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How to add notes in iMindMap Mind map

We can find a pen-like annotation icon in the Branch item section of "Insert", which distinguishes it from another annotation. The comment here refers to the remark, and the comment is the annotation. Or we can find the annotation (memo)

Developing Web applications with JSP 2.0 1

js|web| Program The JSP (JavaServer Pages) technology is a further abstraction of the servlet, developed by JCP (Java Community Process), is an open, freely accessible specification for generating dynamic content, and is also Java 2 Enterprise

Asp. The method of optimizing performance commonly used in net| Performance | optimization 1. Database Access Performance Optimization Connection and shutdown of the database Accessing a database resource requires creating a connection, opening a connection, and closing a connection several

Detailed HTML5 the usage of OL label

Definitions and usage label has a sequence table defined. the difference between HTML 4.01 and HTML 5 In HTML 4.01, it is not favoured to use the "start" attribute, which is allowed in HTML 5. In HTML 4.01, the "compact" and "type"

What is the telnet command? What's the use of the Telnet command?

  One: Introduction Although it is now believed that Telnet/ftp/rsh as an unsafe service has not been used, but in some cases within the local area network is still widely used, especially security is not very important occasions, some services

Learn css to make Web pages: my Web naming standard

css|web| Standard | Web page OK, here's my web naming standard. In the article "setting up my own operating standards" Yesterday, I pointed out that the main way to improve development speed was to reduce duplication of effort. And today's topic is

Troubleshooting for local Connection redundancy

Resolve "Local Area Connection" redundant failure Generally, a network card is configured for each installation of the computer, then in the Network Connection List window should have a corresponding "local connection" icon appears, if the computer

Automatic numbering of form pictures in Word typesetting

This article describes using Word Auto caption feature. The last time posting talked about the setting of discontinuous page numbers, today we talk about how to add numbers automatically when inserting tables and pictures. Actually, speaking of

Clear Word automatic numbering feature

In my personal opinion, I think many of the functions of Microsoft Office are very practical, powerful, but this automatic numbering function makes me very disgusting, every time dozen numbered things, it will be smart, give me automatically add

30 things to improve the readability of a website

What is the most important aspect of web design? Many people will answer the Web site's readability , how to make your content easier to read. Readers come to your site to read what they care about, and if the content of the article is obscured by

Word 2007 forms Apply several tips

When you edit a Word 2007 document, you often encounter some form of operation, master some commonly used skills, will make our operation half and work twice, greatly improve work efficiency. One, adjust the table column width We all know that you

How do I add numbers in a Word document?

We can see many letter numbers in many documents. So how do I add a number to the Word document? I'll give you a detailed description of how to insert the number below. Method/Step 1, select the text section in the document where you want to add

PHP Error Level Large collection

In many cases, our PHP files will appear some very difficult to troubleshoot the error, such as the output of Great white page, tuning the wrong. It is possible that PHP's error level masks some non-fatal errors, causing no error prompts. So

How to repair a local connection

Whether it's on the Internet or on a local area network, we all need to start with a "native connection" and configure the network parameters appropriately. However, in the actual online process, we sometimes find that "local connection" may occur a

Using PowerPoint to produce illustrated arts courseware

Now many teachers will use PowerPoint to make courseware, if and prepare materials all written in ppt, that each page slides will be loaded with large text, the students will hit the dizzy directly! A slightly more experienced teacher would add

How to turn off the word "self-love" feature

Word is a very good word processing software, its powerful word processing and table editing features to our work brings a lot of convenience, but word is always "unrequited". Enter a URL or email address in the document and automatically set it as

Examples of generating sessionid and random passwords

This can be used to authenticate users and generate random passwords--teaman ? //---------------------------------------------------- Function GetSID () // Parameters: $nSize number of caracters, default 24 return value:24 caracters

Asp. NET commonly used optimization Performance method detailed explanation

1. Database Access Performance optimization Connection and shutdown of the database Accessing a database resource requires creating a connection, opening a connection, and closing a connection several operations. These processes need to exchange

Ai+ps teaches you to create lifelike retro radios.

Effect Chart: Step 1 Make a wireframe in AI and draw a rectangle with a rectangular tool. Step 2 Select the upper-left corner and drag it to a rounded corner using the pen tool. Step 3 Repeat the same

Asp. Some methods of performance optimization and attention problems in net| Problem | performance | Optimizing the performance of a Web site is important for program developers. Although a good site has beautiful page design, perfect service function, but open the page has a long delay, the user will

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