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HTML Annotation Code: The role of HTML annotation code in Web site promotion The article emphatically describes the source code of the Web page by inadvertently viewing, found that the articles of their own audit and through the HTML comment Code added to promote the site's website address, And the detailed introduction of the use of HTML annotation code to promote the role and use of the method, is an not a lot of the site to promote the masterpiece.

In the full support of the universal Navigation network, now the peak network is very popular with Baidu, Google search engine, an article in less than an hour is included in the Baidu, in a very important author's copyright issues, so become a good place to publish soft wen. In particular, the site operation of the peak site, due to the human nature of the audit, under normal circumstances, as long as not too much, can pass the audit. There is time two Web site links can be audited, of course, the Web site connection must be very necessary. Peak network like webmaster Network, support HTML code, this may give some clever promoter an opportunity, today to review the article, inadvertently point to an article source code, found that the original code of the article has a similar, this do site know, is an HTML annotation code, If you can't see it on the real page, it won't be noticed until we use the view source code.

After discovering the code, misty rain on the careful inspection of some information, found in the search engine "HTML annotation Code" hidden site address and the obvious left the site address role is the same, not the same is through the HTML comment code URL is hidden, the reader can not see, and obviously leave the site address, Readers can see.

In general, some places do not allow the publication of some very promotional articles, this time, we can through a number of ways to constantly adjust the idea, such as the use of "HTML annotation Code" can be removed from the surface of some of our website ads, so that we do not damage the reader's case, cleverly promote their own website.

Use HTML annotation code to promote the essentials:

1. Only Web sites that support HTML-language code can be used.

2, the use of HTML annotation code to promote to moderate, an article preferably not more than 2.

3, with similar code mixed use can be more effective, more confusing role.

Attach HTML annotation code for your reference:

When you open a large website such as Sina, you will find that there are a lot of comments, these comments for the maintenance of the site, add ads, etc. are very useful, while the annotation code is the reader can not see.

The format of the HTML annotation code is:<!--"content that needs to be commented on the Web page";


Here's what you see.

<!--This is an invisible-->.


It's invisible here.


<!--[content]--> in the middle of the content, no matter what, are not executed!!

In addition to opening the source code in the Web page, "What needs to be commented on the page" is not displayed on the page.

Author: Misty Rain article copyright to the Peak network all, Welcome to reprint, reprint must be noted:
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