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More powerful than soft Wen website promotion tool!

Several colleagues of the company recently want to play the fairy, hard to find the activation code!

Inadvertently found that there is a software in the network,


After downloading, test 3, 4 times, not once successful.

Suddenly wake up, this thing you test thousands of times will not succeed. And why?


Because this thing is fake, people who have learned programming can basically write a program that generates 10 random numbers. (In the heart regret to learn vb,c++++,net time did not study well).

When you point out, it is very casual pop-up a forum

Write here everyone should understand it, in Baidu search, found this fake program, incredibly even Silicon Valley power, Sina and other so-called big sites are included!

Look at the download statistics, there are really a lot of people! Needless to say, his forum popularity has been enough for days.

More let me be silent is, this brother out play 1.00 version, incredibly also out of 1.51 edition


It seems to be fun ah, is not the search for fairy injustice, your version has been promoted AH?

Forum This kind of play, it seems a bit of a fire! Put aside the moral view, this is really a good way to promote the site Ah, I think the big site, there is no time to verify the authenticity of the software, anyway, people also wrote (if the activation code can not be used.) Description has been registered, please try more than a few times. This is the essence of the words.

But not too much, if developers can add the same number of IP restrictions, I believe this thing is more fire. (Hopefully developers haven't thought of that yet)

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