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The new release channel is relative to the traditional distribution channel. Network promotion Staff once released soft text channel is mainly four categories: blogs, forums, libraries and know. Of course there are other distribution channels, such as QQ space, Yellow pages and so on, but most of these four kinds of channels of variation. With the continuous development of the Internet, such as the emergence of new media network and growing, such as the emergence of video promotion, coupled with greater innovation in mobile Internet, some new soft publishing channels are emerging, the author of these new channels for summary and analysis.

New Media channels

The author of the so-called new media does not mean the form of new media, not refers to micro-bo or Long micro-bo, the author refers to the new media is the content of the creation of new media. Generally speaking, the growth process of new media, there are two types of media influence the most. One is the use of television or radio and other resources and platforms to grow up Internet media. For example, local television stations of news sites, such as the Chinese broadcasting network and various frequencies of news sites. Although this kind of media has the ability to create the news, but because the network media's news quantity demand is very huge, therefore they have certain demand to the soft text. And, different from the TV station or broadcast for the authenticity of the article requirements high, strict audit. This kind of Web site for the size of the news and the standard is broader, so some of the higher quality of soft text can become the content source of these sites. Another type of internet new media is nearly two years to grow up some of the science and technology sites, their content from the creation of netizens, so the original content of the site more, combined with this kind of web site browsing the main people are science and technology, so the content has a certain ideological. Many technology products manufacturers are very much in favor of such media. Such sites include tiger sniffing, bubbles, netease technology and so on. Most of the sites are set up to submit channels, can become part of the soft text distribution channels.

Financial website Channel

The author has always been to the financial category of the site has a special value, because the financial site has its unique advantages. First, the financial site's audience is very broad, almost everyone can become its potential customers, because we always deal with money. Second, the financial site information is very large every day, this is because of the low threshold of financial topics, and ultimately often do not have a unified and standard answer. Third, many products of soft writing, can be related to finance, such as industry trends, product markets, industry dilemma prospects, etc., such articles are often subject to many people's attention. To sum up, promotional personnel need to pay attention to the role of financial Web site, some types of financial sites, can also become the release of soft paper channels. According to the author's experience, the comprehensive financial site most have a high weight, for the soft text of the forwarding and promotion benefits.

Micro-Credit Account channel

The reason why the micro-letter out, the author has its own reasons. First of all, micro-letter has a closed-loop marketing environment, and other marketing channels can not communicate. Second, the micro-letter has a large number of users, this point for marketing the meaning of the needless to say. These two points decide to use the micro-letter as a new soft text distribution channel. In the Internet, soft text is not posted through the post, you can through the forum, not through the forum, you can through the blog. But in the mobile internet world, there are only micro-letters. Because of the privacy of micro-letters, so it is not possible through straightforward soft text marketing, which instead played a reverse role. Many micro-letter public accounts in the trial of serial stories, serial pictures, serialized comics and other ways to attract potential users, things are changing, but the size and effect of change, but also to be tested market performance.

The reason why these three kinds of soft Wen release channel is called The new channel, is because these three kinds of channels can realize the soft text dissemination more widely. For example, through the new media release soft text, you can get multiple reprint. Through the financial website release soft text, can obtain the high rate of collection. Through the micro-letter to publish, you can try new marketing channels. After all, promoting sales is the purpose of soft writing. This article by "The Wrecker truck" original, reprint please specify.

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