An analysis of web site positioning and promotion in the process of local tourism website optimization

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With the rapid development of E-commerce, many local enterprises are also seize the opportunity to can-do the whole body strength into the Internet field, of course, the purpose is very simple two words of interest, the convenience of the Internet is not only reflected in the search information fast, for local enterprises is to expand the best platform and the best place for publicity The author thinks that under such trend, for the local tourism industry is a good way to expand their visibility of the best channel, the local tourism industry web site I think the first line of positioning is the key to do a good job of positioning to gather the intention of customers this is inevitable, good gossip short continuation of the author will be from the following aspects and the detailed sharing.

First, the Tourism category site user group positioning. This is obviously targeted at the user is definitely traveling primarily, I would like to remind here is the geographical characteristics of the site for the user's location is also different, such as the author's site is the surrounding hot spring site in Xian, the user is naturally around Xian, Xian Wild Goose Pagoda is also one of the attractions of Xian, But for the user is national, so although it is the same as the tourism site to identify the user's location is necessary to do the basic work, for different customer scope our promotion scope will also change correspondingly, such as Xi ' an can go to Xi ' an forum, Xi ' an city, such as the site, for the national user nature similar Ctrip forum , Xinxin Tourism Forum is the object of our choice, so the early part of the user is the basis.

Second, the tourist attractions provided by the service analysis. The author in the 2nd will narrow the scope of the focus of the discussion of their own site Tang Yu Tourism Network, the site is for users around Xian, to provide users with high-quality Hot spring tourism site, nature of the site to Hot Springs service-oriented, refined for men's soup, women's soup, carp soup, milk soup, I think the region's hot spring is the first natural hot spring water temperature in more than 40 degrees above the artificial hot springs This is the biggest advantage, and secondly, the distance from Xi ' an is very near, from Xian to go to the Soup Valley and back to the three hours is very suitable for weekend family-style tourism. Finally, the environment is very beautiful near the landscape, temples, lake waves readily available. The author thinks that the above three points is our hot spring industry is different from the other tourist attractions around Xian the core of the key.

Third, the website profit model detailed analysis. With the local characteristics of users and scenic services, the following profit is actually the matter, the natural attractions ticket fees, hot springs cost, and then for local enterprises in their own website advertising costs, and so on, these can become the basis for supporting the profit and development of the site, I think the site is actually profitable in addition to the ticket costs, Contact local businesses for advertising is the core, because the quality of local businesses are the key to serve customers can be very good for users, but also at the indirect level for the site to obtain a long-term stability of the benefits of this is very worthy of recommendation

Four, the website promotion idea analysis. Site positioning I think that in addition to the above three points of the core of the key, how to effectively carry out the promotion and the later operation of the dimension is also essential, because your idea is very good, but before the implementation of the site is not positioned to promote the direction, once the promotion of dislocation, the impact on the later conversion rate is inevitable, Here the author completes the content, the main hope to go to some local classified information network such as Xi ' an 58, Xi ' an fair, Xi ' an forum, Xi ' an tourism forum and so on propaganda. Second, join XI ' an tourism group, Shaanxi Donkey Group, Shaanxi Outdoor and so on and tourism-related QQ group, the last point, and Shaanxi related media cooperation, expand brand awareness, improve the credibility of the site, of course, this is the later to consider the issue.

To sum up, the author will own the current tourism site positioning methods and you have a detailed discussion and analysis, for the local site in fact, the same location, the key lies in the characteristics of the scenic spot service is what? Where can you provide valuable information that distinguishes your users from other attractions? All of these have to think for themselves, Finally embodied in their own web site, so as to better serve the user, and gradually get the user's affirmation and recognition, the above has Lantian Soup Valley hot Spring original webmaster site, reproduced please indicate the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

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