Forum system juteforum based on Java EE

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Forum system juteforum based on Java EE

As we all know, BBS is in the Internet as a necessary to do the site, I am afraid that every friend on the internet has been to BBS, to other people's Forum irrigation water or communication technology, at the same time perhaps because you have a very professional characteristics, I hope to start a professional forum for your friends, peers, As well as the national staff to participate in technical exchanges.
You will consider many things, such as how to purchase domain names, lease space, install forum software, and so on. Buy a domain name you just go to Http://'s website to buy a domain name, space leasing, you can find your friends to consult, or directly from the space service provider to understand the relevant situation. Installing a forum may be a difficult thing to do for you.
In fact, the installation of the forum is also an easy thing. Of course, there are a lot of free forum programs on the Internet, now the Forum program is mainly used in the language of CGI, PHP, ASP, Java, taking into account the future scalability, professionalism, security and other characteristics, the comparison of various languages, Java is the most powerful, its security is also the highest, Speed is also fast, and can support large Web sites, and Oracle and other large databases, so you can decide to use Java Written forum program.

Java Forum in the domestic relatively excellent belongs to the jute Forum, is developed by the domestic jute development team using Java technology, is developed from July 2002 onwards, from the Jute 0.8 beta Development has now released the Jute 1.7 version, according to the development team said, The version number consists of two digits, the first digit is the major version number, the second is the auxiliary version number, the secondary version number is the development version, and the even number is the stable version. In the past few years, the team has opened Jute CMS, Jute blog and other products, specific information you can view the official website:

Jute employs a number of Java EE Technologies, written mainly according to the servlet 2.3 specification, to support all compliant application servers. Other technologies used include: JDBC, Database Mapping, Javabean,template,full-text Search Engine,xml,xslt,cache. Three-layer MVC structure, tested to run on a variety of application servers, generally recommend the use of resin and tomcat, such as free Application server, background database for the popular relational database, now support MySQL and Oracle database, will also support the future DB2, MS SQL, Hsql database, view the jute design of the database structure, is also very mature and optimized.

Compared with other forum procedures, jute has many attractions.

1. Speed:

Jute execution is fast. is currently a faster forum program, because of the use of cache technology and servlet multithreading mechanism, the speed has been greatly improved. You can browse view speed, while looking at jute products customers such as: such a large flow of the forum speed is still very fast.

2. Easy to use and install:

installation program, as long as you upload the appropriate files and directories, there is an automatic installation program, you just perform the installation directory of the index.jsp, everything will be automatically completed, with the installation of many programs in China, its complexity is very low. Suitable for anyone to use and install. and has a sound technical support. In its user support forums, the questions I ask are usually answered and resolved on the same day.

3. Platform:

Because Java is cross-platform, it can be installed on WINDOWS,LINUX,FREEBSD and other operating systems jute

4, Performance:

Allow more than 100,000 people to register and more than 1000 people online at the same time, but also to ensure your forum speed and server performance.

5, Security:

BBS is a networked product, security is very important. Jute has multiple protection measures, which are divided into two parts: system security and content security.

System security includes:

User Login to enter the check code, to prevent someone using the poor lifting tool to crack the member's password.

Administrator into the background to enter the user name and password to verify that the username and password is independent, not the Administrator login forum username and password.

There's another line of defense. IP restrictions allow administrators to enter the background only at a specific IP.

Content security includes:

Jute can be set to filter sensitive keywords, can effectively filter the administrator do not want to display statements. For the topic Sensitive Forum can open moderator audit function, all the topic article (or/and) reply to the article need moderator audit later to see. Jute can be set up a variety of sections, allowing anonymous access to the plate that users do not need to log in to browse; read-only plate does not allow users to post, generally as a bulletin board use; the encryption plate only its members can use, non-members do not see its existence; audit posts need to be audited to publish , you can also set the number of posts or points not less than a certain amount to use the plate.

Jute security system is a major feature, the use of bitwise operation and mask to improve the speed of authentication, jute can set up administrators, general moderators, classification moderators, moderators, deputy moderators and many other roles. You can set up member groups, each with a different set of permissions.

6, Data backup:

It can be done on any platform that allows you to back up the forum data and move to another server, and these operations are simple.

7. Function:

Almost all of the functions of the BBS, has been in the jute to show incisively and vividly.

Jute uses templates to dynamically generate HTML or XML to display the interface, and can match different locale resource files to display the interface language and some special meaning information. Templates are defined in the Templates directory, and resource files are defined in the resources directory. Administrators can also install a variety of different styles of templates so that the Forum interface to meet the requirements

Jute support 4 kinds of posts and 2 ways of sorting, in the topic list page can also generate tree display, and can be a clue or response time to the main post back to order, which makes the likes of tree or tile users can meet. Administrators can set the default user's browsing and sorting methods in the background, and the general forum does not have so many optional options.

Jute support URL Automatic recognition, texture, smiley mark, jute mark, picture Mark ... These tag functions are defined in XML files, and users can modify them according to their own needs.

Jute uses cookies to identify the user, all of the user's data is stored on the server side, and the information in the cookie is encrypted by DES. There are two ways to register a new user, depending on the administrator's settings: Register now, or post a temporary password to the user after registering. Administrators can also view management logs and user logon logs in the background.

Scheduled tasks: This is jute unique features, you can install new planning tasks to help manage the forum, greatly reduce the difficulty of your management, improve your efficiency. A few of the default scheduled tasks,

1. Eliminate outdated online records, that is, how long time the number of online

2. Management Forum article index for Full-text search search engine use

3. Statistical forum access to data, need to run a regular day, collect data for future report generation

4. Analysis of the number of points in the forum to generate reports

5. Database backup, export all records of the database, and compressed into a zip file, such as set up an FTP account, will automatically uploaded to the FTP remote directory

6. Mailing list record export, export file in backup directory

7.FTP Bot, can list FTP files or directories, and generate HTML from XSLT

8. Send Email task, the message will be sent in the background batch.

In addition, jute supports the size checking of files such as jpg,gif,png,swf, and is displayed correctly in the article (for large pictures also support scaling, this feature is not in the General forum). Attachment upload can retain the original file name, and download the time can be restored, the Chinese file name is no problem.

There are many items in the user's personal attributes, which are used to set up personal data and the presentation of the Forum. Users can choose a personal avatar, JUTE has a common head picture to choose from, users can upload their favorite picture, the administrator can set the size of upload pictures, long width, and the user posted to a certain number of posts to upload their own.

Jute's Full-text search is very fast and does not rely on the database to reduce the load on the database, which is more advantageous than most other forums by database SQL statements to complete the search. Search results will have keywords highlighted and allow multiple keywords or filter some keyword queries. Forum search function also depends on the identity of the user, if you do not have a section of the browsing authority, the post will not be displayed in the search results.

Forum Publishing page Management: Management Center has a strong HTML editor, administrators can use to publish pages, and can customize the Forum bulletin, Forum rules, and so on, generated pages will automatically include the Forum header and footer.

Post management: Can the post for arbitrary scores of encryption, the post marked as the essence, in the management Center can bulk processing posts, and another database based search engine, can carry out complex query work.

Other functions: There are too many functions need time to express, such as user integration function, the reservoir does not calculate the amount of posts.

8, Jute Support language:

Currently supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese. Professional version of the jute allows administrators to install multiple interface languages (such as EN, zh_ch, ZH_TW, JP), users can switch to their own accustomed language at any time, the user will not log in according to the operating system locale to choose.

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