Arctic Angel: Leonardo da Vinci fake event is a businessman's black heart or consumer irrational?

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Fake goods "Leonardo da Vinci" was positively but still insisted that "Italy production" "Leonardo da Vinci Home Situation" Yesterday in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other places held at the same time.  Strictly, this is just a video conference, the main venue in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Hangzhou and other venues, such as the venue, through a large screen "live" Beijing's venue. After Leonardo da Vinci's CEO Panjong a prologue, she began to stress that Leonardo da Vinci is a high-quality home brand agent. and insisted: "Leonardo da Vinci agent of the Italian brand, are produced in Italy, the original import." "Then Panjong began to talk about her undertaking, a number of media to interrupt her story, but she insisted on the words to say the end." There are several questions in the media about the origin of the exposed furniture.  Have not been answered.  Even Leonardo da Vinci Home Co., Ltd. President and Cabri Dike and many other suppliers of the President of the introduction meeting for one hours, still did not give a satisfactory explanation to many media reporters! "Goods" flood people so "worshipping" for what Leonardo da Vinci home known as "Italian origin" has been exposed to production in China, "from Australia" UGG is also only domestic small workshop production, "from the United States" Ashidan water heaters and "Italian fashion brand" Cardanton is edging ...  Relying on foreign brands to label the phenomenon of ultra-high prices, not uncommon, even to the extent of the rampant, why?  Fake foreign brands, affixed to the foreign label, hit the "original import", the value can be several times more than 10 times of value-added, ordinary one satchel can become a luxury to flaunt identity. To take the country has been in the fight against the UGG brand, just shoe box is the original imitation of the authentic style, in the material gap is very large, but once affixed to the foreign label UGG, in the overseas "stroll around" can be sold at high prices, and some even can sell to thousands of yuan a pair.  Just going abroad to "stroll around" does not change the nature of its inferior products. Reject "fake goods" "Counterfeit Chinese" the Arctic Angel reversed the consumer's confidence in the local brand not just some fake goods deceive the eyes of the people, counterfeit products are also common.  Obviously already is a foreign goods, but the whole product, such as some well-known brand "Chinese toothpaste" (is the Netherlands Unilever) "Big Treasure" (is the United States Johnson Company), etc. have long been acquired by foreign companies, but the general public still think they are domestic products. Put aside the "worshipping" consumption mentality, some real good products are better choice. To do warm products for the main brand-the Arctic Angel is such a good product. Last year, the Arctic Angel snow boots as a dark horse in the snow boot world, just a listing, on the creative hundred style, real materials, affordable prices by the vast number of beauty lady's favor. Arctic Angels have to handle nets, the United States Network, full network, can buy cola, love groups and other domestic well-known group purchase site cooperation, only January 2010 Arctic Angel Snow Boots total sales reached 48581 pairs, and strictHeavy hit the cottage snow boots market share.  Develop their own embryonic form, establish their own brand characteristics, pay attention to quality and consumer tastes, so we believe that it will go further. See the Leonardo da Vinci furniture and the events of the cottage UGG, we should society is so, "false goods" "counterfeit products" abound. Buy expensive things are fake, buy cheap is also false, since all is false, then why the hard earned money back to these "consumables" on? Why not invest in value-added products? Buy what you can afford and make it unique!
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