delivery acc

Installation and configuration procedures for SharePoint 2013 workflows

Overview of workflows in SharePoint 2013 In SharePoint 2013, Workflow (built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5) and WCF hosted in Workflow Manager, that is,

Troubleshoot: Spd 2013 workflow template solution

Tags: des Io OS ar SP file on 1. Problem description: The SPD 2013 workflow template cannot be used. The following error message is displayed when you download the updated information during creation: The server has tried to deliver this message, without success, and has stopped trying. Please try sending this message again. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk. 2. cause: The cache file

Sharepoint Workflow (Chinese and English)

Scenario: Sharepoint 2013 the entire environment is in English. The Chinese language pack is installed. When I created an English-language site, and then created a workflow with SharePoint design, the whole process works.Problem: When I create a Chinese site and then create a workf

How to determine the version of SharePoint Server 2013

Tags: SharePoint Workflow In the use of SharePoint Server 2013, users often struggle with version issues. SharePoint 2013 has three versions: Free Foundation, paid Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition, the functions between th

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