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IPhone 5S Release Date latest forecast rollup consistently points to July

Apple's announcement this year is iphone5s, but it's not known when the new iphone will be released. The following is the latest forecast from some well-known Apple analysts and Apple's Web site by foreign media iclarified, let's take a guess: Rbccapitalmarkets, an investment company RBC analyst Amitdaryanani: Our supply chain message indicates ... Apple will also release iphone5s and a cheaper iphone, which should be released at the end of Q2 ...

Android 5.0 Anecdotal Summary: too much change

There is no doubt that the Android 5 system will be very exciting, it will be Google after Honeycomb and ice Cream sandwich again to bring us a series of major changes in the Android version. We now believe that Android 5 will be named after key Lime pie (lime pie). When Google officially launched the Android 4.4 Kat update on October 31, 2013, although the upgrade was modest, we all know that Android 5 has gone from ...

Mo 4.3 Android version of the line with the "activities nearby"

September 16, the geographical location of mobile social products Mo hand Baidu mobile phone assistant, 91 assistants, Android Market joint starting 4.3 Android version. It is understood that the MO version of iOS will also be approved after the recent Apple online. Version 4.3 focuses on "Nearby activities" upgrades and other features are optimized. The new "Nearby activities" feature adds a reminder mechanism that adds "activity dynamics." Once users and their friends participate in the activities of the new dynamic, users will receive the appropriate prompts. Like what...

Mobile apps will lead Chinese companies to victory

In the Kangzhi mobile "New World", Chinese entrepreneurs and developers are trying to play a game with international Masters.   Some of them will be given the opportunity to become a great enterprise in the new World of mobile interconnection, thus accomplishing the task of enterprise's rise. Although the industry's expected judgments vary, whether the successful developers of the old World in transition or the black horses born in the New world, it is almost unanimous that in the pan-software sector, mobile application development is the only one that Chinese practitioners can walk ...

BlackBerry is absolutely committed to getting BBM apps on Android and iphone

Absrtact: Despite the rain, the BlackBerry recently released a very weak quarterly earnings, disappointing the industry, in addition to the recent launch of the company's smartphone time is inappropriate. Now that BlackBerry is still slow to launch iOS and Android versions of the BBM, a move that has left the house in the rain, and the BlackBerry's latest quarterly earnings slump has disappointed the industry, the company's recent smartphone launch is out of date. Today, BlackBerry is still slow to launch iOS and Android version of the BBM, the move ...

Why HTML5 's final version will subvert the native app world

The 2007 World Wide Web Consortium Project HTML5, until the end of October 2014, the eight-year specification finally formally sealed. Over the past few years, HTML5 has subverted the pattern of PC Internet and optimized the experience of mobile Internet, and then HTML5 will subvert the native app world. This may sound alarmist, but if you take a serious look at the history of HTML5, you will find that this is the world's trend indeed. Know history to predict the future, first let us see why the birth of HTML5, these 8 years is how to come. One...

Microsoft launches new version of Office preview to cloud computing

Tencent Science and Technology (Mowgli) Beijing time July 17 news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft CEO Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) in Monday released a new version of Microsoft Office software Consumer Preview.   As Microsoft's cash cow product, office is moving toward cloud computing. With the new Office software, Microsoft lets consumers have the option to do more work by using a Web browser rather than installing an application on a PC. Although consumers can still choose and install Office ...

Looking at Android 5.0 's most anticipated new features from iOS6

From IOS6 look at Android 5.0 worth looking for features from IOS6 look Android 5.0 worth looking at Google Android 4.0 's promotion and user acceptance are not widely flowering, Apple is rolling out iOS 6, which includes more than 200 updates and many Chinese localization services, and, according to current news, perhaps both have set the date for the release of the latest system in the autumn, as if a confrontational test seems unstoppable. The beta version of IOS 6 has made the official version first, but Android ...

Candy smash sister Game "Pear Daddy Legend" is about to land in Android

"The Legend of the Pear Daddy" (Papa pear Saga) is a physics puzzle game, created by the developer King of the Legend of Candy Smash. The game is the first to launch a web version of Facebook, unusually hot, the current day active users have reached 4 million. King is also on the strike, announcing the launch of the Android and iOS version of the legend of the Pear Daddy. "Pear Daddy legend" Play is very simple, and we played in childhood pinball and forest ball is very similar: Players choose a good target angle artillery, let the shells in a variety of obstacles between the bombs.

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation No. 211: IPhone 5 Release

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] The ultimate thin Touch5 details of the six major improvements seem to have become the early morning of the Apple conference pronoun, 7 generation nano5.4mm,6 generation iphone7.6mm, and a new generation of touch is a 6.1mm of the ultimate slim idea. In addition to the thin, this time the newly released TOUCH5 has a lot to say. Small series for you to sum up the most outstanding six major improvements, let us feel ...

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