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First I use the Woprdpress blog system to build the site, why I choose it, here are a few advantages, plug-ins are very powerful, especially in the optimization of Plug-ins, is very mature, and again because it is PHP, relatively safe and easy to operate, and easy to modify.

1, Baidu Promotion

Recently many long tail keywords in front of all are Baidu's products, for example, Baidu know, Baidu Library, Baidu Post bar, Baidu Encyclopedia, basically these weights are very high, I think it is Baidu more care about their products, so we can use Baidu's products to do the promotion, As for the promotion method is nothing but know the answer, the library article upload, post bar of the popular copy, encyclopedia entry editor, as to how to be able to do it need to dig themselves.

2. Blog Group Building

As for the blog Group Building is effective, I am here to say, first of all, Baidu, NetEase, Sohu and some other large site weights are very high, you have in their domain name opened the sub domain name, you can be assigned to some weight, but as to how many, here is not good to say, But it is worth considering that its sub domain name weight is very easy to improve, just write a relatively good article, was edited to the home page, then your weight is basically gone, it means that your promotion goal to achieve, while you also get high-quality outside the chain, so blog group is to promote and the chain coexist.

3. Information Publishing Station

This is a recent rise in the promotion of the way, remember a call platform information publishing Station, many webmaster use it to obtain high-quality outside the chain, but also have the use of long tail keywords to do, because they are high weight, so it is easy to row to the home page, I mean some of the more unpopular words, of course, the hot words are not.

4. Forum Promotion

This is basically the most popular mode of promotion, first of all you have to collect some can promote the forum, for example, your site is to do "gastritis", then you search for gastritis in Google keywords, choose the top of those stations, the first five domain names are collected, and then open Google Advanced Search, select a wide range of inquiries, Copy the domain name into Google search, after the search will appear with the domain name of the site, and then you choose the "forum" on the left, the search engine will be other sites screen, only show the forum site, and then you will be collected from these forums, then you have a group of related to the Gastritis keyword forum.

5, question and answer promotion

Recently, a lot of webmaster use Baidu to know, Tianya question, search and answer questions to promote, the method is to select a number of long tail keywords, the best choice of some relatively unpopular, more easily ranked the Search engine home page, and then apply for a group of accounts, here to have five main accounts, the main account is used to send links, because like Baidu know, It is not allowed to reach the level of two users in the knowledge of the link, only two level of users can send, but level two users also have the number of links sent, so pay special attention, because when you have more, you will be in the other issues of the link would be deleted, here must pay attention to, otherwise you have done before will be in vain, Personally, I prefer to ask myself a question, and in a few hours you can get a high quality chain.

The above promotion methods are more suitable for popularization, but the detail is very important, moreover is must insist, because does what thing all is, must insist can have the success, we do the website although is sits in front of the computer, but does not have the difference with the work, because we must every day to be working, To get the commission they deserved in one months.

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