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Today, some friends find me complaining, said their site is also the old station, every day also some original articles. The site has been nearly two years! But now the amount of IP per day is only about 100! feel very distressed, do not know what to do next, I hope I can help him!

I've been busy with my VIPs for the last few days, and today is Sunday, a little bit of free time. Friends, I decided to help him to analyze a little bit!

Domain name positioning is an error

I let him send his website domain name to come over, when I saw his domain name, I am dazed, please forgive me this cock silk English is not good! His domain name is tektea.com. The English word in the back I know is the meaning of tea. In front of the word I Baidu said that is an electrical company. This let me very no language, with Baidu translated the results appear in the Terry, OK, but also can only remember Tek and then remember tea! And he explained that Tek represents technical meaning.

I asked him that your site is located all foreign users?? He said the domestic ah? I mean, why should I use the English combination of Tektea? Then he's the one I explained what the reason was. Sincerely, I really do not like to see this English domain name to do Chinese technology-oriented articles.


The title of the article is too informative

I opened his website at the first glance to see the title of those articles, not a little bit of attraction! It is entirely by the title of a large information website or a large technology website. Looks very tall. In fact, not from the search engine to bring more traffic. Why? Because this is a technical information site, everyone in the technical category of the article, when the search is used to search the Linux system during the installation process is not a mistake to do? How do I solve the Linux database installation errors? I think if the positioning of the technical category of the site, it should be more than a question-and-answer title to write articles, so as to facilitate users to find you. Can bring traffic from the search engine.

Column name is not clear

Let me feel depressed, he site column inside there is a stone of his mountain, I kind of go, this column name good attract people click Oh! But, I click in to see, there is no temper, what type of article have. Does this column tell the user what to do?

When everyone is full of hope to click into a look, a mess of anything, I think, users will gradually turn to your interest in the light!

What's the name of the website?

His website name is tea, I kind of wipe, if just look at this site name, with the domain name, the amount of memory on the user may have a promotion role! But what I want to say is that this website name is easily searched by others as a tea party! If someone else can't remember your domain name, and you don't have the right input Please ask, your 2-year station every day about 100IP is not also normal?

There's no interesting place to be.

One more thing to note is that now it looks like his site should be a technical blog for it class. 亲们,你们要知道,对于IT纯技术类的博客,固定访客还是比较难形成的!为什么?因为太干了!都是干货了,大家看一眼,然后发现帮忙解决问题了!然后就走了,下次来的时候,却无法想起你的域名!即便想起了名字,结果输入的却不是茶话汇 !

Of course, his site is not useless, at least vice navigation on the left, the feeling is very consistent with user search habits, of course, the template is also good, looks very refreshing. There are also some interactive function design is also very good! Although the program is built by WordPress, but from the page to see it is very atmospheric!

New feature column to solve traffic problems

In fact, when I found these problems, the above problems are not the most serious. You think, who every day to run pure technology blog to see the article Ah, who has nothing to see your information class article Ah, you are not a name station, and no fixed fans. Usually after reading your article to solve the problem and then ran! Unless the next time there is a problem, he can search you!

The feasible method is the new station features column, I gave him the suggestion is to change the tea words to tea conversation interview. Whether it is the personnel of the operation, or stationmaster. I think there are some unknown stories behind every technician. and operators only need to find these people, even if he is not well-known, as long as he dare to say, you have to dare to interview him! Listen to the story behind him.

Anyone likes to listen to stories and read other people's stories. So, I think add this column may alleviate the traffic problem!

At the same time, I suggest that he use the micro-credit service number to push each issue of the interview. For pure knowledge of pure technical articles, in the micro-letter circle, others do not share, look boring. Read other people's stories to resonate with the author, and then others will actively share the content you push, so that your brand will easily spread!


Do the most afraid of the site is their own target customer groups do not position well, and do not adhere to the fear of doing a good job of promotion, many people still want to rely on SEO to get free traffic to get the site ranking upgrade. In fact, they all fall into this fixed mode of thinking. I do not do SEO as can be driven by the site traffic, the promotion of the platform there are many, channels also have a lot. Webmaster Platform information published in the message, requiring the site operators to care more about the user's active access to data, this shows what? In fact, is to operators pay attention to the promotion of the brand, if he can be the tea message to promote the brand to go out, then do not have to consider what SEO. Search the word every day, hundreds of people, his index will soar, the exponential surge led to the weight of the soaring, the weight is high, the weight of other articles will also be high, ranking natural also good! So, we do not fall into the fixed mode of thinking, do not blindly pursue seo!

Thank you for the tea.

This article by Feng Dongyang Original, reprint please indicate from Feng Dongyang blog http://fdyseo.com micro-Credit subscription number: a370415548

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