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Bubble Software channel May 21 Today, the game has become a modern work, learning a new way of leisure. Sports racing, action or flight shooting and other popular hot games, can bring passionate game experience, natural gain a lot of game players pro-Lai. 4399 game box is a built-in rich game resources of the client software, can find near thousands popular stand-alone games and the latest hottest web games and large-scale games. Below, small make up for everyone to recommend several current popular hearty wonderful masterpiece, to ensure that after playing let you big call fun.

One, fans favorite: Live Football: Professional Evolution Soccer 2012

As a sports game, "live football 2012" is the classic football series live football, the latest in the basis of a substantial upgrade, a number of new game models, fluency and play better, visual performance and control mechanisms further enhanced, physical action and physical response more flexible, Let the player in the game really feel the passion of sports.

"Live Soccer 2012" uses a new engine, the performance of the AI in the game will be significantly improved. When the player attacks, the team-mates are more diverse, and will be a multi-directional pull of the overall coordination direction, not only can we create more space for passing, but also give players space to break with the ball, which will make the offense more diversified and more realistic, while defending, the conversion between the area defense and the bit-point defense is more efficient and the depth defense is strengthened. It's easier to break the ball and provide players with a game experience that is closer to real football.

Second, the King of fighting: Street Fighter X Iron Fist

"Street Fighter X" is the latest in the fighting game Street Fighter series, still use the "Street Fighter 4" game engine and graphics technology, the three islands 18 and Nina and other "Iron Fist" series characters to the same painting wind into the world of Street Fighter, and keep everyone unique action and must kill skills, The ultimate battle against classic opponents.

The game strengthens both "war" mode to promote fun and depth, and add a new "partner team" mode, let the player choose 2 characters team, in the game stun assists and special combination, to control the need for more accurate, open vertical synchronization so that the game more coherent, to bring exciting game experience.

Iii. Speed and passion: "Ridge Racing: Infinity"

"Ridge Racing: Infinity" is the classic racing game "Ridge Racer" series of the latest works, very exquisite car drift and cornering, add a new destructive elements, in the ring circuit to experience the most exciting racing games, very hot and exciting.

The game is still positioned in the style of the ridge racing itself, presents and the GT series of the pseudo-real line of different styles, to "brisk", "wild" as the focus in the city outlaw and fierce collision with rivals, showing uncontrolled racing pleasure, making the game more challenging, more resistant to play, Give the player the most wild and explicit experience of racing games.

Four, zombie attack: "Biochemical crisis: Raccoon market action"

"Biochemical crisis: Raccoon market action" is a team of third-person shooter game, developed by Capcom and Slant Six games, the game has "triangular conflict", that is, U.S. special forces, USS Army and umbrella company's biochemical weapons, players not only to eliminate zombies, It also has to deal with enemies from third parties.

This is the first complete TPS type game in the Biochemical series, players will play a special forces to help the company to destroy all the information and evidence related to the virus, not only the movement and depth, with high-speed running, moving target shooting and other shooting action elements, can be shot while moving, you can hide behind the bunker, It will be a thrilling game experience with the players.

Wonderful football games, exciting fighting action, wild racing experience, thrilling battle scenes, 4399 game boxes will bring you a great game experience. 4399 game Box also has than popular single game, million popular games, web games, large-scale online game everything. Download 4399 game boxes, find popular games and experience the most exciting gaming experience!

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