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I do not advertise the site for a long time, but also manage and make a large size site. Baidu has never been a card station experience. But recently Baidu changes very crazy, encounter Baidu card station is also inevitable things. Just give yourself the chance to exercise your card station and restore your site to a small experience. My 51 battery network just one months, was Baidu card station and restore two times, now I have a simple summary and analysis of the following:

Baidu Card Station has three kinds of situation: 1:baidu Card Home page is not card, while the page continues to be included. 2:baidu Card Site Card inside the page does not card home, but the home page or some of the pages ranked well. 3:baidu Card Complete station and re indexed.

First: 51 Battery network analysis of Baidu Card station reasons:

Through site: URL or directly in the Baidu "url"

1: Server unstable

(1): Servers often appear to be stopped

(2): Baidu Spider to crawl when the site repeatedly can not open

(3): The Web server is too slow, you can use Ping Web site to check or open the site time spent.

2: The site was changed online

(1): The Web site uploaded to the Internet, just started and did not plan. Make constant changes home and inside page (column)

(2): The website uploaded to the Internet, has been regulated, but in the beginning of the Internet, slowly publicity but the home page or the inner pages do not melancholy meaning, and then make many changes.

3: Website Online Publicity

(1): The website uploaded to the Internet, purchase or exchange a large number of high-quality links.

(2): The website uploaded to the Internet, with software or manually send a lot of spam information

(3): The Web site uploaded to the Internet, added without editing content or edited content of gold is not high.

4: Online touch Baidu website

(1) Registered Baidu's account and then in, post Bar sent a large number of links and spam information.

(2) A short time to do a lot of Baidu in the knowledge of the same IP to ask or answer the propaganda way.

(3) registered a lot of blogs, at the same time in the blog to carry out a large number of promotional on behalf of the address or with a lot of blog comments and a link address.

5: Website optimization over (this should be specific analysis, since more to find reasons or ask Baidu and friends)

6: Site poisoning, when poisoning we have to carry out timely treatment.

Second: 51 Battery network Analysis Site recovery method, I use the method is very simple.

1: First when the website is card we want to analyze the reason for the website being card. What we have done before the card station, why the website was card.

(1): The website is optimized excessively, accumulates a lot of keywords. We need to cancel repetitive or unnecessary keywords.

(2): Whether the site has too many unedited content. At this point we are going to change the previous edits again.

(3): Whether the site appears too many dead links or irrelevant links, we have to clean.

2: At the same time according to the previous workload, daily plus a small amount of high-quality original or false original content.

3: As a link, you can and peers or not peer exchange a small number of links or write a blog everywhere manually send a small number of links for publicity.

Summary: When the site is card when we have to calmly analyze the reason for the card, and then the quality of the creation of content and to some blog to publicize, let Baidu in the second collection. When we do not more than the time when Baidu included or ranked. We just stick and keep doing good content I link.

51 Battery Network Welcome to share and exchange

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