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With the success of the Lele search, the film Search Alliance, such as the bamboo of the emergence of a large number of, from now on it seems that Leleso is undoubtedly the biggest winner, but in the second half of last year in general for the film Search league is still a quiet six months. With the decline of Qqgou to the leleso of a single big, and then emerged like Ffmao,fomao and biyici these similar movie Search Alliance for the market, and also has a certain webmaster groups and user resources, forming a mutual separation of the situation.

But with the beginning of the new Year, Ffmao, Fomao site management of the transformation, lax management of the site. Make these two stations obviously slightly tired stamina is insufficient, at the same time Biyici but in 3 A to cooperate make the flow has a relatively big growth. So that Biyici can from the Ffmao and Fomao of the same level of competition, but compared to Leleso still have a certain gap.

To say that the movie search league most of the film webmaster is criticized is the problem of return, in fact, not only is the film webmaster worried, but also the movie Search Federation headache Problem, in fact, the face of many film webmaster, One search alliance will distribute its traffic evenly to each cooperative site by 1:2.

So this period of time and a lot of similar movie Search Alliance, but the threshold of the movie Search Alliance, and as some people think so low, as long as there is a film webmaster to join the flow of exchange, we can win. In fact, as a search alliance, they must have a certain flow of the basis, so as to better distribute the proportion of traffic between each site, but because they do not have a certain flow base, and want to rely solely on the exchange between the site to achieve the balance of flow returns, So often as a result of a serious imbalance in the flow rate of return. It also makes the movie webmaster lose confidence in the movie Search Alliance, A new upstart in recent times,op movie Search Alliance because of its steady flow exchange quality also slowly won a considerable part of the film Webmaster Trust, but there is no doubt that OP movie search is also facing the same problem as some other movie search alliances is whether the development of the same as the same as the 1:1.5 or higher exchange ratio? ? In the face of such problems, only through their own resources with the major flow of the Alliance or Advertising Alliance to carry out the flow of cooperation in order to maintain the current momentum of development. If OP movie search can solve these problems, you should be able to go farther and better.

Looking at the trend of future movie search, Leleso still may be in the film search industry in the leading position, but think of a single large or have a certain degree of difficulty, after all, the face of the large film stations or the heart is not enough, so the future trend may be a leleso mainly to Opopp, Biyici and other complementary movie search alliances coexist and develop.

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