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Now Network news (reporter Guo Tingting intern Willow Lamp) 46-level implementation of the network test has been said for two years, December 28, the Ministry of Education spokesman said, because the implementation of the 46-level online examination requires a certain hardware facilities, the full implementation of the network test conditions and the timing is not available, next year will not carry out a comprehensive network test.  Yesterday, Hubei province, said the head of the Education Examination Institute, the province next year 46 will still implement the traditional written test and part of the network test, I province candidates can freely choose to participate in the written test or net test. Network test can not meet the overall promotion according to the introduction, 2007, in order to cope with the reform of college English Teaching, the Ministry of Education commissioned a special four and six-level English examination Committee design of the project, after more than a year of preparation, from the end of 2008 on the pilot.  Now has carried out 10 times four or six Tests of the pilot, involving more than 200 schools. "College English 46 test system design, has been completed and will continue to promote." All have the hardware conditions of the school can participate autonomously, the implementation of the network test.  "said a spokesman for the Ministry of Education. So far, the entire English level 46 Network examination system design has been completed, but the network test to be based on computer and network hardware requirements, must be in the hardware to achieve a certain standard.  At present, to participate in the 46-level college English test students, the number of candidates is still very much, the existing hardware conditions can not meet the overall advance of the network test.  Students worried unwilling to choose the net textual research to understand, our province currently has Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Technology, Hubei universities, Wuhan City University of Engineering and other 8 colleges and universities for the 46-level network test points, students can choose the network test. However, according to the reporter understand, very few students are willing to take the initiative to choose the Internet test, we are still accustomed to the traditional written examination. "One is because not familiar with the network test mode, afraid of the performance fluctuations, and the second is slow to write a composition machine dozen certainly not handwriting fast."  "Most of the students are worried about these two points. The Kaikai of the international trade specialty of Hubei University is to participate in the four level net examination. Kaikai said, the network test exists the biggest problem is not comprehensive browsing the paper, after finished also can not go back to change, not conducive to master the overall difficulty of the question. But the net test increases "follow reads" The link, the machine reads a sentence, the examinee reads a sentence, examines the examinee's spoken pronunciation. Because of his pronunciation, his score was higher than the usual written test.
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