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As a loyal old fan of A5, from N long ago here to share the experience of the first day, decided to work with like-minded friends to learn progress, the last written "personal webmaster: With masks on the tip of the dancing Era" was recommended by strong brother 4 days, a lot of novice friends and I exchange local websites, Here first thanks to A5 editors, today again with my personal real case to the novice friends to share a little personal webmaster money new ideas.

Case: Mid-Autumn Festival selling moon cakes small earn a sum


Two years ago I stumbled into the ranks of stationmaster, because of a "small birds do plant nets easy monthly income of 2000 Yuan" soft Wen, their first website, but also the main operation of a website: Weifang Factory Network, I believe many friends have seen this soft wen, although the old posts have been good for many years, But in the outdated forum is often put on the home page "harm", but I personally have not yet achieved a monthly income of 2000, even a monthly income of 1000 is difficult, may be I am too stupid, but I know others reselling the Factory network program is a monthly income of 2000, I also know because this article to a lot of people painted a beautiful dream, but because the sky will not lose pie, I do not work hard, to the end of the burst, and hurt a lot of people, I want to tell the novice webmaster friends, soft wen although very beautiful, but said not all is true, stationmaster industry water is very deep ah, really run a local website is very difficult.

In the process of running this website, I was familiar with the location of the owner of a food factory, he was young, he was interested in the Internet, he became a friend, and he often talked about the idea of local network development. In 2009, he asked me to help him make a Web page of their company, their company also has a website, but the network company does not give permission, need to modify what things are to be charged, so let me make a simple Web page, can easily search in Baidu on the line, hung in my plant online, was also to the Mid-Autumn festival to sell mooncakes, So do the key words is the moon cakes and so on, not how long the keyword ranked on the homepage of Baidu, until the Mid-Autumn festival in 2010 I did not care too much about this matter.


Two months before the Mid-Autumn festival in 2010, I went to their company to play, he said let me help run the moon cakes, by the way to earn some pocket money, sold to the Commission, not sell out even if the end, I will learn to improve their business ability to run the idea of the first promise, then my situation is, I do home decoration, sometimes have work, sometimes do not work, If you can't pick up, you'll be idle. At that time, said that as long as there is time to run, sell and sell to try, and I gave them the company to do that page for my phone, while the moon cake samples of some pictures and prices, this time in the rankings in Baidu is still very good.

About half a month before the Mid-Autumn Festival, this day is raining, I received an engineering company's phone, is consulting moon cakes, after the phone, afternoon I went to the company to take samples to the engineering company, there to understand that they have consulted several mooncakes company, but the price is more expensive, And my friend's moon cakes quality is very good for the supermarket, and the price is low, so this single took off, ordered less than 100 boxes of high-end gift cakes, the company is the mid-Autumn Festival to visit customers, so the first single business made.

We must be concerned about how much money to make, mooncakes this thing profit very high, the more high-grade profits, as to the specific amount of profit will not say, anyway this one take down my commission less than 1000, when I went back to a friend's company, a manager to me calculate how much I should take, when really was surprised, From then on to the Mid-Autumn festival, my enthusiasm was raised, take the sample in the outside to run units, big factory large companies can not take small factory small company, because the moon cakes this thing is by Box commission, and then small companies sell a 10 box in accordance with the low gift box to earn a 20 yuan, this thing is so.

Many small and medium-sized factories or companies in the Mid-Autumn Festival half a month this period to order the most mooncakes, know the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival I still send mooncakes, from the internet I have received nearly 20 single business, these are mainly through the online search for the information to sell mooncakes, because the key word is very close to the front, so they pulled these businesses, At that time there is an important reason is inexpensive, this is the most important factor, if the price is too high to sell, and I also put on the network of the Mid-Autumn Festival factory in my plant advertising, this is very corresponding.

But on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I look at the key word ranking, found that there are many national sales of moon cakes optimized the key words are lined up to the front, but the moon cakes ordering is over, this is a good thing, now my page ranking directly no shadow, but in these days of the process I see every day ranking, Observed about the top of the list of cakes Group buy a lot of pages are volatile, mainly some of the national nature of the site during the optimization of the reasons, but the locals buy moon cakes or will buy some local supply information, next year I will continue to redouble the work of this matter.

Recognize the situation of local websites

Many novice webmasters are considering doing local websites, because the network "big old" also said that doing local websites is the future trend, the following mixed webmaster on a local site into the consideration, in the selection of projects hesitated for a long time, in addition to consideration or consideration, all feel that the local site is feasible, but the heart is not practical, This is considered a lot of stationmaster.

First of all, I admit that the local site has always been a personal webmaster can choose to do the station, including the past, present and future, but we do not see the hearing is all right.

The internet's older men say classified information is going to evolve over the next few years, they are taking venture capital, burning money, they say that is brand marketing, our personal webmaster can not follow the fun, there is some of the veteran network said that local site is a personal webmaster worthy of consideration, so it is easy to push behind the development of the industrial chain, domain name , space, procedure, promotion and so on. The ultimate beneficiary is who, we should consider clearly, do not blindly follow suit.

My thoughts

Now netizens to the Internet has been very recognized, in addition to entertainment, they are the information of the new cable are recognized, what is the problem of online Baidu, has become a habit, we webmaster can provide content, provide information, provide a platform, if relying on traditional advertising as a profit point, said the local site to make money difficult webmaster is nothing but the ideal is very plump, but in fact, the lack of waiting for our platform by local netizens recognized the patience of the well-known, the length of the process depends mainly on the webmaster on the site's ability to operate and local network environment.

As long as the site to do a valuable, can provide users with valuable things, we have to do is to use our own platform to self-reliance, simple to give a real example: a friend originally did a local second-hand computer website, was to pull point ads, but in the end not very effective, Because fools know I can publish for free why do I have to pay for it? later forced no way, I got a few second-hand computers in their own website hanging ads, and later developed into a second-hand computer reselling, oh, in fact, whether the money is a change in thinking.

I have been running a local site for two years, and others say it's hard to do local sites, this I really experience, others recognized the process is very difficult, in our here I adhere to the fast three years to accumulate a little customer, rely on my sincere service, this little customer word of mouth, slowly expand my customer base, I am very pleased. Because experienced the ups and downs, I also cherish now have, also more like the Internet, several times want to give up, but ultimately can not leave this line. My local station group New members: Weifang second-hand car network Although others have done, but as long as I think there is the ability to do more than him, better than him, I will strive to strive for, the mentality of the personal owners do not earn money is very important, no matter what to do will be serious treatment, I will continue to share some of the experience of earning money, reprint please reserve Web site, respect for intellectual property rights, the last to leave a sentence, grassroots webmaster, become also we, the failure is also our happy life! Do not be happy with things, not with their own sad. The

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