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SNS is the social network service, which can be said to be second only to Weibo. So popular, so more and more people in the above release a number of promotional information. People who like to play the social network will find that there are a lot of inexplicable people add you, and every day to publish some advertising information, people are very disgusted. So, how do we do SNS promotion does not make people feel disgusted? We divided it into three parts.

Account Strategy

Since want to do promotion on the website, then need to register an account, if we want to promote the company's brand, it is best real name. If only in order to promote the words can adopt beauty strategy. Because the success of SNS promotion is largely determined by the number of friends, beauty is more attractive, many people like to focus on beauty. Many SNS promoter uses the beauty strategy. We should pay attention to the following points when registering the account:

1. Information is true. Many people register account when a look at the information is very false, it is certainly not, first of all, you add friends when others will not pass, our information to be half real state, you can borrow friends around the relevant situation to modify personal information, such personal data is more real.

2, sexy avatar. Since it is a beauty strategy, so sexy avatar is essential. Do not find a star on the Internet or Internet reds, it is best to find some people are not very famous photos, you can also find a photo PS treatment, after all, without the consent of others to borrow photos of others is violated the portrait, so we can find a picture on the internet to carry out a thorough large PS, In advance to ensure that the PS photos are beautiful, not dinosaurs.

3. Young background. Can put their own account background set into a, a, this category of people are more popular, and like to visit these SNS site is basically 80, the group, so relatively easy to have a common topic.

Second, the popularity

After registering a good account, the most important thing is to add friends, only a certain number of friends, your information can be promoted to more people, so that more people to promote you. We see happy net, everyone online those popular posts of the initiator of the number of friends are thousands, then how to increase popularity?

1, you can first home some friends, and then add friends inside friends, so that people see your friend application, you have a common friend, so the possibility of a small point of refusal. When looking for friends, we should pay attention to two points: first, the establishment of a good target crowd, we can not blindly in order to increase the number of quantity, we must look for relevant needs. It is lumbar disease, can look for some already work white-collar or IT staff, this kind of people sit in the office for a long time easy to get lumbar disease, you send some information may cause such people's attention. Second, the relevant industries have influence and appeal to the crowd.

2, search in the station, we can in the station in accordance with the region, school, age, sex and other search friends, such as we want to find the IT industry can find some famous college computer professional, the following figure he first recommended to you with your city, after all, is a fellow, so add friends success rate is also very large. Everyone in the outside study hard, see hometown people always have a kind of intimacy.


3, the initiative, in their own posts or reprint to add their friend's link address, so that more people see your posts active add you, such words will not worry about no friends.

Third, SNS promotion means-reprint or post

Reprint is like a virus, the speed of transmission is not too fast ah. So the post became the key, we want a and the post has a large number of reprint volume, the post must be able to be a large number of people like. I remember seeing a post from a cosmetic practitioner's point of view on the market for some cosmetics on the perception and quality of products and how to identify the quality of cosmetics, and in each cosmetics below all put a Taobao sellers. A look will know this article is Taobao Guest wrote, but why the article reprint rate so high, because he from the community to visit the vast majority of women's perspective to write, more close to life, but also everyone needs. So our posts must meet the needs of others, so the number of people reprinted.

We can add some comments in the transfer of other posts, comments when everything cleverly added our keywords, so that our key words have a good show, it is best that your comments can arouse other people's resonance or discussion, thereby increasing the amount of transmission and propagation speed. In fact, whether it's reprint or posting, the most important premise is that this post to arouse the interest of others and reprint of the desire, if you do not reprint the number of posts, even if you write the hype is no use, we promote the purpose is to let that more people know, so must be someone, So want to draw attention to the content of your posts must be from the human nature, to find out the majority of people on this issue of concern or point of contention, to attract more people to go in.

In fact, in the final analysis of our SNS promotion can be summed up with a word is "people", we more from the desire for human nature, the point of view, focus on the point.

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