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In the Dark Horse business district, the Dark Horse to tutor learning, learning from each other, is the most common occurrence. Through learning and communication, each dark horse can benefit from it, adjust their direction of progress, faster to achieve success.

Dark Horse members, Qingdao Cloud Network Information Co., Ltd. founder Wang Peia in 2014 years, wrote an article, back to his entrepreneurial experience more than half a year, have content, have dry goods, small series feel very worthy to share. Also welcome other entrepreneurs to chat about your experience, reproduced this article please indicate the source.


I was July 2013 in Qingdao again entrepreneurial, half a year more time, experienced a lot also harvested a lot. The most fortunate is to join the Black Horse will (I black horse Note: Black Horse number 008) and the Qingdao Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the organization of the two entrepreneurs, know countless entrepreneurial partners, these are my life in the noble. Everyone said that entrepreneurs are lonely, only entrepreneurs themselves together to motivate each other to summon up greater courage in the entrepreneurial road proudly forward. Before the Spring Festival with Dark horse Big Brother, Dark Horse will be Secretary-General and Rich Capital founder Yang Shoubin Exchange, Yang gave me a lot of suggestions on the road, and advised me to back up my own entrepreneurial experience and business model, I will take advantage of the Spring Festival these days of rare leisure time to write their own entrepreneurial experience and thinking, With all the brothers and sisters walking on the entrepreneurial road to share, exchange and mutual encouragement.

I have been in charge of the United States in the traditional retail market and channels, but also done E-commerce home appliances on behalf of the operation, the last venture also chose the field of electrical business. Before this time, I have other entrepreneurial experience, but have failed, lessons learned in the future to share with you.

Entrepreneurial first to determine the good products, my goal is the fruit line online sales, and Turpan song Peak group cooperation, to carry out Xinjiang characteristics of agricultural products sales, including Xinjiang's dried fruits and fresh fruit, the capital to take the form of the first goods, the first sell goods, and then knot, rely on the profits generated by the turnover and circulation. Since last June, my entrepreneurial process has been divided into four stages:

The first stage: 2013 6-July, through the Internet new media means sales of Hami melon, Turpan hami melon to create the mode of origin.

I am under the Mountain Melon melon field hanging banner photo, let Uighur girl hand melon to netizens greetings, promote the origin of direct sales. Turpan Basin is an oasis in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang, all water from the Tianshan snow melts into, after mountain infiltration, rich in minerals, sunshine time up to 16 hours, day and night temperature difference, and very few pests and diseases, unique geographical location and natural conditions to achieve the world's most delicious cantaloupe and grapes. Eastern people do not go to Turpan is difficult to eat so authentic so sweet fruit, I want to publicize is the origin of direct sales.

This stage of publicity through micro-letter and micro-blog to carry out sales, drainage to the formation of Taobao trading. Micro-letter is the Qingdao daily newspaper group's handheld Qingdao micro-trust platform cooperation, from the palm of Qingdao to my trip to Turpan Live, a comprehensive introduction to the landscape of Turpan, guide the micro-friends to buy, and micro-bo is through large drainage of the way forward micro-bo, drainage to Taobao for sale. Expectations are good, but the actual effect is unsatisfactory. Hami Melon on the market sell four or five dollars a catty, and my cantaloupe to sell 10 yuan a catty, the price difference is too big, although the taste is also very different, but consumers do not eat will not buy your single. This stage Hami melon sold more than 100 boxes, resulting in more than 10,000 sales, but the first batch of goods into more than 1000 boxes to Qingdao, there are more than 900 boxes, more than half a month can not sell cantaloupe will be broken.

Phase II: 2013 7-September, offline sales

As Simple network sales do not achieve the desired effect, we must think of other ways to remedy. By the cooperation with the palm of Qingdao, I took some hami melon to the newspaper editors to cut and eat, the editors feel delicious, said that the whole life did not eat so delicious cantaloupe, so the newspaper inside to buy, only the newspaper within the land continued to buy dozens of cases. Inspired by this I decided to change the overall sales strategy, from online promotion to offline sales, the target group is the office white-collar, sales method is to cut Hami melon let them free to eat, free taste, feel good to buy again.

I negotiate with the property of each office, pay rent in the form of office lobby set up promotional stalls, Xinjiang Hami melon, red jujube, walnuts, raisins, figs, apricot, etc. in the Office lobby site sales. The melon cut into countless small pieces, plug in the toothpick, let a passing office white-collar free to eat, while carrying a plate of delicious cantaloupe to the office free delivery. Many people are embarrassed to eat when they pass by, but they can eat them before they arrive at their desks. The office generally refuses door-to-door sales, but the free fruit is a pleasure to accept. At the same time to carry out Office internal group purchase, you can buy a case alone, you can buy a box together.

Free to try to eat the model received unexpected effect, sales is very obvious, the first batch of products quickly digest, every day dozens of cases of dozens of cartons of sales, but due to the time, to the late or bad more than 300 boxes. This is the raw and fresh electricity business of the sore spot, inadvertently products lost!

In order to further improve the taste of the product and freshness period, all the Hami melon by air to Qingdao, from the farm from miles away to pick up the mouth of consumers only need a day's time, further enhance the reputation. In the next two months, I will talk about an office building, one office push, by August, Turpan grapes also listed, the same popular, fruit and dried fruits together to sell, the average daily sales of about 6000 yuan, the best day to reach the record-breaking 20,000 yuan. This phase lasted until mid-autumn festival in mid-September, which was the best two months to sell in half a year. But a long question of time has slowly arisen.

The number of office buildings in Qingdao is limited, uttered less than 100, can let the lobby promotion is also 30 or so, and each building's consumption ability is also different, some consumption ability is strong, some consumption ability is poor, slowly found no floor to go, the second, third promotion effect also can not reach the first effect, Because everyone buys the first time is the picture is fresh, these things cannot buy every day, the office sale has appeared the bottleneck. But at the same time also found a good factor, a lot of repeat customers, these repeat customers buy cantaloupe and grapes are not for their own eat, but to their friends and relatives, word-of-mouth dissemination of the effectiveness of the show.

Phase III: 2013 10-December, expansion

After October 2013, I began the third stage of exploration, embarked on the road of team expansion, the target group is not only for office workers, but expanded to the private sector owners, sales model is no longer passive, but active attack. The city zoned area, recruitment salesman, in accordance with the model of fast consumer goods to sweep the street, sweeping wholesale market, holding a try to eat products so that everyone free to eat, free taste, feel delicious and then purchase a single. This is the way I still believe in a very good way, but for various reasons I have encountered the biggest dilemma of this venture, mainly reflected in two aspects.

The first aspect is the human aspect, this phase of my logic is to recruit enough salesman to sweep the street, a salesman every day to achieve 1000 yuan performance, 10 salesman can reach 10,000, 100 salesman can reach 100,000, one year is 40 million, I still believe that this logic is established, There is enough market space in the health food industry to support this data. But in the recruitment and sales of business encountered a huge resistance, one is not the right person to recruit, the second is to recruit people to meet the expectations. Outstanding performance can be completed a day thousand performance, but more finished, this with my management, training, and the salesman's own personality, initiative are closely related to the team up to 15 people, but the results are far from the expected performance, this stage also swallowed up the earlier not easy to make profits.

The second aspect is the product side, into the October, Turpan Hami Melon under the city, Aksu Apple and Korla fragrant pear has not listed, resulting in a shortage of fruit, and in the fruit supply is also facing the lean situation, raw materials is the old stale, the year before the new stock has not been listed, which caused no goods to sell the situation. In addition, because the dried fruit products are not independent brands, the price system is also more chaotic, it is difficult to from the manufacturer's point of view to standardize. On the one hand, the salesman in the continuous orders, on the other hand, the main sales products are not available, the two months formed a vicious circle, resulting in a large area of the loss. The biggest lesson is that there is not enough preparation, and there is a big stride.

Phase IV: December 2013 January 2014, O2O e-commerce model

Into the fourth phase, I have to the source of integration and optimization, increased supplier and product categories, Aksu sugar heart apple, Korla fragrant pear, Ruoqiang gray jujube, and Tian Jun jujube, Turpan raisins, Atushi figs, Jinghe medlar, Kunlun snow chrysanthemum, Rob hemp tea, wild black wolfberry, etc. are in stock, are the healthiest Xinjiang specialty, Ready to sell in the early Spring Festival, the marketing model has also changed to the mode I have been trying to push, through the form of micro-letter, telephone orders, and then door-to-door, cod, really create O2O E-commerce model. I have been in the circle of friends to refresh product promotion information and function introduction, answer the customer's advice, customer orders and then personally door-to-door, the original recruitment of employees only retained the most core of several, the human cost has become the largest cost, not to lose! The power of the micro-trust circle is constantly appearing, many times too busy. Just before the Spring Festival, my personal micro-mail order broke through million, of course, this is quite a part of the holiday effect.

January was supposed to be a harvest season, but because of the strategic mistakes that caused a certain degree of loss, that is, I took part in two a total of more than half a month of the Spring Festival meeting, one is Taidong three road pedestrian street, one is the Convention and Exhibition Center, two spring festival will only be the venue cost of nearly 20,000, the result even the venue fees are not sold out, Also all of the artificial put in, unable to carry out their original good sales, funds, time, artificial have been depleted, in exchange for another bloody experience, must find your target group, the target is not good products also sell.

Venture more than half a year, 0 funds to start, do Xinjiang specialty E-commerce O2O Sales, the total sales of more than 700,000, this is not comparable to the results I have created before, but the heart is full of satisfaction. Circulation margin of less than 300,000, but the cost is not controlled well, all the profits generated because of this or such a strategic error loss, but the harvest is the industry, the market confidence, the direction of the right, the next road is good to go.

This is a summary of my entrepreneurial experience, for the 2013 to draw a relatively complete period, 2014 years just started! You can add my personal micro-communication: 139993971.

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