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East unbeaten, is the literary master Jin Yong's novel "Smile Proud" in the Sun, the leader of the soberly, martial arts first. Because of his fascination with the evil work "Sunflower book", regardless of brandished from the palace achieved a great martial Arts. Believe that the earliest let us know the East unbeaten, is in Tsui Hark's "Smile Proud" in, that smile very charming, posture is very graceful, look at people's eyes super blurred sister.  Brigitte in the "Smile Proud of the East" of the modelling, has become a classic classic, but also to "smile proud" other characters overshadowed. With the perfect time and space of "laughing proud" increasingly exposed, revived the memory of the East undefeated. A new generation of "Oriental unbeaten" also appeared. Not long ago, from the coser of a group of "Oriental unbeaten" photos, even more stunning. In the end, what is the Oriental invincible?  This issue, play more and more about will come with you near him. Because the east is not defeated and fell in love with smile proud of the lake to help Su said that they are because the east is not defeated and like to laugh, so did not want to have another role. I have seen the Brigitte version before playing this role, but when I get out of it, most of the feeling should be my own.  He said that because he loves a character, he will take a deep understanding of the role, his understanding of the role, like drawing a circle, each person to draw, Radian is different.  Sasha: Why do you want to cos "smile proud" of the east undefeated, but did not choose another role?  Fu Su: Well, because I like the role of the east, to tell the truth, in fact, because the east is not defeated and like to smile on the lake, so did not want to have another role.  Sasha: Can you tell me about your filming of the "Oriental unbeaten" process? Is there something unexpected happening in the process? Fu Su: The process is the makeup is very long, on the top of a catty wig can not do a lot of action, and wear many clothes good heat.  Unexpected is a lot of happy things happen, such as the principal in the throwing yarn, the head with red flowers (filming the East undefeated props) and its wretched movements (because again to throw yarn, and worry about their ureteroscope, so the movement is very tangled).  Sasha: "Laughing and proud of the river" inside in addition to the east undefeated, what is your favorite role?  Fu su: Make fox rush, I very like his kind not to be conditioned by the pedantic, complaining of free and easy. Sasha: Brigitte in the film played in the Oriental Invincible is very classic, you think her "Oriental invincible" what are the most difficult to imitate?  Did you imitate her? Fu Su: In fact, I personally more think is Brigitte own classics and created Tsui Hark "Oriental invincible" classic, did not find it, in fact, each role Brigitte play is very classic.  Take the east unbeaten, that kind of high above, still have the feeling of indifference from carefree, and heroic really is very difficult to imitate. I am in the east before the failure, is to have seen the version of Brigitte, but really came out of the time, most of the feeling should still be their own, because, you love the lastCharacter, after in-depth understanding, will bring out your own feelings of the role, their understanding of the role, like drawing a circle, each person to draw, Radian is different.  Sasha: Which popular star do you think is now playing this character, temperament match?  Fu Su: I think it's still Brigitte. Sasha: Before the "unbeaten sister" out of the set of Oriental Atlas, you have seen it?  Can you tell me your opinion? Fu Su: Costume props are very good, I particularly like that small wooden case and teacup.  [Page] look forward to the game beta, to join the sun and moon to help the Soviet Union to "laugh" The game is also maintained the expectation that the game after testing to join the sun and moon, to see the game in the East Invincible. Sasha: You look forward to perfect time and space "smile proud"?  Are you going to play this game? Fu Su: Of course, I'm looking forward to it now. and must be taught to the sun and moon, to see the game in the East Invincible.  Hope Perfect can give me the beta number, haha.  Sasha: "Laugh proud" although still not open test, but it has a lot of features have been revealed, you are most interested in what is the content of the game? SU: The most interesting thing is the game weather that changes with the weather, I like it very much.  "Self-creative martial arts" This feature also has a sense of the other, watching video, the sense of shock is also very good.  Sasha: How do you want the east to play the role in the game in what form? Fu Su: Well, NPC Bar, more hope he is the Sun Moon God teaches the Masters, haha. It makes me feel weird to push as a boss.  Because the leader's life is the end of tragedy, in the game will not always be beaten down.  Sasha: Currently on the market martial arts theme games have you like it?  Fu Su: Actually I played the game not many, but the individual prefers the Chinese wind the game, this is I did not play the Warcraft to play "The Sword Net 3" the reason. Sasha: Do you usually have the role of Cos?  What are they? Fu Su: A lot of characters.  But it seems to have never played the role of the game-most of them are some comics, or the original salsa: If there is a game to let you act as an image spokesperson, would you? Fu Su: See, the characters and games are like, of course! [Page] Dream of a singer like Jay Chou the reality of the Fu Su more low-key, like fishing, travel, reading, also like "Naruto" and "More than a dream".  Of course, he also has his own dream: when a Jay Chou so famous singer, open his own concert.  Sasha: What are you like in real life?  Fu Su: In real life I am relatively low-key, hehe.  Sasha: Usually besides Cos, what other hobbies?  Fu su: Like fishing, travel, reading. Sasha: What is your dream?  Are you still trying to fulfill that wish? Fu Su: Dream to be a famous singer of Jay Chou, to open his own concert.  After all, it's a dream, so it's just a thought. Salsa: Your favorite anime picture is?  Fu su: "Naruto", "More than a dream". Sasha: What's your favorite or favorite piece of work?  Why?  Fu Su: Chong Tian General secretary and the East undefeated bar, the former is everyone likes, the latter is I like. Sasha: What do you think Coser should be aware of when taking photos?  What's The secret? Fu Su: Pay more attention to the feeling of the eyes through, the eyes are very important, to change, from the eyes to emit the feeling of the role!  Don't look at each photograph in a single eye, or in a very sluggish way. Sasha: Before, some Coser married to give up the wedding dress and choose Cos Clothing, you can talk about their views?  Is it possible for you to do the same? Fu Su: Well, in fact, this problem reflects that people in this society, in the end is to follow their dreams, too hard. or obey the society, give up their dreams. Actually play Cos really very hard, all aspects. Costume props, filming are their own spending, for is the thing they love, back to sometimes out of the photos are also scolded by others, said. So it is not easy to put aside some factors to keep going.  I think I might have done that by the day. Sasha: Next, do you have any new works to launch?  Can you disclose it? Fu Su: Next there will be a lot of new works to come out, we look forward to the next. (Edit ss)  [Page] More guests, please enter the "Play More" channel page >>>> more about: Warcraft 3D animation "Alliance Warriors" behind the scenes of exposure to play about: Zhang Zo mermaid: Every girl wants to become a princess  More play have about: Blue Ocean Association ideal pirate: The big Cross of Warcraft kingdom to kill more to play with about: once with Liu Partner of Warcraft player: not to version of the game to choose to play more than about welcome you to join, tell your story!  More guests Please enter the "Play More" channel page >>>> play more about: Warcraft 3D animation "Alliance Warriors" behind the scenes of exposure to play about: handed down the Mermaid Zhang Zo: Every girl wants to become a princess to play more than about: Blue Ocean Society Ideal Pirates: The Great Cross of Warcraft National Service to kill the first Play more than about: once with Liu Partner of Warcraft players: Do not choose the version of the game to play more than about welcome you to join, tell your story!

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