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Tutorial on how to set up 3G and evdo in China Telecom on xv6700

I. Preparations: srawww.playppc.com 1. The files of the top 5 files that are compatible with 1X and evdo. Srawww.playppc.com 2、install_msi_sprint.exe srawww.playppc.com 3. qpst 2.7srawww.playppc.comIi. Software Installation (PC): srawww.playppc.com 1. Install the 6700 driver install_msi_sprint.exe and only install the UTSTARCOM driver. Srawww.playppc.com 2. Install qpst 2.7 or later. Srawww.playppc.com Srawww.playppc.com3. Start configuration: srawww.

Evdo router Product Overview, Wireless Parameters and hardware and software systems

CDMA 2000evdorouter (CDMA 2000 or evdo router) is a good thing. You should take a good look at it and give a detailed introduction to the Wireless Parameters in the Product Overview, today, we will give you a general understanding. 1. CDMA 2000evdorouter Product Overview CDMA 2000evdorouter (also known as the CDMA 2000 router or evdo router) a wireless 3G router uses 32 high-performance industrial-grade arm

How to design a wireless video transmission solution using the evdo Router

It should be said that the current routing technology is very mature, and there are also a variety of routing, evdo router is one of them. I am not very familiar with the evdo router. After reading the next article, I learned that the evdo router can do this. The arrival of 3G poses a challenge to many technologies. So, let's catch up. We can use limited network

android2.3.5 CDMA/EVDO dial-up APN Solution _android

Google provides the android2.3, only in the GSM/WCDMA case can be from the "Settings"-> "Wireless and Network"-> "mobile network"-> "Access Point Name" to select a different APN account for dial-up connection, and cdma/ EVDO does not have this function. Recently looked at the code, the simple implementation of this function. 1, the defaultThe CDMA/EVDO inside even the APN list does not show, must first di

About Hal and USB evdo usbserial Problem

Hi, all! Now I met a problem with USB evdo card! When I insmod usbserial with vendor ID and product ID, pppd connect OK with ttyusb1 and can access Internet with ppp0! But I want to use NetworkManager with PPP, because ppp0 isn't a standardPlatform device, it is kernel virtual net(/Sys/device/virtual/NET/ppp0), causes Hal can't know it is a realNetwork, NetworkManager depend on Hal! Serveral days ago I have fix marvell8686 driver kernel hotplug bug, d

Android2.3.5 CDMA/EVDO dialing APN Solution

In android2.3 provided by google, you can select a different apn account from "Settings"> "wireless and network"> "mobile network"> "Access Point name" only in the case of GSM/WCDMA for dial-up connection., but CDMA/EVDO does not have this function. I recently read the code to implement this function. 1. DefaultIn CDMA/EVDO, the list of apn is not displayed. You need to dig this out first.Modify packages/a

Three scrum Ceremonies: Sprint planning, sprint review, and scrum daily site

Scrum has three ceremonies: Sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, and scrum daily meetings Sprint Planning Meeting (sprint planning meeting) Prepare for the start of the sprint based on the product or project plan developed by the product owner. The product owne

Sprint 3 Review and summary and team contribution points and Sprint 1, 2, 3 general overview

Team situation:Team Name: Heaven fireTeam Blog Address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/gjpg/team GitHub Address: Https://github.com/heavenfires/OrderStyemTeam members:Member Study number (group leader): 201406114207 name: Gan Jiaping Personal blog address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/gjpg/personal github Address: Https://github.com/ganji ApingMember Study number: 201406114238 name: Zho Yujing Personal blog address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/bestmoment/personal github Address: https://github.com/9233

Sprint second Sprint (seventh day)

One, Sprint planning meeting:now simply say today's meeting situation: the team members in addition to improve the functions previously done, but also to The implementation of the Carousel map to a fragment, easy to manage. Now also ready to implement the business to upload the image of the product this feature, although the progress is not fast, but the overall situation of the app is still good, we will continue to work hard. Second,

Team Sprint first stage personal sprint Nineth Day

Complete the project today, integrate all the small partners ' modules and eliminate a series of bugs.To today found a lot of problems, but also summed up the harvest of this stage of the sprint, in the next few days I will continue to write the experience of their own program upload, and then proceed to the next stage of the discussion.Yesterday's question: How to get the ID of a picture when uploading it to the bmob endToday's mission: integrating a

First day of the third stage of Sprint sprint

1, tonight I am finishing the code before, check the details, and then found that the game to return to the previous interface unexpectedly there is a problem "project stopped running", carefully check no way to solve, later Baidu may be because of changes in the name of the previous file, Can be examined in the androidmanifest.xml did not find this problem, so it is difficult here, good check Baidu AH.2, after the inspection, found that there are some details are not good, such as return to the

The first Sprint fourth day of the sprint

Discussion Venue: DormitoryDiscussion members: Shaowen, Li Xin, Zhu Haorong, Chen JunqinToday's development explores the question of statistical function:What is the function of statistical data?1. The original intention is to counter the timing of the blanks, as for other functional systems do not count, it depends on the progress of development. Second, for the identification of the received data is the number of times the distance?1. The first thing to do is to set up a marker to record this

Sprint Sprint Phase 6---10 days (bottom)

November 24-December 8, this period of time the school's voltage is not very stable, occasionally will power off, in order to the integrity of the sprint, we have decided to make a coherent diary of what this time to do. Then the unification is sent out together throughout the time period.After a period of effort, our arithmetic function began to improve gradually. From the previous static picture gradually become dynamic.Day Sixth:The landlady is int

The last time the sprint (final sprint)

After a month or two of efforts, we finally made a little something, from the beginning of contact with the project began, from a completely do not know how to go to the fall and touch, and then to now can take out a little something to others to see, I feel very happy, perhaps my this finished in the eyes of others is not what it is, But I think this is a affirmation of their own, there is a teacher speak well, in fact, nothing difficult, as long as you work hard to do, at first you find it dif

Sprint second Sprint (day two)

One, Sprint planning meeting: in This meeting we mainly discussed a few of the tasks we are doing, for example, in the beautification of buttons and add images we have published their own ideas, Zhowejie students also analyze our ideas to find the most appropriate method. In view of user profile and browse business information, after discussion also basically set a style. One of the most important is the design of the Business database table, is the

A third sprint Sprint hindsight report

User feedback: OK.Number of users: 4Team Improvement advice: thinking is too limited, technology needs innovation.1. what needs to be improved in the first sprint phase of each member ? Member NBSP; need to improve Shaowen need to mention High productivity, ability to innovate, ability to solve problems Li Xin Learn a little more knowledge Chen Junqin

Sprint second Sprint (sixth day)

One, Sprint planning meeting:because of these two days of the course more reasons, the surface of the progress may not be much change, in fact, the team members have to improve the function before doing, the function is also in a hurry to complete. As the saying goes, slow work out of the deliberately, not because of the progress of a random do something to deal with. We will continue to try to catch up with the progress in the next time. Second,

The second day of the third stage of Sprint sprint

Chen Ruting: Playing music1: Do play music this function is not considered thoughtful, using PS p out of the figure is not used, time-consuming labor. Have a look at the your wit, you have to consider thoughtful. It took so long, the first effect of music finally came out.2: Yesterday's problem, in a step by step after a careful examination found in fact is androidmanifest.xml inside the activity registered problems, preferably by the system import rather than manual input, which can reduce the

Third sprint-final sprint

For some reason, I and your Ting have been retired team. So we started the system again last week.Chen Ruting is solely responsible for:1. User input number of questions;2. Limit the number of questions;3. Automatically generate the topic that the user needs the number of questions;4. TimingPractice Grainne Alone:1. Exception handling;2. Judge right and wrong;3. Interface and Monitoring4. TotalTwo people are responsible for: Find the app to learn the video, and the program into the app.The follo

Sprint Sprint Second Stage 1---5 days (UP)

November 24-December 8, this period of time the school's voltage is not very stable, occasionally will power off, in order to the integrity of the sprint, we have decided to make a coherent diary of what this time to do. Then the unification is sent out together throughout the time period.After a period of effort, our arithmetic function began to improve gradually. From the previous static picture gradually become dynamic.First day:Chen Ruting: PS rep

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