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Fast/alltheweb is the fastest growing search engine in the world, currently supports 225 file format searches, and its database already contains 2.1 billion web files in 49 languages, More than Google's 2.07 billion web database (Google Web database capacity has now reached 3 billion web documents, again more than Fast/alltheweb). And with its fast update speed, high search accuracy and received wide attention, is considered to be Google's strong competitors.

Company Background

Fast, headquartered in Norway, was founded in 1997, and its technology originated from the research and development results of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norwegian University of Sciences and Marvell). The company is called Fast Search & Transmits (FAST) ASA, while AllTheWeb (ATW) is its external display technology window site.

Search Application

AllTheWeb belongs to the Full-text search engine. Currently provides general search, advanced search, and theme search capabilities.

general search supports common keyword searches, as well as logical command symbols such as + 、-、 brackets (), corresponding Boolean logic commands such as and, not, or, and can be used for exact matching searches using quotation marks "" (This feature can also be achieved by Exact Phrase on the right side of the search box). In addition, the AllTheWeb engine supports the following special search commands:

url.tld:domain such as "URL.TLD:CN" to limit the search for a top-level domain suffix with ". cn" (China) page data. and "url.tld:com" is to find the domain name suffix ". com" Business Web site information.

Link.all:URLtext Find other pages that are linked to a Web page. such as "" will search for other pages that point to the search engine's home page.

Normal.title:text searches for pages that contain certain text in the title of the page. For example, "Normal.title: Search Engine" is to find all the titles containing the words "search engine" page.

Url.all:text a Web page that contains specific text in a query URL. For example, search engine through the Web page URL is: "", then in the input "Url.all:alltheweb", you can directly find this page.

Normal.titlehead:text Search titles or HTML code <head></head> pages that contain specific text

Url.domain:text look for pages that contain certain text in the domain name.

link.extension:text such as "link.extension:jpg" to find a Web page that contains a ". jpg" suffix image file.

Advanced Search provides qualified language, keyword filtering, domain name filtering, IP address filtering and the designation of Web page size and other advanced search capabilities to facilitate more accurate user inquiries. In particular, it is worth mentioning that AllTheWeb allows you to query Web pages by update time, a feature that even Google does not have.

Theme Search includes news search, FTP file search, image search, video file search, Macromedia Flash Search and MP3 search.

. Advantages and Disadvantages

Fast/alltheweb Database has large capacity, fast update, high search accuracy, and it is reflected that other search engines can not find information, so it is a very good search tool. But it also has its drawbacks.

such as the Chinese support is not very good, and in the default for any language query, the return of the Chinese results are sometimes garbled, you must manually select the language to normal search; In addition, Fast/alltheweb's Web page summary is not currently dynamically generated (October 2002, fast/ AllTheWeb to dynamic summary, resulting in users can not easily select the most desired results from the summary, and so on, these aspects have yet to be improved.

Website Login

AllTheWeb does not encourage direct submission of websites, it can track Internet links automatically to find your site. At present, the ATW database in Simplified Chinese web page has reached 45 million, ranked seventh in all languages.


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