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In many cases, the use of video is undoubtedly a good way to improve the user friendly experience degree. But as a seoer we all know that the video is currently not friendly to search engines. So how to better deal with our video optimization? The author will share five techniques of video optimization in this article, hoping to help.

One: Video Long tail keyword research

As with the text content optimization rankings, as video optimization if we want to get more traffic we also need to find the relevant video long tail keyword. So how do we find the hot video long tail keywords? Generally we are looking for long tail keywords often use search engines, through the Search engine drop-down list box of information to find, for video keyword search is the same. We can directly into the domestic more famous online video site Youku or potatoes, in the search box to enter our video content keyword, you can find in the Drop-down list box There are many related long tail keywords, as shown in the following figure


Of course, we can also use the video site search after the relevant search section to find long tail keywords.


We also have the same video on the search engine's down box to find long tail keywords, such as our use of Baidu's video search, as shown in the following figure


Second: Submit Sitemap to search engine

We know that the search engine is not good to identify the video, then we can use the Sitemap to better let the search engine to find our video, then we will see how to submit to Google Sitemap

1: Create an XML-formatted video map file that tells the search engine where your page is, where your video is, plus some video information.

2: Submit your sitemap file through Google Webmaster Tools

3: Once you do this Google, Google in most cases can well crawl your video page and your video can appear in the general search results index. So how do you know if your video has been indexed? We can use "site:www.***.com" on Google's Video search page to view indexed video information.


Third: Help visitors share your videos

As a webmaster we should be aware of the social signal to the site SEO role, and today's history of social networking is a geometric rapid development, domestic as long as the internet will generally have their own social network. Combining our video with social sharing is not only going to make our videos more widely available, but also to promote the social signals of our sites.


So what do we need to do about this? The answer is simply to add a video sharing button to our video page. As shown in the YouTube video page below, we need to be aware that many webmasters will only remember to add social sharing buttons, ignoring the video address, flash address, HTML code, Plus these three parts will make it easier for our users to share our videos on blogs or forums.


Four: Create an attractive video thumbnail

Users come to our site, do not know the content of the video, how to better attract the attention of users? Out of the title, the description of efforts, we can also draw on some attractive video miniature.

So what do you need to be aware of using a miniature map?

1: Clear, bright, focus, with good visual effects.

2: Content needs to attract people, so as to attract users to click

3: Need to be able to accurately express your video content.


Five: To ensure that the target page loading speed

One of the factors that search engine rankings is the speed of the website loading. In essence, search engines want users to find the content they want more quickly, which can improve the user experience and reduce the bounce rate. For video pages, you need to pay more attention to the loading speed of the page.

With some free tools, you can better evaluate your site's speed:

1:page speed: Open source Firefox browser plugin that can be used to evaluate Web site speed performance

2:yslow: Another firefox browser plug-in, installation before the need to install Firebug, can analyze the Web page, and can suggest how you optimize.

3:webpagetest: Online tool to optimize Web page loading speed

For the optimization of the video page, we need to pay attention to the optimization details there are many. The above five points is only a good point, hope to be able to optimize the video page for everyone to help. This article by the Baby Barber which brand good stationmaster original, reprint please retain the source.

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