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The proverb has the cloud: the person's beginning, the sex is good, the sex is similar, the acquisition alike. At the beginning of e-mail, the world of email was quite pure. However, due to the low cost of mail delivery, mailing list collection convenient characteristics of the attraction, many people out of some kind of interest, frequent mass mailing for commercial profits, spam also produced. In the face of the fierce surge of spam intrusion, mail server Operators have stepped up the nature of mass mailing recognition, the establishment of a rigorous spam filtering mechanism, once touched on the relevant rules, immediately be judged as spam, and will lead to more innocent mail later also be implicated in the "Infernal Hell."

For enterprises, if the mass of some of the customer value of the mail and be misjudged, is undoubtedly a problem worthy of headaches. Not only directly affect the corporate image, at the same time the information can not be conveyed to the hands of customers, at all, do not reach the mass mailing low-cost, efficient results. In the face of heavy, experienced EDM email marketers can make it better. Here, the author summed up the success of the experience to everyone.

Why would a message be a spam message?

Messages are sent too often to be spam; the same type of mail address centralized arrangement, beyond the mail service at the same time the letter of the volume, easy to be thrown into the dustbin or be directly back to the letter; The account does not exist, the account is closed, the inbox is full, and so on, resulting in the message can not be delivered, leading to the The message subject and content is the same, the theme is too long, a bunch of special symbols, including sensitive words, text format fancy, hyperlinks, too poor HTML quality is to speed up the message was found to spam factors.

How to get rid of mail mass dilemma?

Workers! In the face of the above factors, the choice of a professional mail mass tool, is to help mail not be sentenced to spam, improve customer acceptance rate of the right-hand man. In the market on various types of mass mailing tools, to carry out a variety of testing and comparison, the industry's U-mail Mail mass system (www.magvision.com), said it is the successful mail mass of the road "the most advantageous blade."

U-mail Mail mass system to avoid the function of the garbage bin:

1 personalized domain name and variable settings. Just imagine, you received a letter in the enterprise domain name or name of the letter mail, what is your first instinct? It should be easy to associate with a member's notice or dynamic information related to it. This can not only enhance the brand image of the enterprise, but also effectively avoid customers to the strange mess of the domain name generated resistance, greatly improve the credibility of the message. At the same time, the use of u-mail mail mass system, an account can be completed on tens of thousands of mail mass, its mass efficiency can be imagined. Second, U-mail Mail mass system can also be in the address pool according to different customer information to insert custom variables, in the title or content of variable changes, such as "Mr. XXX/Madam", so that customers feel more cordial, and that is targeted mail, click to read on the logical. So humanized design, but also other mass mail software incomparable.

2 trigger-mail subscription and unsubscribe function. When the customer receives the promotion mail which the enterprise sends, when is interested in its product and the content may click the subscription link, then triggers has edited the Welcome to subscribe the mail; If the customer does not want to receive this kind of mail after the subscription to choose to unsubscribe, will no longer receive this IP address promotion mail, Avoid customers dropping into the trash bin or pulling into the blacklist when they continue to receive such emails. U-mail Mail mass system of this work also brings a lot of convenience: can use the subscription mail function, analysis which customers interested in such messages, while in the Unsubscribe mail editor unsubscribe reasons for customer choice, help enterprises grasp the follow-up strategy and content improvement of the thinking direction.

3 A variety of mail templates. Many of the current mail mass tools exist in the mail editing time-consuming, single template, do not support the page template, and so on, and u-mail mail mass system for these issues, the message template for a variety of settings. Users can not only online text and image editing, but also from the already edited Web site or local files directly to the content import, e-mail editing efficiency, so that users big call easy. Text and HTML support, so that the content of the message more rich, so that your message looks more visually, improve customer interest in reading the message.

4 Strong message monitoring and statistics. We in the mail mass delivery success, look forward to know how much effect? Enter the whole process of u-mail according to the monitoring module, the transmission rate of success, failure rate, the rate of open mail, link clicks, etc. have detailed statistics, provide more than a number, each item can be detailed to the specific user email address, and can export view or list classification, but also the failure of the reasons for analysis and statistics so that the sender at a glance. U-mail mail mass system data monitoring in addition to let us see the effect, help us to target customer groups accurately, save resources, more powerful to promote the continuous development of the EDM bulk mail.

U-mail as a professional mass mailing platform for mail delivery rate of high standards is beyond doubt, in this, the diversification of the function is to improve the credibility of the message to avoid the false message of the paving stone. U-mail Mail mass system Professional and outstanding performance, whether can bring you good luck?

Successful EDM marketing, can not be separated from the excellent mass mailing tools, but many mass strategy is also the need for marketers to do a lot of scrutiny, so the enterprise EDM marketing Road to go farther, smoother.

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