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Forum post or grab sofa? An outside chain must face the problem! In fact, this problem can be updated, such as: what is a sofa, why to rob the sofa, grab the benefits of the sofa, how to rob the sofa? Which forums are worth robbing the couch? Ybsong is SEO, so this article mainly from the perspective of SEO discussed these issues. But more often, Rob Sofa is the forum irrigation fun, is the way of friends ridicule, the humanities aspects of the problem is not discussed in this article.

One, what is sofa, why is it called sofa, what is the meaning of sofa?

According to Baidu Encyclopedia query, forum sofa that is the first thread of people called "sit sofa."

The original meaning of "sofa" is derived from the Chinese extended reading of the letter SF, which is intended to be the second floor of the English abbreviation, namely: Second FLOOR=SF. Post on the forum, the theme of the first floor, the first reply is the second floor, hence the first reply referred to as SF, and then a lot of topics on the first floor of the content is not enough, the second floor and even the third floor has become the subject matter, so, gradually, whether or not the second floor, as long as the theme post after the first reply, have been used to call it SF, have been followed.

Of course, there is another way.

It is said that the word sofa first appeared in a Cheng People's forum, basically the origin of the sofa is: someone sent the United States NV Map, the reply to the person said good, to sit on the sofa xxx. Then, those who send a good picture of support are said to sit on the sofa. Later, many thoughtful people do not understand the word sofa and then think that the sofa refers to the first person to reply, now many people first reply to say sit is sofa, really ... See an anti-ri paste also go to sit on the sofa, see a Zheng stick also go to sit sofa, you really good energy. A salute to so many sitting on the couch!!!


But I also saw an explanation is: "A group of people looking at the stickers, suddenly a very new resource out, the first reply to the sigh of a: so fast, after all the new resources are people go up sigh so fast." Sofa is so fast homophonic, and then spread down. ”

Either way, the word is now being abused in the forum, and it has become a means of watering, and it is expected that the forum will also be sealed off in the future. A forum on the Netizen cloud: "Use too much simply overflow, but also indirectly lead to a sharp decline in the quality of the post." This low-brow thing just reminds me of the first snow of Dao Lang! "And now also extended the third floor is to sit on the bench, the use of the first argument is easy to explain, Rob not to sit on the couch, the bench will be." If you use the second statement, you can't explain what the bench is? So like that, the fourth floor is to sit on the floor, the fifth floor is to sit in the basement, the sixth floor is where to sit?

Second, what is Rob sofa, why call Rob Sofa, rob sofa what meaning?

We understand what the sofa means, then the meaning of the grab sofa is easy to understand. Sofa is such a valuable resource (each post only one), of course, many people want to occupy this position, so it produced a grab sofa!

Third, the benefits of the sofa, why rob the sofa?

Originally to rob the sofa just to increase their exposure rate and reflect their attention to the forum, become part of the fun of irrigation. Slowly, we found the sofa business significance, that is, the value of promotion. The value of the promotion is mainly embodied in: 1. Increased attention, read the post had to look at the sofa, similar to the TV series inserted ads. 2. Many forums are included in the fast, only the sofa to ensure that the content is included. 3. Sofa generally will not be deleted, plus signature, the effect of advertising is very good. For example, Ybsong's signature generally have some URLs, so grab a sofa on more than one outside the chain.

How to grab the sofa?

How can we get to the couch? Generally speaking, sofa is reserved for diligent people, only diligence is easy to "catch up" sofa. Specifically, the technique has quick thread method, such as direct "sofa", "top" and so on. This is very easy to be harmonious, so there are improvement programs, such as "This I do not understand, passing the help of the top", "Fortunately, I do not/like/understand/encounter" and so on, so the probability of a higher number. Or in charge of the original word, or to the landlord evaluation, so that the effect of a lot of high. The essence is to use shortcut keys, and then Fast Mouse is not fast but "small Li knife", faster but shortcut keys. A common use is to refresh "F5", the end of the footer, paste "Ctrl + V" and reply "Ctrl + ENTER" or "enter".

Mastery of the above skills, then grab the sofa is very casual!

Five, there is no grab sofa software, which forum is worth robbing sofa?

Is there any software to rob the sofa? The answer is some, but Ybsong find a few, are not very good, but also a long time no update. The difficulty of making the sofa software is not very good, there is a need for students to use a type of Button Wizard tools to make a comparison command is not a lot.

So those forums are worth robbing the couch? In fact, most of the forums are worth robbing the sofa, unless the inside of the post no one back, or are spam posts. Accurate will, as long as easy to be included in the search engine forums are worth robbing sofas, such as Webmaster Class forum.

Six, forum post or Rob sofa?

As the optimization of personnel and outside the chain of personnel, then we should be posting or rob the sofa it? Heng on Heavy Industry Network Department of the results of the discussion, the main sofa, thread for auxiliary, occasional original. The effect of the grab sofa is the most direct, but also the fastest. followed by the thread, the thread of the space is relatively large, but also easy to resonate, and even let others click on the link, but not on the front page of the thread meaning is not very big. In the end, only the original paste, to ensure their position, only more meaningful. A own original paste, sofa is their own, replies to their own thread, the overall effect is better, but also spend more time. webmaster contributions in A5.

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