A development zone in Manaus has spawned the "Brazilian Economic miracle"

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Visit Brazil, the reporter has a intuitive feeling: here vast and abundant, worthy of the title.

The vast territory, but also to Brazil has brought many countries in the construction and development of the problems encountered, that is, regional development imbalance. Construction of free trade zone, relocation of capital, new city, industrialization and urbanization interaction ... Since the 50 's, Brazil has implemented a series of strategic measures for regional development, and the effectiveness of eradicating poverty and promoting regional common development has been recognized by the international community.

To coordinate the development of urban and rural areas at a higher level, and to improve the coordination of development, is an important task for the modernization of Jiangsu Province, the construction of the development zone and the economic growth pole of the east Coast are the important pushing hands for Jiangsu to promote the development of regional economy. Brazil's practice, undoubtedly can bring us a lot of inspiration.

Manaus, a development zone has spawned the "Brazilian Economic miracle"

Reporter from the plane overlooking, saw a crisscross of the river Winding Road Green jungle, the Manaus tightly embraced. And into Manaus, Brazil's largest Amazon state, has been a busy city bustling.

The upheaval in Manaus originated in Manaus with a free-trade zone.

The deputy director of the Free Trade Zone management Committee of Manaus, the director of the Project Planning Bureau, Mr. Gustavo Igoleas, told reporters that since the colonial era, most of Brazil's population lived in the northeast and south-east, while economic activities were concentrated in the southeast and southern regions. In order to change the imbalance of regional development, Brazil began to implement a series of strategic measures for regional development in the 50 's. In 1957, Congress established the Manaus free port by decree, and in 1967 changed its Freeport to a Free-trade zone. Brazil has a heavier tax burden, usually around 60%, but it is exempt from industrial product taxes on products produced and sold in the Manaus free trade area.

Manaus free trade zone, see the spacious, neat boulevard on both sides, hung with Germany Siemens, Japan Toyota, South Korea, Samsung and other modern factories linked to the film, China's gree air-conditioning and other enterprises in this investment; The Amazon Container terminal is full of ready goods, The world's largest floating container terminal has been built here.

Mr. Igoleas introduced that by 2011, Manaus free Trade area has more than 500 industrial enterprises, production value of 41.6 billion U.S. dollars, 120,000 people directly in the park work, while driving 480,000 people to employment, set up a color TV, computer, microwave ovens, air-conditioning and other industrial projects. Free trade zone has led to the local business, logistics and other industries of all-round development, urban population from 1970 to 300,000 people to the current more than 2 million people.

Common development, there is no single "model" but there are multiple paths

To promote regional common development, Brazil is far more than a Manaus. Given the confidence and exemplary role of the success of Manaus, Brazil has mandated 18 states in the country to build an export processing zone. However, the reporter was accidentally "confirmed": the Brazilian Development zone similar to the Manaus free trade area has not yet been the second no "model", the path of development is recount.

From the world's widest waterfall, the biggest waterfall, 16 kilometers, the world-famous Electrolux hydropower station towering. Turn A4 version

The construction of A1 hydropower station is one of the most important strategic decisions made by the Brazilian government in the last century, the total installed capacity of hydropower station is 14 Million-kilowatt, which is the Big Mac in the world hydropower station after the Three Gorges hydropower station in China.

The Electrolux hydropower station is now a typical industrial tourism project. Ms Christina, public relations manager at the Office of integrated projects in Iraq, told reporters that in recent years, although the annual reception of more than 500,000 visitors, but here is not a single power generation, tourism projects. As early as 2003, the Brazilian federal government set up the IGAD Foundation here, began to invest in education, health, environmental protection, housing, transportation and so on, to build a group of projects directly to stimulate local development. Now, there are business incubator base, specializing in the incubation of High-tech enterprises, and has evolved into the IGAD hi-Tech Industrial development zone. From an industrial project successfully extended to the development zone, research and research Complex Park, which plays a huge role in Brazil's growth demonstration, pull.

In addition to building the growth of local development, Brazil's implementation of industry and agriculture simultaneously, but also to the reporter left a very deep impression.

In the Brazilian Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, the Institute of International Cooperation and Exchange Bureau Director Francisco Basilio said, in the face of inequality between the rich and poor, regional development imbalance, the Brazilian government to use the advantages of rich land resources, agricultural development and development as one of the major initiatives to guide the southern region has capital, Experienced farmers invest in underdeveloped areas and agricultural sectors, and combine industrial with population and agricultural distribution to promote the coordinated development of socio-economic regions.

Jump out of "Latin America trap" and let industry and city become beautiful together

In the "World Heritage List", almost all cultural heritage has a heavy history, but Brazil's new capital Brasilia is an "exception." When UNESCO placed the new city on the World Heritage List in 1987, it was less than 27 years old. The capital to Brasilia is Brazil's contribution to the coordinated development of the region.

Mr. Augusto Pestana, Director of the Department of International Relations at the presidential palace in Brazil, told reporters proudly that the capital was one of the most successful cases in the capital. Brazil has been the capital of Rio de Janeiro since 1763. To change regional imbalances and promote economic integration in all regions, the president decided to relocate the capital to the central highlands, 1150 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro. Since 1956, Brazil has spent 4 billion of dollars, only 41 months to complete the construction of the Xindu Brasilia. As the new national Political Centre, Brasilia has made an important contribution to the close linkage of inland and coastal economies and the promotion of the integration of regional economies.

The move to the capital is "not replicable" for many countries, but Brasilia has given Brazilians the confidence to take the path of urbanization and social and economic development.

Over-urbanization is a prominent problem in the urbanization of the developing countries. Brazil became a typical representative of the "Latin American trap" when its urbanization rate exceeded the level of industrial and agricultural development and caused a serious crisis.

In order to jump out of the "Latin American Trap", the Brazilian governments continue the same economic growth policy and the people's livelihood policy, implement the "Build cities, drive development" strategy, cultivate pillar industries and promote economic transformation. Brazil's efforts have been fruitful.

In several cities in Brazil to interview, looking up to the sky, blue sky and white clouds, the environment is pleasant, and the overhead from time to fly helicopters is unique. The owner of the Brazilian helicopter ownership list of the world's first few, and this behind, with the Brazilian aviation industry and urban development is not unrelated.

Brazil in the development process, there have been "coffee economy", "sugar cane economy", "timber economy", "mineral economy", basically the raw material output and general roughing export. The success of the Brazilian aviation industry, in particular, illustrates the determination of the "Made in Brazil" transformation.

In the 1970s, the Brazilian government identified key support for aviation and established the Brazilian aviation Industry Company in San Jose dos Campos, Estado De Sao Paulo. After 40 years of continuous improvement and innovation, Brazil has now developed into the world's largest 120-seater commercial jet aircraft manufacturers, accounting for the world's regional aircraft market share of about 45%. The Brazilian auto industry has also developed rapidly, becoming an important pillar of Brazilian industry and the first and Nineth automobile producer in Latin America. The aviation and automotive industry has become the engine for Brazil to promote urban development, promote HIGH-TECH development and upgrade industries.

At the end of last year, the Center for Economic and Business Studies of the British think-tank released its latest annual ranking of global economies, Brazil's economy surpassed the UK for the first time, becoming the world's sixth-largest economy, and the "Big Country Brazil" is on the big stage of the world economy.

Newspaper reporter Liu Hongchi Wang Xiaoxia Zhao Yunfang

Yangzi Evening News reporter Yu

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