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seo| problem This week, I wrote 5 questions about SEO, which we recently got from the cable engine optimization writing, which has a certain impact on brand management. These 5 FAQs have important information and are helpful in improving brand management.
Question one:
Our marketing department has invested a lot of resources in writing the content of the site, but it seems that we are not ranked high in search engines and our competitors are ranked high. Do we need to rewrite it all over again?
10 times I would have answered "no" nine times. In most cases, some pages may not be very good. But just a little change, with the right keywords and key phrases can be, and do not need to rewrite all over again. This means adding the target keyword and key phrase to the existing text body, and it is proving to be effective. For good keywords and key phrase copies, the most common problems and rich information or descriptive pages, is a good choice. Also don't overlook the "about Us" page, because adding meaningful keywords and key phrases here will also improve the rating.
Perhaps there is only one page on your site to rewrite, this is what I said the "critical" page, which is related to the level and ranking of the improvement. To be exact, this depends on the structure and editing of the site. I suggest making changes to the page in a way that will improve the level of critical pages. such as home page, main service or product pages and other products to supplement or affiliate pages.
Question two:
It's very useful to carry out a trace, really? If so, how does it help us get a higher value?
Any search engine marketing requires a search engine friendliness and THIRD-PARTY results tracking so you can instantly get the right information from those who visit your site. For example, the time they spend on each page of the site, based on their search habits, determine where they were and where they were going, and whether they were repetitive visitors or customers. Track all information as much as possible through final sales, effectively making the entire market analysis a truly automated validation system. I've written a lot of articles about how to change a website well and make it successful. I will continue to write articles on this topic in the months ahead.
Question three:
As long as we do SEO, can we have a good ranking in Google or other major search engines?
The correct answer to this question is "no". Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is not only a science, but also an art. In addition, it is also an ongoing, continuous effort result. 65% of the search engine writing comes from your successful network marketing experience, and the other 35% depends on the actual site structure, the quality of the connection, the actual connection structure and the entire Web site's common program.
If the search engine cannot search your site, your company will not be able to improve or modify the site's benefits. Because of the technical problems caused by inefficient HTML code, Web sites made with flash technology or websites that mostly use charts without content should be considered carefully before writing.
It is worth considering that the reciprocal links with other high quality websites can increase the page rank of your site, which helps your site to have a good ranking in search results obtained through search engines.
Question four:
Our company is already the best in our peers and is in a leading position, so how can search engine optimization and search engine marketing improve our rankings in search engines?
Now, all search engines are "brand-conscious", meaning they don't know or care about the actual size of your company or whether they are in a position to lead in a field. The only way search engines can find your site and determine your ranking in the SERP (search engine results page) is through search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts to get there.
Some people don't agree with me. They're just analyzing how many small companies have a good ranking in search engines like Google, but not all the world-wide competitors in the top 50 search results. In this example, we can see that small companies are also directly involved in the search engine optimization process, while those big companies are more focused on their brand awareness or their online results. If brand management is important to your overall marketing success rate, a robust SEO program should be your primary choice.
Question five:
I have a good idea for my clients to find the products and services provided by the company. But why do I have to search the company's keywords and key phrases?
I believe many people have been engaged in the search engine optimization related work. I don't know if you are at all familiar with the real life. If your goal is to have your visitors find your site through your own specific keywords or key phrases, this is really pointless. You have to use the relevant words that are commonly used in real life to do research and further optimization so that your potential customers will actually use it to find your site.
In addition, the correct keywords and key phrase analysis, in fact, also reflects the potential benefits of the opportunity: to increase business transactions and further improve the company's sales performance, so that the ROI has been greatly improved. When your site gets a higher ranking because of the different target searches you use every day, that's why your site will be the first to get the search results with just one keyword.
Finally, look at some of the articles I've written about keywords and key phrase analysis, as well as articles on how to better optimize the site. I am sure you will have a further understanding of SEO.

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