15/30 days tour of Weihai Silver Beach seaside Resort

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Charming Silver beach, cool seaside

15/30 days tour of Weihai Silver Beach seaside Resort

Weihai Silver Beach, a fantastic place, an unprecedented experience. Enjoy half a month of cool and cozy at the seaside, making the dream pleasant and sweet. Once in a lifetime to live in the seaside, as long as you have time, you must not miss.

Original price: 1229 RMB Specials: 1119 RMB

Treasure China Tourism • Shandong Shenzhou Travel Service Co., Ltd.

http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33214.html > Tel: 0531-86993308

Jiangbei Water, Qilu small Three Gorges

Day tour of Taian Longwan Geological Park

Located in the suburb of Taian Longwan Geological Forest Park, is the National 4 A-level scenic spot. Inside the park Valley deep, crystal clear of the stream throughout the year, lush vegetation, the mountain breeze slowly, undisturbed, meet one or two friends together to enjoy the beautiful scenery, this is wonderful.

Original Price: 120 RMB Specials: 88 RMB

Jinan le Travel International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Enquiry Tel: 0531-67600055

The Dragon travel to Bozhou, safe and long life

Two days of medicine in Bozhou

Bozhou as a millennium Old town, known as the city of longevity of health, Caocao Memorial Hall, Flower XI, Caocao underground Yun Road, ancient Well gong (000596, stock bar) museum. This 51, let us explore the ancient city culture at the same time feel the way of health and longevity.

Original price: 398 RMB Specials: 380 RMB

Comfort Travel Group Jinan International Travel Service

Enquiry Tel: 0531-82073020

The lure of the beach, the style of the seaside

The most beautiful Qingdao Pure play 2nd Tour

Special trip to enjoy the stage of Qingdao "Blue Imagination" seascape performance, new High-tech reappearance "Laoshan monks through the wall." Do not forget, here there are the most fine sand, the largest area, the scenery of the most beautiful Huangdao Gold Beach.

Original Price: 380 RMB Specials: 350 RMB

Qingdao China Travel Service Jinan Branch

Enquiry Tel: 0531-87930988

Country Scenery small Bridge water family

Wuyuan, porcelain jingdezhen two-bedroom 4th tour

Get out of the bustling city and the busy work, plunge into the beautiful scenery and charming spring, to China's best rural Wuyuan, Lee Keng, Jingdezhen, reading Huizhou business culture, the tea ceremony, see the streets through the river, to the body and mind put a false.

Original Price: 1100 RMB Specials: 1000 RMB

Ginza Tours

Enquiry Tel: 0531-66665566

Five Taishan Pilgrimage

2/3 days tour in Taishan

Wutai Mountain is not only a towering, Wufeng towering, scenic mountains shengjing, or a temple bristling, pagoda let-down, spiritual trace point, many monks and nuns, cigarette-shrouded Buddhist shrines. This 51, come here to read a strong Buddhist flavor bar.

Specials: 590/780 RMB 51 registration is a mobile phone!

China Travel Service Headquarters Jinan Branch

Enquiry Tel: 0531-58799966

Qingdao Haiquan Bay, Yao Shi debut

Haiquan Bay Resort Ocean Hot Spring Tickets

Hong Kong CTS (Qingdao) Haiquan Bay Resort Ocean Hot Spring is a theme park-style ocean hot spring with marine culture as its theme. Spring quality light, rich in a variety of useful to the human body trace elements and minerals, is currently the unique bromine salt hot springs.

Original Price: 198 RMB Specials: 150 RMB

CTS International (Shandong) Travel Service Co., Ltd. Jinan Branch

Enquiry Tel: 81855987 81855988

Stunning spring love Peach Bay

Guoliang Wanxian Mountain Eight Li Gou 3rd tour

Here both the strong and boundless cliff landscape, and the wonderful man and fair of the Shan Mountain charm, 51 here, the tour is too good spring, wearing Guoliang cliff Promenade, the most thrilling tunnel through the Taihang Mountains ... Let the restless mind find a hint of comfort.

Original price: 580 RMB Specials: 560 RMB

All clubs can register (HNA tour, Jung, Ka Wah)

Enquiry Tel: 0531-68800822

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