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Two days ago in their own micro-blog sent a "try to bar the promotion, thousands of easy access to IP" article. Revealed himself at the beginning of February again try to stick to promote the results achieved. Because it was written in Weibo, but simply revealed the record. Many friends want to be able to say more details, at that time I also said in micro-blog, will find time to share with you.

Yesterday, is in the micro-blog that article, see 2 Let me a little helpless reply. Said mouchangqing from paste did more than 4,000 IP, is brush out, is hype, cheat. Whenever I see such a reply, I feel helpless at the same time, I also regard this as others to my high praise, because I completed in the eyes of others is impossible.

Say a very real truth, the 05 when the Contact forum promotion, the original is every day from Baidu Bar to get about 8000 IP, now only 2 days to get 4000IP, compared with the original only 1/4 effect. Such a small record, also feel impossible, that the previous record is not a myth? And today, I would like to put the actual promotion of the details of the process to share out, I think this is more people can not do it.

In fact, the real serious learning to promote the friend, from my microblog that post, it has been able to find, I promote the site is their own, what material is used to push, but also to find me posted in a specific post, or even the number of clicks per post. They have been able to grasp the mystery of this, today's article, in fact, this group of serious promotion of the people is not fair, because a lot of things actually go to the line. In particular, the Forum to promote, if we all know where the effect, the swarm to go there, and then the effect of the place, also become ineffective.

Forum to promote the experience of the article, I have written before, but has not mentioned the specific to what forum to promote, what material to do, not to mention the specific amount of traffic. I'll make an exception today and tell you everything. But this kind of fool-like sharing, will not often have. may also only when the teacher teaches his apprentice, will share so clearly understand.

There is a lot of talk in front of today, but some words do not say, the heart is not carefree. Now start to get to the point, how to 2 days from the Baidu bar to get more than 4,000 IP.

February 1-February 2, two-day site routing (pictured)


One: To promote the acquisition of material

Last weekend, was fortunate enough to participate in Baidu's entertainment Boiling Point Awards party. The first chance to see so many stars at once. I've done a lot of preparation before I go. Digital cameras, two mobile phones are full of electricity, but also with a spare battery.

There are not many big stars that day, but the popular idol has gone a lot. For example, the Super Girls faction "Li Yuchun" "Zhou Pen Chang" "Zeng" Meteor Faction "Zhang Han" "Yu" "Weichen" and so on. They may not be the biggest star in the country, but is definitely the most popular Baidu bar a few entertainment stars. At that time, many stars have a show, but in order to save the battery of digital camera, I only look for a few people in the post bar popular to shoot. Like, Feng, Huang Bo, even Cyndi, Elva and other people on stage to sing, I did not shoot. and spring elder brother and Zeng such as popular pure man, as long as the stage, whether singing or not singing will be filmed.

Li Yuchun and Zeng can be at the same stage, even if they do not speak, do not sing. is already a very big bright spot, is a rare good material. Later, the party ended with 6-7 video footage. There are Zeng, Li Yuchun, Zhou Pen Chang, Zhang Jie, etc. popular idol of the stage performance video. There are also meteor factions of the red carpet and on stage to receive the prize video.

The ranking of the mainland star's popularity (figure)


Baidu Bar star Sorting, is according to the current bar popularity ranking. 5 people in the footage video are in the TOP20 of the mainland star. So it's not surprising that it produces such a large flow effect. We want to know what the popularity of Baidu Bar, you can also refer to the article I wrote before, "900 degrees bar popular TOP65." Some friends did not understand that I summed up the significance of these popular bar, now read this article, you should understand the usefulness of it.

Second: Material preparation and promotion

The evening after watching the awards ceremony home, I thought the first time to upload the video footage, and then posted to their website, and then go out to promote. But because the home network is too slow, video can not upload, and was already early morning, ready to rest.

Later, only a video cut was released. This is not an ordinary video cut, but Li Yuchun and Zeng for the first time in the same video scene (two pure men's first close contact). At that time I looked on the internet, did not find a picture of Li Yuchun and Zeng together, only found a lot of PS false map. So in the evening, I used this as a selling point and gimmick, in some pure man topic discussion more bar, sent such a title of the post "breaking: Spring elder brother and Zeng first appearance" at that time is already February 1 early morning, although the bar is not many people, but also attracted a lot of people come over.

The 2nd morning, hurriedly put the video last night was uploaded to the Youku, and then let the girlfriend forward to her own website "Chongqing play" above. The first time to all the relevant bar, to promote the post. In this promotion process, certainly will not be smooth sailing, we all know how strict the management is now bar, but also often appear after the post was deleted. Girlfriend at the beginning also a bit discouraged, but I told her this is a necessary process, only to be deleted a few times, just know how to try to avoid.

After all, we released the original video, but also the first time in the relevant post. To meet the user's real needs, and we play video site, is also very friendly, no window and no bad ads. So in such a premise, posted in a lot of posts, or survived. In the same day from the bar to more than 3,000 IP, the 2nd day just to the top of the post yesterday, and came around 1000IP.

"Chongqing Play" website video posts browse volume (figure)


Because this time in the bar promotion, in addition to the early part of video shooting and video footage upload, is what I do. The rest of the material release, material promotion things are to teach his girlfriend to carry out, she had not done bar promotion, so 4000IP is not the most ideal effect, but as a novice has such a record is also very good. This will be the idea of doing bar promotion, is not to say that want to get how much traffic from the bar to get what benefits. And just take advantage of this opportunity, so that the girlfriend can have a good contact to understand how to do forum promotion. The first time to do a forum to promote, you can get so many IP, and then do other related promotional attempts, will be more confident.

This more than 4,000 IP, although the real traffic, but for the site is not a valid traffic. Because my website is to do Chongqing related information. Not to do star video, so such users, but only when there is demand, will come to see, can be considered as garbage flow. Maybe video site, do such a promotion more appropriate.

Third: Forum traffic promotion points

In fact, to do this kind of traffic for the purpose of the Forum promotion, mainly to grasp three points. 1: To find a popular forum, 2: Find the people inside, the most interesting content. 3: Give a reason for these people to come to your website to see this content. The first two points are easy to learn, the hardest is the 3rd, if the 3rd you can do very well. Every day from the forum to get thousands of IP, it is not a wonderful thing.

Today just sharing is a specific case, with what material, to where, how much traffic. The advantage of this promotion is that most people can read it. The disadvantage is that some people will be limited to the thinking of the forum to promote the only way to do so.

Today I did not share, how to post, the tip of the tips, that is, some elements of the 3rd. About this experience, we can see 4 years ago I wrote an article "Forum publicity Method Refinement (on)". This article is mainly about the forum to promote the idea, although it was written 4 years ago, but feel more than today this article may be more useful.

The last reminder, those who are ready to go to Baidu Bar to do promotional sites, do not go to send false deceptive posts, so the end result only by the domain name, IP, seal ID. If you can send some bar paste users really need content, I believe that some bar manager will not be too difficult to send your posts, open one eye, closed one eye on the past. Today to share is only a forum to promote one of the effects of value, forum promotion There are many different ways, the ultimate goal is not necessarily just for traffic.

The latest network to promote the exchange of 9 groups: 66537622, welcome friends to join the network promotion.

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