SEO noun explanation--white hat, black hat, gray hat is what

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SEO optimization of friends, white hat, black hat, gray hat these words should be not unfamiliar. However, for the small white webmaster, may not be very clear, in fact, I also through the usual experience summed up some, I hope you can understand a little.

White hat, as the name implies, is to use the correct method to make the SEO operation Step-by. White Hat, in the implementation of SEO operators, is worth recommending, because it is in accordance with the law of the search engine step by step healthy development, but the effect is the need for long-term accumulation, gradually into good. This is one of the reasons why SEO operators are being scolded by some impatient bosses. White Hat, is the industry's best search engine optimization road, although the early effect is not obvious, the input will be time-consuming and laborious, but accumulated to a certain extent, enterprises often do not need to spend much effort, it can make the effect and flow of a steady stream of appearance, and relatively stable.

Black Hat, is the so-called cheating method, is the operator using cheating techniques, let the search engine crawl, and achieve relevant results. Of course, its advantages are fast, more conducive to short-term profitability. Some black hat tactics generally have a large number of spam links, Hidden page bridge page, keyword stuffing and other technical and non-technical means, but the disadvantage is fatal, once found, will be severely punished by the search engine, and later difficult to have a good ranking, if the use of black hat repeatedly, it may be forever in the Blacklist, never heaven day.

Gray hat, is the use of some small technology, but not to be pulled into the blacklist by the search engine, is in between the two, mainly to find some search engine loopholes, and thus accelerate the ranking effect, but the general SEO operators are difficult to grasp, because this is not a single technical problem, but may accidentally into the black hat of the column.

SEO optimization So long, I think must not be anxious, a bite to eat fat, must be gradual. If you have any different opinions, you can exchange them together.

SEO noun explanation--white hat, black hat, gray hat is what

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