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The effect of plain text link on website optimization This is a more controversial issue, on the Internet is also full of such comments, that the pure text link is done some useless, is a kind of useless things, and even some Daniel also think that this question who also said not clear, but from my personal observation and understanding, I think that the pure text link to the website optimization is to have the promotion function, but is not useless.

What is a plain text link

Plain text links, is the plain text, not put in the URL, such as the page only appears text such as: Www.b9b8.net Click does not exist link. This link is controversial, the main point of contention I think focus on the search engine crawl is the key word, or calculate the link.

Second, plain text links are crawled to calculate the keyword or link

No doubt, I stand in the position of the link, from the definition of what I mean is plain text links, search engines Crawl is the source of the Web page, such URLs and hyperlinks can be entered into the Web site database. Let's do a simple example.

1, we in the Baidu search box input www.***.net, you can see: The following is the page contains "www.***.net" results, as shown in the figure.

2, we are in the Baidu search box input b9b8, you can see that there is no hint of the result, as shown in the picture.

We can see that in Baidu search has been such as a link to do the processing, rather than as a keyword to points, some people will say, that is Baidu related domain, this does not conflict, domain is the domain name.

Third, the pure text link to the website optimization influence

1, the pure text link promotes the outside chain diversification

That's what I wrote yesterday. "Simulation users to increase the diversity of the chain of search engine optimization" Inside has mentioned the problem of the diversification of the chain construction, a variety of links as much as possible to simulate the user, it seems natural and effective, which said that the pure text links, hyperlinks and anchor text mixed use, so that the whole chain of natural construction.

2, plain text link can effectively transfer weight

Plain text link links not as many people say, no use, in fact, the role is not small, I wrote an article before, "The attention of the blog: NetEase blog also play nofollow", this article everyone's reaction is not bad, the content is my experimental process, illustrated, this article is certainly included, But we check this link, but is not included, and some copy of the content is included (as pictured) what is the reason? We compare the articles before and after my article to find out the problem.


2-1 content, this article is my own practice to write, illustrated, there is no possibility of not included.

2-2 structure, there is no level too deep and not be included in the problem, because I compared to my upper and lower, I was the only later not included.

There is a point, that is, a large number of output caused the loss of the weight of the page, we can see from the figure, comments there are a large number of plain text links, in other words, plain text has been the weight of the page output. As shown (more comments, just cut a small picture)


3, the pure text link extended out of own comment management

From the above case, plain text links to the site is still some, not negligible. On the contrary, as a webmaster, the site has a number of places on the free release of content, that requires us to do the appropriate restrictions to ensure that the weight of their own web pages do not lose, and A5 to comment on the Web site recently made adjustments, using a closed screen, effectively curb the release of spam. In addition, today I also observed a new way, is the pseudonym use the URL, such links and to be textual.

The above is my personal opinion, welcome everyone in the comments pointed out that the shortage, feel good words to help me under, this article from the Taiyuan Moving Network www.sx-by.com original, starting A5, reprint please keep the link, welcome everyone to communicate with me, qq:1660522481

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