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This newspaper United Hangzhou http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1281.html "> New Oriental for two consecutive years to send a blessing," full Mark T-shirt, let the car stickers, college entrance Examination volunteer Scheme design card "and so you lead

This is the money to register for the parents (www.qbedu.com.cn) appointment, this Friday free to receive our correspondent Shenmong and correspondent Xu Yijian/Wen Liang Jinming, Ma Yi/cartography

June 7, 8th and 9th, Zhejiang has 316,000 high candidates to the examination room. We want to tell all 2012 high candidates: You are not alone in the fight! You are behind the number of backup group of millions, this newspaper is also the most intimate friends and relatives group! We not only want to shout for the examinee refueling, also want to send blessing, and provide exam, fill in the volunteer, broadcast mood and so on a full range of intimate service.

This newspaper last year United Hangzhou New Oriental sent out the college entrance examination "auspicious Three Treasures", the students and parents welcome. Now, 2012 edition "Auspicious Sambo" to come again: Full Mark T-shirt, let the car stickers, college entrance Examination volunteer Scheme design card.

Today, the Money newspaper Parents Meeting (www.qbedu.com.cn), accept the candidates and parents to make an appointment, the college entrance examination "Auspicious Sambo", from this Friday (June 1) to the designated place for free to receive.

The first baby: a T-shirt

College entrance Examination, is 12 years of hard to test examinee, show the strength of the moment, but we still hope to get lucky God's favor, the annual entrance examination scene, there will be all kinds of legends about good luck.

Reporter impression is the most deep in Hangzhou school military Secondary Test center, met a family of Liangzhu yellow mother, she for the daughter for a good luck, before the test deliberately to buy two "college entrance shirt" printed with "" Logo t-shirt. Because the daughter class is popular an interesting saying: The teacher corrects the examination paper, hits "" Expresses correctly, therefore "in the examination is definitely a lucky pattern."

A sportswear brand because of the logo as "", became the year many candidates mind the first day of the college entrance dress.

This newspaper union Hangzhou New Oriental School Design 2012 edition full Mark T-shirt, white background red Word, T-shirt front has "" and 100 points, of which two 0 is two smiling faces, blessing candidates from a close to a point close to a point, welcome to the school to send test teachers, candidates and parents to collar.

The second baby: let the traffic stickers

This year the college entrance examination is divided into 3 days, the next Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. Two days on weekdays but increasingly congested roads are still one of the most worrying questions for candidates and parents.

To this end, the newspaper carefully for the college entrance design for students to make the road stickers. During the college entrance examination, this printed "Today I Exam" heart-shaped car stickers, parents are posted on the car window, eye-catching and festive, it is a unique scenery.

In the past two years, this newspaper every year free of charge to the parents of thousands of to make the car stickers, each time is a few days by the airspace. Every year, candidates or parents to reporters, so that the car stickers very useful, not only a lot of vehicles take the initiative to make the line, even to maintain the traffic police see, also indicate priority.

In addition to the parents give the test to the students, this newspaper also calls for a car family: the day of the college entrance examination, in order to the candidates for environmental protection, as far as possible not to drive; If you drive the car, the road to see "Today I Exam" the words of the car stickers, but also

Wish the Examinee bon Voyage, 2012 of the examination room, no "late".

The third baby: College entrance Examination Volunteer Scheme design card

For the college entrance Examination students, the 3-day test is only the beginning, and then face a major test to fill the volunteer. This year sent out the 2012 edition of the College Entrance Examination volunteer Scheme design card, worth 60 yuan.

Candidates can log on by this card www.luoboxia.com, as long as the entrance exam scores, provincial rankings, study professional and other intentions, the system can be through a strong background program to match, free to generate a voluntary fill program.

The production of the scheme, the Division of Insurance Schools and two editions, respectively, according to the parallel voluntary reporting skills "school first" or "professional priority" of the two fill options.

Radish man nets, is a college entrance examination volunteer design and learning mutual assistance platform, since 2009, has been established in eastern China, nearly 300,000 candidates have provided the college Entrance examination volunteer Program design services. The admissions data for all colleges and universities on the site come from official information from the admissions office, or from the public information published by the provincial examination houses. The website system is based on the last three years of college investment line, professional highest points, average points, the lowest points, such as the relevant data, the module score comparison calculation, with reference to "Chong-Chong", "Ping-ping", "Bao-Yi," the parallel voluntary completion of the gradient principle, the final screening for candidates for the college and the professional way to fill out.

So practical "auspicious Sambo" is limited edition, a total of 2000 sets, do not want to miss the words, they quickly log in to sign up for the money of parents (www.qbedu.com.cn) Appointment bar.

2000 "Auspicious Sambo", how to collect

The first step: sign up for the parents will Network (www.qbedu.com.cn), in the "College entrance examination to send blessings, free to collect auspicious sambo" posts under the post, leaving you to the college entrance examination of the blessing of students can also give themselves refueling;

The second step: After the blessing, click on the post "I want to sign up", leaving your name, phone number, in the notes marked the net name (note: Each person can only receive one, the class collective, please note in the note). After successful registration, we will notify you of the time and place of receipt by SMS.

From Friday onwards, readers can be sent to your mobile phone messages, to the following locations, free to receive the college entrance examination "Auspicious Sambo":

1. Qianjiang Newspaper distribution company Business Hall (Hangzhou Stadium Road 178th, Zhejiang Daily Gate).

2. Hangzhou New Oriental School of the following 4 teaching points: The front of Wulin Gate Campus (Hangzhou Tianmu Road 33rd), Zhejiang Map Campus Front (Hangzhou Shuguang Road 73rd, Zhejiang Library-1 floor), Yan ' an campus 3 floor front (Hangzhou Fung Road No. 420 West United Building), Xiaoshan Library Campus (1 floor, North Gate, Xiaoshan Library, No. No. 958, Xiaoshan Road).

Due to the limited amount, this newspaper implements limited delivery. School or class if you need to collect, please leave a message in the "blessing building" as soon as possible, and say the whole class college entrance examination wishes.

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