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With the continuous change of Baidu algorithm, I believe there are many sites can not withstand the test of Baidu, but not all the sites are affected, although Baidu said in the official statement to increase the strength of the low quality content of the site, but still have a lot of collecting sites live very well, and live very wonderful, The following author on the actual combat analysis of Beijing moving industry site is how to survive by collecting content, and get a good ranking.


First input Beijing Moving company keyword, appear as above the content of the figure, our main analysis is the second one of the people moving site, this people move the network in all regions have rankings, can be seen the site's optimization to do how extreme, let us together to analyze how this site is how to do every region has ranked.


Webmaster tools to inquire about the moving site data, found that the site's domain name age has reached six years, can be seen that the move site for nearly six years of time, such as the insistence as a personal webmaster has been very commendable, Baidu weight has reached 4, Google PR value of 3, And this PR next to the number of back chain has been as high as 254, I think this people moving network must be a large number of purchase one-way links, otherwise it is impossible to reach such a high number of chain, and the content of Baidu included only 7000, in the normal proportion of the lower, Baidu chain number of more than 50,000, It seems that the relocation site webmaster also often insist on doing outside the chain construction work.


After entering the moving site first, found that there are a large number of two-level cities in the site, the author can estimate the site's optimization to do a good job, after all, a site how the existence of a large number of level two directory, the first target keyword rankings will not be low, marked 2 of which are all some moving companies advertising, It can be seen that the main profit of the site from the advertising location of the rental, in the sign 3 is two moving industry information update column, according to the site's updated frequency, the daily article updates only 2-3 articles to move related articles.


I found a very peculiar phenomenon, is the two-tier City catalog template is almost all the same, and the updated articles are the same, such a method is quite fresh, rely on the call to update the whole station to solve every level two city directory update problem, such practices greatly reduced the workload, Because only need to update 2-3 articles a day can solve every level two city directory content update, this practice is definitely worth the webmaster learning.


The author in order to verify the content of the moving site will be collected, special interception of a small section in Baidu Search, found that there are a large number of similar content, can be preliminary to determine the content of the collection, the only difference is that the tail section is written by the webmaster himself, while in the article interspersed with the anchor text links in cities, Such an article is estimated to be the target of this attack Baidu, but very unexpectedly, such an article is still Baidu Miao collection.


After the author's general analysis, station optimization do is still good, but is definitely not the main reason for ranking, the people move the site to get ranked the main reason is the figure shown in the data, estimate such a one-way link enough to win Beijing moved, Beijing moving company and other key words, A page of data is 200 one-way links, a total of two pages, add up at least three hundred or four hundred.

Now I believe you all stationmaster to Marvel? With the same is to collect content and survival of the site, this people move the net still can stand in Baidu rankings, and no matter how Baidu algorithm changes, it is completely unaffected by any, thus can see the role of one-way friendship link is how big it, I need to remind you webmaster, If the site exists only six months or a year, to achieve such a one-way friendship link, is absolutely will be blocked by Baidu, this people move the network analysis to this end, this article by small Red Hat Moving company) Webmaster original offer, reprint please keep the link, extremely grateful.

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