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PHP 5.4 Official edition important new features

PHP has been in the field of web development is very important and fast and convenient development of language, by the vast number of developers of all ages. Now that the official version of PHP 5.4 has been released, which has added a lot of new

The personality characteristics of the DBA (database administrator)

Many times managers ignore the personality characteristics of DBAs , who only focus on the technical capabilities of DBAs. In fact, each of the responsibilities mentioned above means that the DBA needs to deal with a variety of people who may be

The necessary soft skills for testers

In addition to completing test tasks independently, testers need to collaborate with different stakeholders in the software development lifecycle, including project managers, developers, or users. The tester needs to provide feedback to the project

Getting Started with the database series-Basic article 3

Data | The current situation and prospect of database industry In recent years, I've been dealing with database administrators and interviewing a lot of DBA posts directly. This article would like to summarize the requirements of the IT industry

Simple usages of traits in PHP

This article mainly introduces the simple use of traits in PHP, this article focuses on traits grammar, traits what role, what the use of traits, the need for friends can refer to the The traits in PHP 5.4 is a newly introduced feature, and Chinese

Database Administrator DBA

admin | data | database Database Administrator dba what is DBA database administrator, English is the DBA. This position means a different meaning to different people. A small software development studio is a much broader responsibility than a

Traits in PHP implements code reuse usages

This article mainly introduces the traits implementation code reuse examples in PHP, this article explained trait simple use, priority problem, multiple trait conflict problem, as can be used to modify the method access control, trait use trait and

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